20 Most Handsome Men In The World

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Most Handsome Man In The World– There are many beauty pageants in which a special jury evaluates the appearance of the participants. In general, the public does not usually agree with these choices, either because the criteria do not seem fair, or simply because people have different tastes. But for this to not turn into a sense of injustice, the TC CANDLER site lists the 100 most beautiful and beautiful men and women, taking into account the opinions of more than 3 million Internet users spread across different countries.

Top 10 Most Handsome Men In The World According To Guinness Book Of Record

Check out the photos of the 20 men more beautiful according to this research. You will be amazed in the first place.

  • #1. Kim Tae Hyung, singer
Kim Tae Hyung, singer is the Most Beautiful Men In The World
Kim Tae Hyung, a singer, the most handsome man in the world of all time

In the first place on the list another success of South Korea is the member of a hip hop band called Bangtan Boys. Kim Tae Hyung composes, interprets, and produces music, and is preparing to make his film debut despite being only 22 years old. The Korean public had a great part in the choice of the 20 most handsome men in the world. So, if you are asked who is the Most Handsome Man In The World in 2022, here is your bet

  • #2. Jason Momoa, actor
Jason Momoa, actor One of the Most Handsome Men In the World 2019
Jason Momoa, actor One of the world most handsome man in 2022

Still, on the list of Most Handsome Man In The World 2022, Jason starred in the famous Baywatch series during the ’90s. In 2011, he went on to become very successful in the role of Khal Drogo in the series Game of Thrones. Today, Jason is 39 years old. Last year, after 12 years of engagement, she married actress Lisa Bonet, with whom she has three children.

  • #3. Armie Hammer, actor
Armie Hamme on the List Of Most Beautiful Men In The World 2019
Armie Hamme on the List Of Most Beautiful Men In The World

Armie had already made some roles in films and television series but became very known when he was called by director David Fincher to participate in the movie The Social Network, about the emergence of Facebook. He recently starred in a significant and stunning film called Call Me by Your Name.

  • #4. James Reid, singer

Son of divorced parents, he lived until the age of 15 with his father. When the financial situation worsened, her mother, a former singer, began to take care of her son’s education. He moved to the Philippines, where, after winning the local version of  Big Brother, became popular and began a solo career.

  • #5. William Levy, actor

William who was born in a fishing village near Havana, Cuba. He was the eldest of 3 children who were raised by his mother. At age 14, she emigrated to the United States to study at a business school. As he did not like the studies, he decided to abandon them to participate in television series.

  • #6. Stanley Weber, actor

Stanley is the son of the famous French actor and director Jacques Weber. From childhood, he knew that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and did not err in his choice of profession. He is often very successful in historical roles. The best known was that of Juan Borgia, in the series The Borgias.

  • #7. Felix Kjellberg, blogger

Felix is ​​best known under the pseudonym of PewDiePie. Your YouTube channel has more than 65 million followers and more than 18 billion views. It all started in 2010 when he dropped out of university and started shooting video games.

  • #8. Idris Elba, actor

In his youth, Idris dreamed of being a DJ and was always seen in nightclubs in London. During the day he worked part-time at a Ford factory. Idris has played more than 50 roles in film and television, but his acting career has exploded after turning 30.

  • #9. Sehun, dancer, and singer

At age 12, Sehun escaped from a talent agent who saw him on the street. However, after some time, this same agent found him and called him to take a test. A few years later, Sehun became very popular with the Korean group EXO. He was chosen more than once as one of the most beautiful Asians in the world.

  • #10. Mariano Di Vaio, blogger

As a young man, Mariano worked as a model. Little by little, she realized that there was little information on men’s fashion available, and it was then that she decided to create her blog for men interested in style. Nowadays, your Instagram account has more than 6 million followers.


  • #11. Jensen Ackles, actor

Jensen was very famous for the series Supernatural and Smallville. In 2009, he married model and actress Danneel Harris. Today they have three children, and Jansen always posts beautiful pictures of them on his Instagram.

  • #12. Oscar Isaac, actor

While still at school, Oscar was the class clown, always facing behavior problems, which even led to expulsion. But that will not in any way hinder him from studying, and he entered the prestigious Julliard school. At 39, Oscar has appeared in many films.

  • #13. Jungkook, singer

Jungkook became very famous after attending a talent contest in South Korea when he decided he wanted to be a singer. That was five years ago. Today, in addition to acting and dancing, he composes songs for his band Bangtan Boys. He also follows a solo career and performs several famous songs from other singers.

  • #14. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, actor

On the 14th list of Most Handsome Man In The World 2022, His first major work was The Kid in Liverpool, in which he played John Lennon himself. During the recording, Aaron fell in love with director Samantha Taylor, despite their 23-year gap. In 2012 they were married and now have four children.

  • #15. Baris Arduc, actor

As a child, Baris wanted to be an athlete and even won a scholarship to study sports at the university. After the first year, he realized that the urge to be creative was stronger than his love of sports. Today, Baris is well known in Turkey for several roles in television series.

  • #16. Mario Casas, actor

The sensational melodrama of  Tres metros Sobre el Cielo led Casas to the top of fame among the young. This novel has the participation of María Valverde, an actress with whom Casas started to leave also in real life.

  • #17. Michiel Huisman, actor

He became world-famous for the role in  Game of Thrones. Huisman played Daario Naharis, advisor and follower of Daenerys Targaryen. But he does not like fame, claims to be introverted, and moved with family to New Orleans, USA, away from the spotlight and Hollywood events.

  • #18. Toni Mahfud, model

The 24-year-old Italian with Syrian roots does not care much about his appearance and loves to innovate in the visual. In addition to working as a model, Tony graduated from the School of Art in Hamburg (Germany), where he began to draw. Sometimes he releases the process of painting on YouTube, with videos that are very successful and have many views.

  • #19. Taeyang, singer

The real name of this Korean singer is Dong Young-bae. His stage name can be translated as Sol. He became very famous because of his participation in the Big Bang band. In the last ten years, he has been dedicated to a solo career. Taeyang was chosen as an honorary ambassador for the Pieonchang Winter Olympics this year, which launched him with even more force into the world of fame.

  • #20. Trevante Rhodes, actor

Last on the list of Most Handsome Man In The World 2022, As a child, Trevante was a professional runner and went on to win a gold medal in the 4 × 100 relays in 2009 at the Junior Pan American Championship. Nevertheless, after school, he decided to be an actor. Thankfully, he went on to become very successful, even taking part in the Oscar-winning movie, Moonlight.

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