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15 Best Natural Hairstyles for Men and Women

The best natural hairstyle for men and women – looking Natural proves to be more attractive and brings out the true beauty in men and women. Men or women can’t be tagged beautiful without their natural look because their natural look is their true look unlike using extra extensions all over the face. Women over the years have been found to use extensions when it comes to making their hair of which some of them look good while others look worse unknown to them. Today on this platform, we bring you an informative update as we have always done, we are going to look into the 15 best natural hairstyles for men and women right in this article. You might be wondering if men and women can share the same hairstyle, well, it is possible since it is tagged Natural Hairstyles, meaning everyone has to go natural. These natural hairstyles we have for you today are known to suit both men and women.


Here is what we got for you on this, when choosing a style, there are few things considered which are; the curl type, your hair porosity (meaning, how much maintenance and conditioning do your hair need), and if you want your hair long or short, after these factors, you are good to go. Whatever the length of your hair may be according to your choice as well as whatever the texture may be, there is a befitting style meant to bring out that natural beauty in you. Here on this platform, we enlist some gorgeous natural hairstyles for men and women.

  • #1.Slicked-Back Side Part

Coming right up on the list is the Slicked-back side part hairstyle. This hairstyle appears to be a great one especially for men or women who wants low maintenance but wouldn’t want to commit themselves to a super short. Although, this hairstyle requires a fair amount of products to buy, but if it appears you sweat a lot, it would be advisable to steer clear of this hairstyle, or you could make do with two inches on top and about an inch on the side, and then get it slicked to the back and the sides when it is wet with some high-hold pomade, and if not, it is one of the best natural hairstyles for men and women.

  • #2.High-and-tight

Right here we have a cousin hairstyle to the crewcut hairstyle. This hair cut could suit anyone at all, either men or women, but it is specifically great for people with a square head shape, however, while having this hair cut, it would be great to have the top long enough so that it could work in some pomade to add a bit of texture to it.

  • #3.Quick Natural Hairstyle

You might be wondering what kind of hairstyle is this or how does it look like, well, a quick style for short Natural hair is the mini afro. This gives your hair a lesser chance of breakage as you won’t be needing heat styling or hairbands for this hairstyle. Meanwhile, to me, the gorgeous mind afro healthy, all you need to do is comb the hair out what it is dry and not the other way round (when wet), more also, you should use regular masks as well as oil treatments to maintain the hair moisture. While going to bed, ensure you wrap it up in a silk scarf and you are good to go, it stands as an effortless style when it grows out.

  • #4.Buzzcut

If you appear to be willing to commit, this hairstyle appears to be the perfect spring hairstyle for you as it requires no maintenance at all, no muss, and no products to worry about. The only choice you have to make is how short you want the hair to go.

  • #5.Pomp Fade

Despite being a short hairstyle, the Pomp fade requires a bit of high maintenance, although, it’s worth all the time ad troubles as it makes you look super cool and adorable. However, the bigger challenge would be keeping that volume in the front, if you are opting for this best natural hairstyle for men and women, you would have to go shorter on the sides and with layered length right on the top. Meanwhile, when done and you want to style it, it looks gorgeous when combed to the back from the forehead while the hair is wet, then make use of the blow dryer and blow it back and up to create some height, and once it is dry, you can use your fingers and a bit of some product to create separation, and lastly, stay off the rain.

  • #6.Modified Pompadour

Here we have another low maintenance type of hair cut considered great for men and women. Looking at this hairstyle, it appears to be a similar hairstyle as it is a bit longer and layered at the top with a fade down the sides and back. Meanwhile, there would be no need for much styling, all you need to get done is blow-dry the hair back and you are good to go.

  • #7.Long-on-top high-and-tight

This hairstyle appears to be a gosling sports hairstyle considered one of the easiest hairstyles to emulate for any hair type and face. While opting for this hair cut, you would be opting for something high and tight on the sides, and to make it look more adorable, add a side part.

  • #8.Buzzcut with Skin Fade

This hair cut is for men and women who love cuts like a buzz cut but only with a bit of more personality. For this type of hairstyle ask for a skin fade up from the sides and back, and then go with whatever length you want right at the top, although, it looks greater when it is kept pretty short.

  • #9.Taper Fade

This is a great and adorable hairstyle that has made its way up the list of best natural hairstyles for men and women. This hairstyle goes down well with people with thick wavy hair of which a little length right at the top keeps things very cool. However, a little bit of conditioning proves great to help dial down any frizziness as well as keep things much more manageable. Meanwhile, if your hair appears to dry out, the presence of a little oil such as jojoba or argan can help smooth and soften your hair.

  • #10.Square Fade

Here we have another similar hair cut option that looks great by fading the hair higher on the sides. However, this hair cut would require you get a regular trim so it doesn’t appear to be too bushy.

  • #11.Quiff

This natural hairstyle for men and women looks good on people with high or even a receding hairline. This hairstyle is meant to be longer upfront and shorter everywhere else to give a great look. Meanwhile, if It appears you have curly hair, you would have to steer clear of this hair cut.

  • #12.Side Sweep

Here we have another great option meant for men who don’t like their hair too short. This style works perfectly with a minimal amount of product such as a light styling cream.

  • #13.Fade

This hairstyle goes with an ultra-thick hair and ultra wavy hair which makes your option limited if you wouldn’t want to go for a higher length at the top, the fade cut with an inch on top is just the most resourceful, you would just need a minimal amount of product to keep it cool and nice.

  • #14.Side-Part Swoop

Here we have a fairly low maintenance hairstyle majorly for men with thick hair and lightwave to it. To get this done, ask for about two inches right at the top and an inch to the sides.


Coming right up last on the list is the Brushed-back hairstyle. This hairstyle gives you a classic look. However, with a classic look comes more length on top and too many products to maintain this hair cut.

Conclusion On 15 Best Natural Hairstyle For Men And Women

Speaking of the best natural hairstyles, these set of hairstyles listed above gets the job done, you want to look natural and adorable as well? Then try out any of the hairstyles above meant for men and women to give you the beauty and natural look you desire.


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