The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Home- In the store, all vacuum cleaners seem similar – design, hose design, housing. But in fact, there is a huge difference between different devices. Informative Update tells about the best vacuum cleaners that can be bought in 2019


Top 10 vacuum cleaners for a home in 2020

  • #1. Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 (average price – 33 thousand rubles)

The main feature of a vacuum cleaner is that it can turn over from any position to a working one on the basis of a tumbler (bottom up). Big Ball Animal 2 is suitable for daily cleaning, effectively removes dust, small particles of debris, pet hair from any surface.

The turbo brush consists of two types of bristles: hard nylon easily removes dirt from fuzzy coatings, while soft fibres from special carbon fibres clean hard surfaces. In general, in front of us – the perfect vacuum cleaner for any home.

+ Excellent cleaning quality

+ Ease of use

– Not too long cable

  • #2. Miele Complete C3 PowerLine (average price – 32 thousand rubles)

The device is distinguished by various settings of speed and head – for example; it has a turbo head mode and the ability to install a rotatable rigid floor head. And the foot controls and the built-in storage for the instrument make it versatile and easy to use.

In addition, as in the case of Big Ball 2 from Dyson, there are several versions of the C3 PowerLine, including for pet owners and those with allergies.

+ Full versatility

+ Very powerful

– Not the most environmentally friendly

  • #3. Kobold VK200 (average price – 52 thousand rubles)

If you do not just want the usual cleaning, but take it very seriously, the VK200 is what you should consider first.

Despite the high price, it removes 99% of allergens in the air, has an energy efficiency rating of A + and is completely silent.

Another feature is an automatic electric brush that launches an intelligent floor type recognition system as soon as the user turns on the vacuum cleaner.

+ Excellent cleaning of carpets and hard floors

+ Stunning space design

– Expensive

  • #4. Dyson Big Ball Multi floor Pro (average price – 24 thousand rubles)

The main focus of the Big Ball Multi floor Pro is on user-friendliness. The movable handle with three degrees of freedom allows easy and comfortable cleaning in the range of 360 °. The volume of the container is 33% more than that of the cylindrical vacuum cleaners of the previous model Dyson Cinetic.

The long tube of the device helps to reach inaccessible places. It increases to 125 centimetres for cleaning in hard to reach places. And 28 cyclones, arranged in two rows, generate powerful centrifugal force to collect more microscopic dust and allergens, directing them to the container.

+ Ease of use

+ Quiet

– No power adjustment

  • #5. Miele SHJM0 Allergy (average price – 46 thousand rubles)

SHJM0 Allergy, primarily intended for the care of carpets. A distinctive feature of this model is the brush roller, which carefully and effectively removes any dirt.

The design of the device provides LED illumination of the working surface, which simplifies cleaning. The tilt-swivel ComfortTwister mechanism ensures high manoeuvrability of the device. The volume of the dust collector – six litres, which ensures long uninterrupted operation of equipment.

+ Big, but light

+ Almost silent

+ Cable could be longer

  • #6. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute (average price – 43 thousand rubles)

Absolute Wireless V10 is one of the best vacuum cleaners the Dyson has ever made. The revised cyclone technology produces more suction power than ever (the new V10 digital engine is 20% more powerful than the previous V8).

The Cyclone V10 has a more power consuming battery than previous models. However, when you install the highest setting, the battery discharges after about five minutes.

+ Wireless

+ Works great on any surface

– Price

  • #7. Miele SKCR3 Blizzard CX1 Excellence (average price – 24 thousand rubles)

The attractive features of this device include wireless on / off controls, variable power, and self-cleaning filters. True, the Blizzard CX1 is not very good with pet hair, and also it is too big and heavy to carry it upstairs. But overall, this is an extremely efficient vacuum cleaner for everything from tiled kitchens to carpets and curtains.

+ Great job on any surface.

+ Almost silent.

– Pretty big.

  • #8. Vax U86-AL-BR (average price – 21 thousand rubles)

Convenient and easy to use the device with great manoeuvrability. If necessary, it can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner with a hose and a pipe. However, no docking station is needed.

He has two batteries, and they are removable. From one works 25 minutes (which is enough for the whole apartment). They are charged on the charger, not in a vacuum cleaner.

The main feature is that it is very powerful. But hence the main disadvantage – the device is quite noisy, unlike most competitors.

+ Maneuverable and light

+ Excellent assembled

– Noisy

  • #9. Dyson V8 Absolute (average price – 27 thousand rubles)

Dyson V8 Absolute is the gold standard for cordless vacuum cleaners. Unfortunately, it is sold at a great price. But it is in a different league!

A larger battery means double the operating time — up to 40 minutes with idle cleaning heads and about 30 minutes with motorised heads. This is more than enough for regular cleaning.

As for cleaning, the V8 is superior to many powered devices, while remaining incredibly light and easy to use.

+ Suction power

+ Duration of work

– Expensive for the stated characteristics

  • #10. Numatic HVR200-11 (average price – 13 thousand rubles)

The HVR200-11 is one of the favourite devices among professional cleaners. And not without reason: it is an excellent workhorse for small offices and shops, as well as just a good home vacuum cleaner.

One of the features is a huge 9-litre bag. This means that you do not need to empty it often. The device works equally well on all surfaces.

Our only serious warning is that, at 8.5 kilograms, it is rather heavy, which makes it a bad choice for anyone who has back problems.

+ Powerful

+ Easy to handle

– Heavy

  • How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is a very important matter. When buying, you need to be guided by several parameters: do you suffer from allergies, do you have pets and what level of energy efficiency does the device have. “KP” gives advice to buyers in the form of a small memo on the choice of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Manoeuvrability

When choosing, you need to see if it is easy for you to control, pull, and lift the vacuum cleaner. Is there an opportunity, check the operation of the device on different surfaces – carpets, hard floors, and others. Often, the process reveals a number of problems: rebalancing on vertical machines, lack of flexibility, “sticking” of heads on hard floors due to poorly designed cleaning heads.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Home With Pets

  • Surface

Look for a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle that fits the floor types in your home. Carpets – a turbo pump with a rotating brush that helps you remove dust and dirt. Wooden or tiled floors – washing and with the modes of a careful cleaning of similar coverings.

  • Filter

The filter is another important thing to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Ideally, it should have a HEPA filter that will remove even the smallest particles of dust and microorganisms.

  • Simplicity

Ease of use is another important point to consider when it comes to buying a great vacuum cleaner. You do not have to “fight” with the device every time; it must do its job easily, be ergonomic, efficient, and safe.

  • Square

It is necessary to remember about the area to be covered with a rosary, and the surface to be cleaned.

If the area to be cleaned is large enough, then it would be better to purchase a vacuum device with a large cord and a long handle. This will help you to reach the whole territory easily, and you can also move comfortably with a vacuum cleaner.

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Conclusion On The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Home In 2020

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