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15 Best Natural Hairstyle For Black Woman

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women – Nothing makes women more attractive and beautiful than embracing their natural hair in its full glory. I believe you might be wondering why we said that, now, here is the reason, your natural hair is a God-given gift prone to give adequate beauty, more also, it frees you from the York of extra-human hair on your head. We wouldn’t want to make this an argument, therefore, let’s get down to today’s business. Your natural hair shown off with curls makes more sense; however, the natural hair trend has taken off in the last five to six years. Aside from the fact that it looks amazing on you, it is also considered healthy for your hair, for instance, no texturizers required. Today on this platform, we bring you 15 best natural hairstyles for black women 2020 edition, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Here is what we got for you on this, when choosing a style, there are few things considered which are; the curl type, your hair porosity (meaning, how much maintenance and conditioning do your hair need), and if you want your hair long or short, after these factors, you are good to go. Whatever the length of your hair may be according to your choice as well as whatever the texture may be, there is a befitting style meant to bring out that natural beauty in you. Here on this platform, we enlist some gorgeous natural hairstyles for black women 2020 edition.

  • #1.Cute Natural Hairstyle

Cute Natural Hairstyle is also known as short Natural hairstyle, this kind of hairstyle is fun to go in with as it requires low maintenance and youthful. However, this hairstyle looks perfect and adorable when you have the 3C curls and relatively thick hair. This hairstyle allows the curls run free and you wouldn’t need extra care than the normal one which is to comb the hair and apply the usual hair moisturizers, you just go with the natural directions of your hair, and you look just perfect and beautiful.

  • #2.Quick Natural Hairstyle

You might be wondering what kind of hairstyle is this or how does it look like, well, a quick style for short Natural hair is the mini afro. This gives your hair a lesser chance of breakage as you won’t be needing heat styling or hairbands for this hairstyle. Meanwhile, to me, the gorgeous mind afro healthy, all you need to do is comb the hair out what it is dry and not the other way round (when wet), more also, you should use regular masks as well as oil treatments to maintain the hair moisture. While going to bed, ensure you wrap it up in a silk scarf and you are good to go, it stands as an effortless style when it grows out.

  • #3.Very Short Natural Hairstyle

This would require you to get ready for a bold new look that makes you appear natural and gorgeous. Women going natural for the first time often appear to get ‘the big chop’ meaning their hair becomes an all-new growth hair with the same texture, and any damaged or relaxer hair gets cut off. However, close-cropped curls prove was to maintain as you won’t need to braid or twist them, all you require is regular trims and line-ups to keep the hair fresh. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t forget to keep the hair conditioned too because the hair needs oils and moisturizers to keep it from drying out even when it appears to be super short.

  • #4.Natural Mohawk Hairstyle

Here we have another amazing natural hairstyle for black women also called the “frohawk”, this type of style requires a side fade with lots of volumes and extra length on top. However, to get this beautiful hairstyle on your head, you would need to start with a medium length hair before getting this cut following the fact that it needs enough hair volume left to form the Mohawk itself. Meanwhile, the mowark natural hairstyle suits 4A, B or C curls as they hold the best shape and also have the most volume.

  • #5.Tapered Natural Hairstyle

The tapered natural hairstyle looks great with bouncy, kinky curls. Meanwhile, this best natural hairstyle for black women required medium-maintenance look following the face that your hair is still made short with no braids or twist. However, it will require trips down to the saloon to maintain the shape.

  • #6.Easy Natural Hairstyle

This appears to be a medium length hairstyle for black women. This hairstyle allows your curls right free with an editorial inspired look. However, Asymmetric styles have been found to work well and greatly on natural hair as well as mixed textures because the curls density gives it a higher volume. More also, there would be no need for lots of styling products or heating your hair.

  • #7.Natural Braided Hairstyle

Now to the hairstyle, most women would love; braids are considered classic for some specific reasons which include versatility and protectiveness. Meanwhile, there are whole lot types of braids and braiding techniques which include styling your braided hair up or down in a bun or make it a loose brain or updo. More also, you could choose to make it simple with the air of two French braids.

  • #8.Protective Hairstyle

Protective hairstyles are known to give your hair the break it needs from chemical treatments, physical stress, and heat from styling. Meanwhile, wearing them means the majority of your hair would be tucked away, therefore, your hair is not exposed to environmental damage or population. However, if it appears that your hair is prone to breakage, the protective type of natural hairstyle for black women is your best bet. More also, they are huge time savers and also keeps your hair continuously healthy even during harsh seasons such as winter. Nevertheless, you should also keep your hair moisturized and don’t keep protective styles for too long.

  • #9.Flat Twist Hairstyle

Flat twists are simple natural hairstyles for black women that can be done by any woman with little practice. This simple but great hairstyle doesn’t require the use of three strands of hair like a braid style would do, with just two hair strands you could twist your hair around each other working backward. However, after the twist is done, you could choose to leave it loose or tied up in a low bun or ponytail, whichever way looks great and beautiful on you. Meanwhile, depending on your hair texture, this hairstyle can be held without an elastic or tie, and this hereby makes it one of the simplest natural hairstyles for black women.

  • #10.Weave

Getting your hair weaved is a way to get longer hair or try out straight styles without the use of relaxers or heat styling. Weaves are known to protect your natural hair as it grows out because the hair is braided before the hair extensions get sewn in right at the top. However, it is advisable to always have your weave sewn in and never glued as they can cause hair breakages as well as suffocate your scalp. Deciding to go with a weave involves you have it changed within a period of four to six weeks and also keep it moisturized during the periods.

  • #11.Updo Hairstyle

Here we have a great natural hairstyle that involves the creation of cornrow braids all over the scalp moving right up and heading towards the crown before twisting the leftover hair into a curly updo. If it appears you have a medium length hair, you could make do with extensions if you love it, but if it appears you don’t want all eyes on you, try other options.

  • #12.Braided Hairstyle

The Fulani braid is being considered here as one of the best natural hairstyles for black women following the fact that it has become the favorite hairstyle for many women across Africa. Meanwhile, this beautiful hairstyle was found to have originated from West Africa Fula people. Looking at the style, we have a combined thin to medium braid thickness which also has central braids along the hair parting and lots more features that make you look great.

  • #13.Cornrow Hairstyle

The Cornrow hairstyle also is known as the “Canerows” hairstyle in the Caribbean appears to be one of the mom popular natural hairstyles in the 90s but it appears they are back. This style has to do with working with the hair close to the scalp.

  • #14.Bun Hairstyle

Most women would be like “this hairstyle is meant for kids” but seriously, it looks great on every woman. This appears to be a braided hairstyle for long hair that is found to keep hair away from your face and get tucked into a protective style.

  • #15.Ponytail Hairstyle

This ponytail hairstyle has to do with smoothing your hair’s from section and security the wild section with a hair tie. Meanwhile, you could also make use of extensions to give the best look.

Conclusion On 15 Best Natural Hair For Black Women 2020 Edition

Getting natural makes you pure and determines the real beauty in you if you want to behold your truck beauty, try any of these hairstyles today and behold the beauty God kept in you.


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