How to Prepare for the Hurricane 2021 – Best Practices

How to Prepare for the Hurricane 2020- Hurricane, as we know, is not a friendly event but a disaster that has left many homeless and ruin lives too. Hurricane occurs when warm ocean waters provide the energy that a storm needs to cause a large rotating storm with high-speed winds that forms over warm waters in tropical areas. If you are living in a hurricane-prone environment, it is imperative that you prepare so as not be caught off guard. Therefore, we have provided you with the best tips on How to Prepare for a hurricane in 2020 because it will help you and your family to have less impact on the hurricane.


The effect of a hurricane is devastating, some of which include heavy rainfall, powerful winds, and storm surges, inland and coastal flooding, rip currents, tornadoes, and landslides. The best way on How to prepare for the Hurricane is before it is about to happen. Here’s what you need to know.

  • #1. Plan your Evacuation route Ahead of Time

If your area is close to the coast or in a mobile home, you need to get out of the cases of a major storm.

It is advisable to create your evacuation plan well before a disaster strikes even though the government will offer evacuation tips. This will help you plan ahead of time.

  • #2. Keep Non-Perishable Emergency Supplies on Hand

People often make hasty preparation and run for the stores. However, try as much as possible, to get ahead of the rush by acquiring the following materials/gadgets:

  • Additional batteries
  • Get matches, candles or lamps with fuel in case of power failure
  • Ensure you have with you materials and emergency tools for immediate and quick home repairs–such as heavy plastic sheeting, plywood, a hammer, etc.
  • Prescription drugs
  • A three-day fresh drinking water
  • Nonperishable foods that you don’t have to cook
  • First aid supplies
  • A portable NOAA weather radio
  • A wrench and other basic tools
  • A flashlight

Ensure to take all these along if you have to evacuate and try as much as possible to replenish your supplies.

  • #3. Take an Inventory of your Personal Property

It is pertinent that you take stock of all your home appliances.  This will ensure that you have purchased enough insurance to replace your possessions. Also, it’ll speed up the claims process, reduce property losses for income tax purposes. Also, it is relevant when you need to apply for disaster aid.

  • #4. Review your Insurance Policies

This should be on your hurricane to-do list because insurance checklist can help you need to be familiar with your coverage to know whether it’s adequate to repair or rebuild your home, if necessary, and to replace your belongings.

  • #5. Take steps to protect your home

There are a lot of damages that occur during the hurricane season. This is because hurricane force winds can turn loose objects or landscaping materials into projectiles that can break windows and doors. In fact, much of the property damage that occurs during hurricanes is often after the windstorm when rain enters buildings through broken windows, doors, and openings in the roof.

  • #6. Take a buoyant step to Guide your business
  • There are varieties of Businesses that Hurricanes take a toll on, so it is necessary to be prepared.
  • You are expected to Setup an emergency business response and continuity plan. This will help your business to recover In the event of a hurricane quickly.
  • Ensure you keep contact information for employees, suppliers, and vendors current, so you can check on their wellbeing as well as communicate the next steps for resuming normal business activities.
  • Do not forget to review your business insurance policies so as to understand what your insurance covers.

When and How to Prepare for Hurricane

Below is an interval to prepare a hurricane.

  • Prepare Now
  1. You don’t need to wait and be caught off guard by this terrible event because it may be too late to take certain precaution measures. Also, early preparation helps you to reduce property damage and likewise get through any hurricane emergency with less stress and struggle. Make sure all that you need have been arranged. Follow the tips below to help you as you prepare.
  2. You need to know your area’s risk of hurricanes.
  3. Sign up for your community’s warning system to get emergency alerts.
  4. If you discover your area susceptible to flash flooding, you need to take caution to check out for warning signs, especially heavy rainfall.
  5. Start practicing going to a safe shelter for high winds, such as storm shelters. Also, make provision for a windowless room in a sturdy building on the lowest level that is not exposed or prone to flooding.
  6. You need to make your own plans for evacuation or sheltering in place.
  7. You need to become familiar with your evacuation zone, the evacuation route, and shelter locations.
  8. Prepare and gather all the needed supplies that’ll last you for at least three days. Also, bear in mind the specific needs of each of your family member, including medication.
  9. All important files and documentation should be kept in a safe place or create digital copies that are protected.
  10. Ensure you protect your property. Declutter drains and gutters. You should also install check valves in plumbing to prevent backups. Consider hurricane shutters too.
  11. Review your insurance policies and what it covers.

Are Hurricane 36 Hours from Happening? Here is the What To Do

  1. You are to look out for recent updates on hurricane by watching the weather updates and emergency instructions on TV and listening to the radio.
  2. Ensure you fill your emergency preparedness kit. Make sure you pack food items, fresh water sufficient for at least three days, medications, a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies.
  3. Don’t forget to plan on how to communicate with family members in case of a power outage. For example, ensure you have back-up cell batteries for your mobile devices so you can call, text, email, or use social media. It is more reliable and faster to send text messages during hurricanes than making phone calls because phone lines are often overloaded.
  4. It is important that you plan ahead because you may have to evacuate quickly. Periodically assess your evacuation zone, the evacuation route, and shelter locations. Do not plan alone but involve your family.
  5. Ensure that your automobile is in good working condition, and the gas tank should be fully filled; all the emergency supplies should be packed in your vehicle.

Are Hurricane 18-36 hours from happening? Here Are The Guide

  1. Bookmark and dependably visit your city or area site to have fast access to storm updates and emergency instructions.
  2. Carry free, lightweight items inside that could move toward becoming shots in great breezes (e.g., porch furniture, trash cans); anchor objects that would be hazardous to take inside your house( such as propane tanks); also, you are expected to shave off trees or better remove trees that are heavy enough to destroy properties when falling on the structure.
  3. Cover all of your home’s windows. Install permanent storm screens because they offer the best security for windows. Another option is to barricade windows with 5/8″ exterior grade or marine plywood.

Are Hurricane 6-18 hours from happening? Here Are Tips

  1. The first thing to do is to Switch on your TV/radio, or better you can check your current city official website frequently so as to be up to date with updates on recent climate conditions and emergency instruction.
  2. Ensure your mobile device is fully charged to serve as a backup in case you lose control.

Are Hurricane 6 hours from happening? Here Are Tips To Do

  1. In case you’re not in a suggested evacuation area, plan to remain at home or where you are and inform your family and friends of your whereabouts and present location.
  2. Close storm shutters, and keep away from windows. Flying glass from broken windows could harm and injure you.
  3. Turn your fridge or cooler to the coldest setting to preserve food and open just when necessary. This will help your food to last longer in case if there is a power outage. You can also check the cooling level by placing a thermometer in the cooler so you can check the nourishment temperature when power is restored.
  4. For weather updates and emergency situation, put on your TV/radio, or check your city/area site every 30 minutes.

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Conclusion on how to Prepare for the Hurricane 2020- Best Practices

The tips we have given you in this write-up on How to Prepare for Hurricane was coined based on events of past hurricanes. Thus, this is to help protect and keep you safe from the danger of a hurricane. The best preparation for a hurricane is to prepare ahead of time by preparing early. Don’t wait till you begin to see the signs before you start preparing. Ensure, most importantly, that you adhere to the authority’s instruction and follow every guide provided. Ensure you do all that you can to protect yourself, your family, and your properties.

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