How to Open a Beauty Salon From Scratch

How To Open A Beauty Salon- We dream about our own business if not all of us, then, in any case, many of us. One of the most cost-effective options is the opening of a beauty salon.

What you need to know before opening the cabin

  • Where to begin
  • Choosing a place and room
  • Documents
  • Equipment and materials
  • Staff
  • How to attract customers
  • How much does it cost to open a salon

The advantages seem obvious: an understandable business scheme, a wide field of activity, an extensive choice of tools, eternal demand. However, before rushing headlong into the cycle of plans, tasks, and expenses, it is important to define for yourself the phasing of actions clearly. It is most effective to adopt the experience of already successful entrepreneurs who have already mastered this niche, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, as well as independent study all possible directions and determine the most appropriate.


  • First steps and first difficulties

You need to start by fixing for yourself the ultimate goal. What do you want to get in the end: a super-trendy barbershop or a classic full-cycle salon, an economy class or premium beauty bar, a wide mass market network or a designer boutique? Much depends on the choice: on the amount of initial investment and the choice of location to the positioning and methods of attracting an audience.

Let’s figure it out. If you are planning a luxury institution with a wide range of services (from haircuts and manicure to medical procedures), you won’t manage to do a little blood – the initial investment will require at least 8-10 million rubles in the regions, not to mention Moscow and St. Petersburg. If the plans are to capture a large segment of the market, then it will require serious investments in packaging and service delivery, in the smooth running of business processes, as well as in marketing and standard development. And if we are talking about an economy class salon that specializes in simple services (nail service, hairdressing services, and simple care procedures), then the initial financial infusions will be approximately 2 million, and the franchise opening is even less – from 1 to 1.5 million rubles. By investing in the salon business, it is important to understand that in the first year there are two big profits,

Of course, the costs depend not only on the format of the institution but also on the specific locality and conditions of the premises. There is very high competition in the salon business, and although everyone will find a client here, a certain format of beauty studios is becoming a thing of the past for sure. We are talking about low-budget, extremely modest and monofunctional salons. Yes, it is possible to open such an institution for 300-500 thousand, because all you need is that a small room, minimal furniture, a mirror and a simple set of cosmetics and tools. However, you should not forget that the client, first of all, appreciates the quality of service and the opportunity to save time, having received several services in one place at once, so even a low price will not keep the audience for a long time. If the budget still does not allow you to swing, and the path of the beauty business attracts you,

  • The choice of location and preparation of the room

The profitability of the future beauty studio depends largely on the correct location. Dance here is necessary from the goal, from the desired type of customers and, of course, from the budget. In the case of middle and economy classes, suitable places with increased traffic: public transport stops (especially metro stations!), Supermarkets, city schools, canteens … If you choose a luxury segment, make sure there is decent parking and restaurants nearby, boutiques, modern food stores. Tip: do not be afraid of competition. If the location suits you, but there are several lounges that are already comfortably located there, you do not need to immediately exclude a place from the list of potential locations of your establishment. Remember, there are fishermen – there is fish, the main thing is to analyze the rivals and offer the client something of their own, which is not yet in this particular location.

Focus on the density of human traffic. To calculate the permeability, you will have to spend some time, but it will bear fruit. It is important to measure the flow in the morning, in the evening, on weekdays, on weekends, and on holidays. You will come to the aid of special mobile applications for counting passersby, as well as Yandex.probki and the most common manual mechanical counter. For the economy and business segment, it is assumed that the flow of people should be at least 500-600 people per hour. With premium salons everything is simpler and more difficult at the same time: the location of a luxury class institution is mostly independent of traffic, you should work with the brand and image: opening parties, stars invited to holidays, hype in social networks. But it will be quite good if there is a top supermarket like the ABC of Taste, Bahetle, Globus gourmet and so on. However, remember that traffic is different,

In the field of cosmetic services, the concept of “traffic magnet” is popular, and for each segment, it is different. This is mainly infrastructure within walking distance and major transportation hubs (but in no case are stations and airports far from the city!). Unfortunately, there are much more “anti-magnets of traffic” – we include outskirts, vacant lots, construction sites, cemeteries, roads, dams, and even large parks. By the way, despite the seemingly unattractive attractiveness of freshly built houses by competitors, in such places, one should not count on a quick payback, especially in the regions. If to summarize, the most attention when choosing a location should be paid to these factors: throughput, building density, infrastructure development, the convenience of transport or walking distance, choice of location by competitors.

Tip: do not settle for a short-term rental, even if you are not completely sure of the chosen location. After all, if the owner finds a more profitable tenant, you will have to start all over again, and for an emerging business, it is a huge risk. In addition, it is better to develop in one place for several years, accumulating a base of loyal customers and strengthening our position.

The room of your future beauty salon (do you feel how nice it sounds?) Must meet a number of requirements set forth in SanPiN of May 18, 2010 No. 59, that is, include a room for disinfection of instruments, separate rooms for each procedure, and subsidiary corners. Therefore, even if your goal is a small beauty bar with a minimum set of services, you will have to choose an object of at least 50 square meters. For larger establishments, we advise you to choose an elongated rectangular room from about 70 m² to about 150 m² (with the asymmetry of the area it will be more difficult to place workplaces effectively). See for yourself: one workplace will take about 3-6 m², depending on the type of services, you should allocate about 20-40 m² for the client area, the back room will take 4-7 m², the sink will require about 4 m², well, and the reception desk is approximately 10m². But you want to highlight and place for an aquarium, or a table with magazines put a kicker or decorate the salon with trees in pots. How to be?

Fortunately, minimalism in design and the strategy of “simple cleanliness” in the layout are popular today, allowing to intelligently distribute the floor space by organizing another workplace and saving precious meters. Experienced entrepreneurs advise to save on finishing the premises and to make investments in design minimal – it is more important to start up as quickly as possible and purchase high-quality cosmetic and beauty products and equipment. Of course, it is difficult to resist unnecessary expenses on the appearance of the beloved brainchild, but it is important to keep yourself in hand, at the beginning having only the necessary finish. But even for an elementary preparation of the premises for launch, less than 100 thousand rubles will not be spent. Here is a few life hacking: you can close the walls with cabinets and racks, crammed with stylish packages of all kinds of cosmetics.

How To Open A Beauty Salon

  • Registration system and list of documents

Do not forget that before entering into a lease agreement, you will have to go through several approvals and receive the necessary documents. The first thing you need to get permission to start work from the local administration, the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service, Rospotrebnadzor, and Fire Inspection.

So, which documents are required to open a beauty salon? Everything is not so bad: you will need an SES conclusion on compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements (here don’t forget about the requirements of SanPiN mentioned above!), The MES conclusion on compliance with fire safety rules, and permission to open from the local administration. However, this list does not end there.

Most salons will have to get a special license if the list of services provided will include medical services (peeling, tattooing, piercing, massage, cosmetology, and other procedures that traumatize the skin). The license is issued on the basis of two documents: Government Decree dated 04.16.12 No. 291 and Order of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development dated March 11, 2013, No. 121n. The requirements of the law are as follows: the equipment must be registered with Roszdravnadzor and have certificates of conformity; workers providing services in your salon must have a medical education and specialist certificates; the room must meet certain requirements (and again we recall SanPiN!); you must have an equipment maintenance contract with a licensed organization;

Important: if you plan to open a salon as an individual entrepreneur, then you must personally have a medical education and five years of work experience to obtain a license, even if you are not going to provide services. If you chose to open through a legal entity, then exactly the same criteria should be applied to the head of the organization.

In addition to permits (as if they are not enough), a consumer’s corner should be arranged in your cabin, including a list of documents for the current year, that is:

  • A copy of the certificate of state registration of LLC or SP;
  • A copy of the sheet with OKVED codes (the main type of activity must be indicated, if there are many additional codes, then selectively);
  • Book of complaints and suggestions;
  • Consumer Protection Act (brochure or printout);
  • Terms of sale (brochure or printout);
  • Information about the features of servicing privileged categories of citizens (people with disabilities, pensioners, participants of the Great Patriotic War, etc.);
  • Contact details of the territorial unit of Rospotrebnadzor, which controls your activities;
  • Contact information of the head of the organization or individual entrepreneur who owns the outlet or the responsible employee.

As far as taxation is concerned, the UTII regime is most convenient for this sphere, in which it is not the income actually received that is taken into account, but the estimated one. It’s nice that UTII taxpayers are exempt from income tax (for legal entities) or personal income tax (for individual entrepreneurs), as well as from VAT and property tax. It is assumed that this special regime will be valid only until 2021, so you have two more years to take advantage of this tax system.

  • Ordering equipment and buying consumables

There is a huge amount of the most diverse products, tools, and equipment on the market now, so you need to clearly understand what materials are needed to get your work started. Of course, it all depends on the intended range of services. Usually, for beauty studios, the purchase comes down to two categories: cosmetic and care products and equipment of various scales.

If we talk about paints, cosmetics, detergents, and especially medical products, then it is important not to save, buy from trusted suppliers, check the product for hypoallergenicity and not be limited to a few brands – visitors appreciate diversity. Well, if you can agree on a co-branding or joint action with one of the cosmetic brands. Consider that the purchase from manufacturers will have to be made in whole blocks, so the cost will not be small, especially when it comes to well-known brands.

Studio equipment also directly depends on the needs of the future salon. If the volume is small, it is quite possible to purchase it at retail. If you open, for example, an economy-class hair salon, then for each workplace you need to lay about 30-40 thousand rubles, and for an advanced barbershop, you will need about 60-100 thousand. The main thing when buying you should understand that the tool must be convenient for both the guest and the master.

  • Hiring On How To Open A Beauty Salon

When a new beauty salon is founded, the manager faces two main problems – finding the right room for all parameters and hiring highly qualified and experienced personnel. If we dealt with the first question, then with the second one, there can be even more difficulties. Experts in the beauty field are hard to attract, and indeed, there is a shortage of real professionals in the market. Therefore, for them, there is fierce competition; there is a routine and “salon migration.”

Where to find such specialists? You can search in the relevant educational institutions, at various competitions and master classes, and on and even Avito. If resources allow, a good move would be to make a page on your site “work with us” and collect traffic from running ads there. Layfkhak: hang up the old kind announcement on a door – it really works, and also look through acquaintances. And I recommend starting immediately, as soon as the premises are chosen, so as not to stand idle and not pay rent for nothing. But not earlier – masters like to work near the house; therefore, at first, it is necessary to decide on a location and the room.

How To Open A Beauty Salon At Home

Masters are people of creative professions; therefore, in order to successfully organize their work, it is important for everyone to find their own approach, set up positively, and motivate properly. And the satisfied master and the client will always be satisfied – he will come to your studio more than once, bringing profit and strengthening his reputation. That is why experienced craftsmen are the desired trophy and a guarantee of success for any entrepreneur in the beauty business. A perfect scenario if the master comes to you with his already loyally tuned clientele.

How To Open A Beauty Salon At Home
How To Open A Beauty Salon At Home

At first, it is worth negotiating with the master about a fixed salary so that he does not suffer because of jumps in the flow of customers and does not run away in the first month. After 6-8 months of stable work, it is more profitable for you and for the master to be piecework payment. Be sure to consider investing in the business of employee salaries: depending on the level and the service provided, the wages of the master can be from 30 to 150+ thousand per month.

  • Attracting first customers On How To Open A Beauty Salon

The main rule for beginners is not to be dispersed. Of course, any advertising is good, but it is important for you to manage the budget correctly. For example, placing an announcement in newspapers, radio, and magazines for an unknown brand is tantamount to gunfire on sparrows, while on social networks you should try to declare yourself more: make Facebook and Vkontakte pages, don’t be afraid to use Odnoklassniki, and actively develop your Instagram account!

For beauty studios, seasonality plays a large enough role: in spring and summer, the flow increases several times. Therefore, do not forget to launch more promotions to offer new tariffs and services in the low season. But even in popular times, one should not overstate prices and “snatch up” – remember that losing a client is much easier than locating. On the contrary, it is better to try to stand out from the crowd: take part in social actions, collaborate with fashion houses, and run a marathon or a challenge.

However, the rules change when it comes to spending on an opening day. It is important to have time to attract as much attention as possible. If luxury salons can afford to throw a noisy party with stars and shows, then small studios should maximally promote posts in social networks, advertise the opening among friends, promote the brand in the forums of residents, come up with various attractive promotions.

Inna Anisimova, General Director, PR Partner Communications Agency, shares his experience: “The beauty business has its own nuances. For example, the discovery is crucial for a beauty salon. The new salon attracts the attention of potential customers and residents of nearby homes. You just have to get them involved. If this is done incorrectly and not in time then after a while the new salon will become familiar and will remain a few days before it is closed.I will give an example from practice: for the first day of the beauty salon “TOGETHER | beauty, and health” an exciting quest was invented, the essence of which was done as many procedures as possible, the winners received prizes. In addition, bloggers and journalists were invited, workshops on the basics of makeup, skincare, and hairstyles were organized, girls received sketches in the lead role, and cosmetologists advised everyone.

Without doubt, beauty studio is a very profitable business. Interest in the cosmetological and aesthetic services of the population is only growing, new services and opportunities for every taste and budget are constantly appearing. But it is extremely important not to be deceived by the decision to launch your own business because for the actual opening you will need a lot of human resources and resources. That is why you first need to work out in detail the business plan, allocate a budget, prevent all risks, select personnel, and premises, and plan advertising activities. The main thing is to move from desires to actions – and let the eyes fear, and the hands do!

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon [How To Open A Beauty Salon]

Spending Economy class     Business class       Premium class

  • Room rental (about 50 m²) per month 40-50 thousand rubles 80 – 150 thousand rubles          from 300 – 600 thousand rubles
  • Registration of the room (without major repairs) up to 100 thousand rubles         200 – 300 thousand rubles      from 1 million rubles
  • Purchase of materials and equipment (for 1 workplace) 30 – 40 thousand rubles   60 – 100 thousand rubles        200 – 500 thousand rubles
  • Government fees and license / insurance fees 50-60 thousand rubles     50-60 thousand rubles
  • Employee salaries (per month) 20 – 50 thousand rubles   70 -100 thousand rubles          from 150 – 200 thousand rubles
  • Advertising 30-50 thousand rubles 70-200 thousand rubles   from 500 thousand rubles
  • Total (initial investment) 5 -1 million rubles 1.5 – 3 million rubles      from 8 – 10 million rubles

The indicated cost is approximate, based on average figures and does not take into account regional peculiarities.

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