It not only gives manliness but also says that a person understands fashion trends. Are you one of these characters? Then read how to grow a beard at home

The video recognition of the actor Sergei Romanovich from the TV series “Kitchen” caused a storm of discussions and responses. And sometimes even condemnations: they say, it’s not a man’s business of beauty that is thus suggestive.


The fact is that Sergey has long dreamed of a thick beard, but he was not in a hurry to grow and erect. And then the actor decided on a cardinal step – transplanted hair follicles from the back of the head to his face.

What immediately reported on his channel on the video hosting YouTube. And even shared the details of the operation, which lasted as many as 12 hours!

Hair transplant is, of course, a serious step. Fortunately, most men can do with “small artillery” – just start growing a beard according to all the rules. What are they? Read about it below.

Main Rules For Growth Of Beards

Here’s a tip from the author of the most bearded blog on the Internet (existing since 1996!) By Stephen Glock. He argues that the biggest mistake newcomers in this difficult task – the desire to do everything as quickly as possible.

How to grow a beard at home Remedies
How to grow a beard at home Remedies

Quickly fail. It will take about six months.

So have patience and be prepared not to shave or even trim the “sprouts.”

And keep from the temptation to form or sculpt a beard in the process of growing – this crucial moment can be started when you “gain weight” and the stylist has something to work with.


Still not sure whether to grow it or not? Then here’s another argument for you. According to a recent study of scientists from the University of Southern Queensland, published in the journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry, a beard on the face protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. And therefore, from skin cancer.

  • Dermatologist Tips: preparing “soil.”

Dermatologist and cosmetologist Alina Kaczynska cools the heat off on the go – hair thickness and thickness depend on your genes for 85%. Therefore, even with the greatest efforts, be prepared for the fact that you cannot make a lion’s mane out of liquid hair.

Nevertheless, you still have 15% in reserve, and it is a sin not to take advantage of this. Well, and to maximize the effect, listen to the following tips:

Once a week, do facial peeling, it will help get rid of dead skin cells (they slow down hair growth) and get rid of probable bacteria.

Every time after washing, use a moisturizing lotion to keep the skin hydrated and not clog the follicles with dead skin flakes.

As your hair grows, an itchy rash may appear. To prevent its occurrence, try a special beard shampoo (you can buy at a barbershop) or just an ordinary anti-dandruff shampoo, this will help alleviate the irritation.

In terms of food, lean on protein and saturated fats. The first helps the growth of healthy hair, including facial hair, and in combination with the correct (saturated) fats increase testosterone levels – a key factor stimulating hair growth.

Stock up on a complex of vitamins of group B. It is especially important that you get B7, also known as biotin, in abundance, it regulates protein and fat balance in the body and is contained in nuts, liver, and kidneys, as well as egg yolks.

Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration; otherwise, dryness and peeling of the skin will not allow you to grow a beard calmly.


It is a myth that frequent shaving stimulates hair growth. People think so because the growing “hemp” looks thicker and thicker, but this is a visual delusion, as soon as they grow, everything will change. And so that you do not feel so offended, we’d say in secret that women face the exact same problem of hemp when they shave their legs and bikini area with a loom.

  • Tips Barber Stylist

Once you have grown the necessary length of the beard (have you not forgotten about 4-6 months?), It’s time to move on to the next step. To shape the outlines.

And it’s better to do it all the same with a special master –barber; otherwise, through ignorance and inexperience, you can spoil all the monthly works. In addition, the stylist knows all the trends and trends of fashion. And is able to determine by eye which type of face which beard style will suit best.

So let the master mold you the correct form, and then you will be able to trim and adjust it at home independently.

To do this, at home, use an electric trimmer or a special hair clipper (their main difference in size).

Trim the beard gradually as you grow — maximum shortening – on the sides.

It is important to avoid irregularities – this is the first thing that catches the eye with a “non-professional” beard. Pay special attention to the vegetation above the upper lip, immediately deal with a clumsy shred, if such a suddenly appeared.

A beard can go straight along the jawline or under the chin. But the neck should remain open – be guided by Adam’s apple.

The easiest way to make a cutout: attach the index and middle fingers together to your Adam’s apple and draw an imaginary letter “U” from one ear to the other. Shave exactly on the formed line.

If your hair is naturally quite rare, it is better to refuse to grow a beard and restrict yourself to brutal bristles or goatee.

How To Care For The Beard At Home

Growing a beard is only half the battle – it is equally important to care for it properly. Here are some important rules.

Washing the beard is as important as hair. That is every day. To do this, the usual shampoo will do, but you should not use soap, the skin will begin to peel off.

It is also important to comb the beard every day. In the morning and in the evening. This is necessary not only in order to avoid matted hair (although it is also), but also to remove pieces of food, fluff, and other trifles from it that may be entangled in your vegetation. Remember Mayakovsky with his unforgettable “in the mustache of a cabbage somewhere understocked, undernourished soup” and try not to fall into such an awkward position.

To prevent hair from bristling, use burdock or palm oil. Or a special beard conditioner. As an option, the usual cosmetic wax will do; just before the first use, make an allergy test.

After a shower, do not dry your beard with a hairdryer – just blot it with a good dry towel.

Invest in the right tools, such as beard trimmer and scissors. You must have a wide, rare comb and a narrow, frequent comb.

Regularly adjust the form so that later you don’t have to start everything from scratch.

Whiskers require care not less than the beard itself. Comb them regularly, trim excess hairs over the upper lip. Use special mustache scissors and wax to shape it.

But in any case, be prepared for the fact that hair absorbs odors perfectly. Therefore, wash the beard and mustache regularly.

For a fundamental solution, try laser hair removal. This will save you from the routine daily work on the care and correction of the form. But this is not a cheap pleasure, and most importantly, if you don’t like the result, you will have to wait a long time for your hair to grow back. So weighed everything several times before deciding to take such a step.

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