Top 10 Dog Breeds for the Family 2021

Best Dog for the Family Top 10 Breeds – Talking about Dog, considered to be man’s best and loyal friend. Today, owning a dog is wonderful, and it is one of the major house pets for most families. Dogs come in different breeds and in choosing the right breed, there are many things to consider especially a dog that’ll be friendly not just to you been the owner but to other members of the family as well — one of the fun fact about owning a dog. Therefore, we will provide you in this article with the Best Dog for the Family and all you need to know about them.


Dogs come in different breeds and sizes, making the option to choose very difficult. However, you can always ask for the advice of a dog breeder and tell them what you need. To save you the stress, we have highlighted 10 of the Best Dog for the Family in this article, and they are listed below.

  • Labrador Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • French Bulldog
  • Bulldog
  • Beagle
  • Poodle
  • Collie
  • Newfoundland
  • Irish Setter

These are the Top 10 Best Breed of Dog for the family. Coming up with this list is almost difficult because every dog is dear to us and are number one, but these are the most popular and highly purchased or adopted dogs in families. Now get to know all you need to know about them, so read through the details below.

  • #1. Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever one of the Top 10 Best Dog for the Family.
Labrador Retriever one of the Top 10 Best Dog for the Family.

The Labrador Retriever is an amazing dog breed that is worth having in the family. The dog’s calm nature with its gentle, playful, sociable, and patient attribute earned it the number one spot on our list of Best Dogs for the Family. In addition, the dog is very intelligent too. This dog breed is very popular in top countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. There is no fear of the dog be a threat to family members or hostile to friends, rather it is comical, a friendly companion and a useful working dog as well. Owning a Labrador Retriever is a fine addition to the family.

  • #2. German Shepherd
German Shepherd one of the Best Dog for the Family.
German Shepherd one of the Best Dog for the Family.

The German Shepherd is a fine dog to own. The dog is a medium-large sized dog that originated from German (the reason for its name), it has a good physique, and most importantly it is Obedient, Intelligent, Curious, Loyal, Alert, Confident, Watchful, noble character and Courageous. Its calm nature and caring attributes make the German Shepherd a family dog, and its courage, watchfulness, curiosity, and alertness makes it a good watchdog and a friendly pet. German Shepherd is the delight of a dog lover.

  • #3. Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever what's the best breed of dog for a family.
Golden Retriever what’s the best breed of dog for a family.

The Golden Retriever is a fun dog to have. Has a large-sized body which is longer than it is tall and it’s named ‘retriever’ because of its ability to retrieve shot game undamaged due to their soft mouth. Golden Retriever is a kind, friendly, reliable, trustworthy making it a fabulous family pet and its intelligence and confidence makes it a highly capable working dog; this and more reason is why you should opt for this breed of dog. In addition, the dog is not aggressive nor timid and also extremely patient. The dog loves to play, which can is a good one for kids; their best game is retrieving game.

  • #4. French Bulldog
French Bulldog one of the Best Dog Breeds in 2019.
French Bulldog one of the Best Dog Breeds in 2019.

Importantly, you need to know that the French bulldog was as a result of a cross-matching between the Toy Bulldogs from England and local matters in Paris, France. The French bulldog is a small size and the non-sporting dog too. It has an amazing character; especially it is easygoing, lively, affectionate, bright, keen, playful, athletic, sociable, patient, and alert. Most of all, it is a watchful dog and a friendly companion. These characteristics make the French Bulldog a favorite for families with younger or older children. To easily identify a French Bulldog from the larger Bulldog, you take a look at the “bat ears” which are large, erect and rounded at the tips.

  • #5. Bulldog

Looking for a down to earth statured dog, then the bulldog is your choice. The Bulldog is a medium-sized breed of dog with muscular features; it is a hefty dog with a wrinkled face, and its nose is pushed-in. The dog’s docile, willful, friendly, and gregarious and devotion character makes it one of the Best Dog for the Family while its viciousness and courage make it a useful watchful dog too. More so, the Bulldog is pleasant with visitors and compatible with other pets.

  • #6. Beagle

The Beagle is a small statured dog; it is a breed of the small hound that looks familiar with the the much larger foxhound in Appearance. Beagle natural characteristic is to explore and take to trails due to its ability as a scent hound, because of its strong perceiving ability developed primarily for hunting hare. The dog has a calm temperament, intelligent, determined, excitable, amiable, and gentle, making it a great choice for a family dog, and it goes along wittily with the kids. The dog doesn’t like to be alone but is in the company of people.

  • #7. Poodle

The Poodle breed is a good dog to have around. The beautiful and distinctive hair cut makes this dog unique from other breeds. The poodle has different varieties such as the Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. Poodle temperament is that of alertness, intelligent, active, faithful, instinctual and trainable. Also, they quickly learn commands and tricks and are very friendly and loves to be around people always but could be shy to visitors.

  • #8. Collie

Collie has different breeds still such as rough collie, Bearded Collie, Border collie, among others, whichever you choose, you’ve just got a nice and friendly member in the family. The rough collie breed is originally from Scotland, and it is a long-coated dog breed of medium to large size. The collie breed was reared originally as a herding dog in Scotland. Having a collie breed means you have an intelligent, gentle, friendly, loyal, active, and protective dog. In addition, Collie likes to watch and learn, which means they are very observant and fast learning dog.

  • #9. Newfoundland

This fluffy and hairy breed also nicknamed “nanny dog” is a large dog known for its patients and watchful nature. In fact, it is considered as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Their affection for children is second to none, and they are very protective of children. Sound like a baby bodyguard! Many owners of Newfoundland said the dog has a good and gentle temperament; it is sweet-tempered, trainable and gentle.

  • #10. Irish Setter

Just imagine walking one of these beauties around the neighborhood. Irish Setters are total showstoppers, but as a member of the sporting group, gifted athletes in their own right. An active lifestyle (and an endless supply of tennis balls) is a must. This is a work-out partner that’ll motivate everyone in the family to get moving.

Tips to Consider before Choosing a Dog

If you are already familiar with dogs, you are good to go, but if you don’t. It is important that you have a foreknowledge before you can choose a good family dog which is based on three major factors outlined here:

  • Temperament

The temperament of a dog is important because this is the dog’s personality. You should be looking for a dog whose personality will not be a threat to the members of the family. For example, if you get a calmer and witty dog, it has the ability to form strong bonds and be a great companion with your kids.

  • Size

The dog size should not be ignored but be looked at. Larger dogs tend to have docile character, while smaller dogs tend to be excitable. Make your choice carefully.

  • Energy level

Putting your family in mind, it is important to check the energy level in relation to both the personality and size of the dog. If you can’t meet a dog’s energy level needs, this can lead to behavior problems along the line.

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Conclusion on Best Dog for the Family Top 10 Breeds 2020

This article contains the Best Dogs for the Family for dog lovers to keep. It imperative that you undergo thorough investigation before you consider getting a Dog and which by now you know the breed of dog you can take home to your family and have no worries or fear of any complication.

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