Top 10 Most Evil People in World History

Have you ever for a moment think about the Most Evil People In The World? Well, if you have or have not and willing to know, you are viewing the right material where we have taken to the task to compile the top 10 Most Evil People in History Right Now. Just as there are people who influenced this world positively, there are those who influenced negatively and they were really bad, evil! So, journey with us to learn about the most evil people in history.


The people discussed in this list are considered evil and wicked because they have one way or the other discomfort humanity either globally or in their region bringing about Wars, killings, genocides, riots, and famines.  Below is a highlight of those we consider to be the 10 most evil people in world history.

  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Joseph Stalin
  3. Vlad Tepes
  4. Osama Bin Laden
  5. Mao Zedong
  6. Pol Pot
  7. Genghis Khan
  8. Heinrich Himmler
  9. Kim Jong-il
  10. Saddam Hussein

Evilest Leader in History 

  • #1. Adolf Hitler (From 1889 to 1945)
Adolf Hitler one of the Most Evil People In The World
Adolf Hitler one of the Most Evil People In The World

Adolf Hitler was a German politician and dictator, and the Führer of Nazi Germany seating atop our list of Most Evil People in History Right Now. Also rated to be one of the Evilest Leader in History because of how he treats those who are against his actions. Hitler was the main cause of World War II in Europe beginning with the invasion of Poland in 1939. Also he initiated the Holocaust which killed over 6 million Jews because he believed they have no right to live. Overall, Hitler caused the death of over 50 million people worldwide. Hitler committed suicide in 1945.

  • #2. Joseph Stalin (From 1878 to 1953)
Joseph Stalin on the list of Evilest Leader in History
Joseph Stalin on the list of Evilest Leader in History

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and leader of the Soviet Union considered being one of the Most Evil Person in History. Stalin He was so impassive (paranoid, ruthless, unforgiving, brutal and vengeful), he cared less about the minorities in Russia, he even banned religion, and those who oppose him were sent to Siberia. He is also considered to be among the Evilest Leader in History because all through his 30-year reign, it was full of violence, terror, and destruction and murdering. He turned Soviet Union into hell and a living nightmare for residents at that time.

  • #3. Vlad Tepes “Dracula” (From 1431 to 1476/77)

The blood sucking (figuratively) Vlad Tepes was the prince of Wallachia popularly called “Vlad Dracula” (Dracula means Little Devil) is considered to be The most Evil Person in History because he inspired the Dracula ledgend, a cruel methods used to torture and kill people for fun. Impalement was his preferred and favorite method of killing and he was fond of doing this. No living being was spared, both animal and humans (young and old) all suffer the same thing. His other methods of killing include poisoned, blinded, strangled, hanged, decapitated, stabbed, disemboweled, skinned, just to mention a few. He was a man who loved seeing dead bodies around him and he hated sick and weak people, poor, beggars or vagrants… amongst other evil deeds he perpetrated while alive as such we also include him the Evilest Leader in History.

  • #4. Idi Amin (From 1952 to 2003)

Idi Amin is regarded as The Most Evil Person in History because of his evil deeds in Uganda. Idi Amin was the Chief of Army Staff during President Obote’s rule. Idi Amin took over the country shortly after the president went to Singapore to attend a meeting. He promised to bring about prosperity, peace and democracy to the people, unfortunately reverse was the case. He butchered the people, in fact, he televised the act; he became merciless and ruthless. As if that was not enough, his rule was characterize by ethnic persecution, human rights abuses, political repression, massacres and other evil deeds.  He tortured his own people and killed thousands of them with some buried alive, some are thrown to crocodile infested rivers, thousands of children died from diseases. Worst of all he was a cannibal who ate human flesh and drank human blood. His reign ended when he was forced in exile in Saudi Arabia, he died in 2003.

  • #5. Mao Zedong (From 1893 to 1976)

Taking us further in our discourse on the Most Evil People in History Right Now is the one time dictator of China, Mao Zedong. Mao’s ambition was to make China a superpower country surpassing America and the Soviet Union. In the bid to achieve his aim, he brought about the largest genocide in history because he created the Great Chinese Famine, which is the deadliest famine in history. Despite the fact that he is credited for been the China and making it a world power, we can’t ignore his evil action which caused people to starve and commit suicide out of fear, about 5 million were executed. the death casualties also include children. More so, those who speak against Mao’s government either in private or openly were humiliated, tortured, or killed.

  • #6. Pol Pot (From 1925 to 1998)

Cambodia’s prime minister from 1976 to 1979, Pol Pot known to orchestrate the Cambodian genocide is also one of the Evilest Leader in History. Pot believed that in order to set a new regime in the country, the existing civilization needs to be destroyed. This act led to a great massacre in the country, turning Cambodia into a killing field. He declared the annihilation of Buddhist religion, money, and personal possessions in the country. A total of 2 million people died during his regime in the country and he is reported to be the only man in world history who ordered mass genocide on his own country. More so, there were other series of evil deeds that he perpetrated in the country.

  • #7. Genghis Khan
  • Genghis Khan (From 1162 to 1227)

Genghis Khan is known as the man who conquered a greater part of China as well as all the land through the Caspian Sea. He is accolade to be the founder of the great Mongolian empire which eventually became the largest contiguous empire in history. Khan is described as ruthless, vengeful, cruel, and bloodthirsty being. He and his army drove fear into the hearts of millions they came across destroying villages and towns along their path.  He employed unorthodox method of killing and his men raped women in front of their families. Countless of lives were destroyed during that time. He is reported to have killed about 10% – 30% of the then world population.

  • #8. Heinrich Himmler (From 1900 to 1945)

Heinrich Himmler was a German dictator, head of the SS and one of the leading members of the Nazi party. Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and one of the center figures of Final Solution to the Jewish question, which is Jewish extermination in all of Europe. Himmler was responsible for the death of over 6 million people which encapsulates Jews, Polish, communist, and Russians and other ethnics that the Nazis believed to have no right to live including people with physical and mental disabilities. He also like Hitler committed suicide in 1945.

  • #9. Kim Il Sung (From 1912 to 1994)

Still on our quest of reeling out the Most Evil People in History Right Now, we have next on our list is the leader and dictator of North Korea, Kim Il Sung. Kim started the Korean War, which caused the death of around 3 million people. More so, he cajole the people to idolize him. To make sure that he was unopposed and his authority unquestionable, he killed all of his officers and rivals, and exiled or executed a larger part of his generals that fought in the war. Populace were subjected to cruel and unorthodox punishment even for the slightest crime committed. Kim eventually died of heart attack in 1994. His son Kim Jong Il took over and even did worse than his father. Presently Kim Jong Il son, Kim Jong-un the present leader in the country carry on with such terrible legacy.

  • #10. Saddam Hussein (From 1937 to 2006)

Saddam Hussein, the fifth President and dictator of Iraq brings us to the end of our listing at the tenth spot. Saddam is considered to be The most Evil Person in History because of his tyrant leadership characterized by countless attacks on people and inhumane policies which caused the death of around 2 million people. He implemented unconventional punishment such as chemical attacks on Kurdish village of Halabja, eye gouging, beatings and severe shocks on people. Worst of all, he is responsible for the death of around 40 of his relatives. Saddam died by hanging in 2006 after he was found guilty of crimes against humanity.

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Conclusion on Top 10 Most Evil People in History Right Now

We have come to the end of our discourse on Most Evil People in History Right Now. There are other persons that are worthy of mentioning in this piece of informative writing but that may be on a review of this article. This shows that there are cruel and terrible people on this earth once upon a time, and there are still some living amongst us now.

We will like to hear from you on how helpful you find this article by giving us a feedback.

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