The Beginning of a New Life

The whole world changes around you in an instant, and this happens when you realize that you are carrying a new life in you. You usually find out about your pregnancy when your baby is four weeks old. At this point, the length of the embryo can be only four millimeters, and the weight is so small that it is almost impossible to measure it. But already from this time you begin to feel a number of changes in your body: the breasts become larger and heavier, the nipples become pigmented. You may experience bouts of nausea in the morning and get tired faster than usual during the day. The sense of smell sharpens, the taste changes, you can become more emotional and sharper than before, react to the events taking place.

Everything around you makes a greater impression, and this means that life takes on new meaning and takes on new colours. This is a mysterious beginning, the birth of that reality that will be visible to the whole world. This is the time when you have to get used to a special and new position for yourself.

This is real magic and, perhaps, one of the greatest wonders of the world: for 9 months a little creature develops inside you, and then a new man is born. Before this happens, however, a lot of interesting things will happen in your belly.

“Impressive, amazing, unique! In the first 16 weeks, the foundation is laid for the whole life of the child: organs, muscles, nerves, skin – all this develops at this time. “

From the Very Beginning when the Whole Process Starts

First – the fourth week of pregnancy

Already at the very beginning, the foundation is laid: when the 23 chromosomes of the mother and father merge during fertilization, it is decided whether your baby will be a girl or a boy, what colour his eyes and hair will be, whether he will be snub-nosed and whether he will have thin fingers. The fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tubes to the uterus and finally settles there on the seventh day after fertilization. Cell division occurs rapidly, and already by the fourth week, each cell knows its specific task and purpose.

Heart Affairs The Knock Knock! Knock Knock!

The fifth – sixth week of pregnancy

Now your baby’s heart begins to beat. Your period does not come and the pregnancy test finally officially confirms that you are pregnant. From the sixth week, organs begin to form: the liver and kidneys, until the eighth week, fingers and facial features develop. The crumb itself is already in size from 9 to 15 millimetres.

Feelings over feelings Better Called Than an Embryo

Ninth – twelfth week of pregnancy

Your baby passed the first stage of development and began to be called not an embryo, but a fetus! The internal organs are fully formed, the brain is already covered with the bones of the skull and is constantly growing. Bookmarks of the external genital organs are formed, and the baby can now perceive sensory impressions and emotions. With the beginning of the twelfth week, the first trimester is over! Now your baby already has all the vital parts of the body: from the roots of the teeth to the nails on the toes – everything is in place. Even the first hairs begin to grow.

During pregnancy, it is necessary to take breaks several times a day during work in order to rest and focus on the unborn baby. Stroking your belly and talking with your baby in a relaxed atmosphere, you will feel for the first time that you have established a kind of connection with him, which will allow you to also sensitively feel the baby when he is born and grows up. The child will one day, of course, make itself known by starting to move. This will bring the first playful elements during your pregnancy – once, having felt your hand or the hand of his father, the baby will react to attention to him for the first time. The dad should also talk to the child. The singing of the mother and father, who hears the fetus, has a beneficial effect on the development of the child.

What’s Inside Your Belly A Boy or A girl?

Thirteenth – sixteenth week of pregnancy

During this period, the child begins to perceive the first noises, his vocal cords are formed. First of all, he will hear your heartbeat, noises in the stomach and intestines, get used to your voice. The face takes on a clearer outline, and soon you will be able to see if you will have a boy or a girl. The active period begins: even if you do not clearly feel it, the first spontaneous movements of the head, arms and legs appear.

Probably the First Step to Become a Successful Footballer

Seventeenth – twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

Now your belly is getting bigger and you can feel your baby’s first movements: the thrusts and kicks become more frequent. Your baby does not yet have a night and day rhythm. Your footsteps lull him to sleep throughout the day, and at night, when you’re calmer, he has more space and moves. By the end of the sixth month, his height reaches 31 centimetres, and his weight is as much as 700 grams!

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not

Twenty-fifth – thirty-second week of pregnancy

At this stage of development, a small creature opens its eyes for the first time and can distinguish light from darkness, recognize various forms. Now, to sleep, he closes his eyes, and when he is awake, they are open. The baby develops its own immune system and, possibly, your baby hiccups – as it trains breathing.

Thirty-third – fortieth week of pregnancy

Your baby is slowly but surely preparing for birth: he starts to spin and sinks lower in the pelvic area! Starting at 38 weeks, the lungs are fully formed and the baby is ready for birth. On average, at birth, he weighs 3-4 kg. But every child is different. Height ranges from 48 to 54 cm, he can weigh a modest 2.5 kg or as much as 4.5 kg! The main thing: soon you will be able to take your baby in your arms!

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