How to Screenshot on Iphone Xr 2021

How To screenshot on iPhone XR 2020- The iPhone XR comes with a new advanced and cutting edge all-screen display. In the bid of Apple to create buttonless phones as it continues to remove the physical button from its recent array of iPhone models, it has led to the change of how screenshots are taken on iPhone which tends to be a bit tasking and has propelled many users of this iPhone model to surf the internet on How to Screenshot on iPhone XR. Knowing that screenshot has become a fascinating feature used frequently on mobile devices. Screenshot involves you capturing an image of action from your phone screen. Possibly you saw a picture or a quote that caught your attention and want to have a copy on your phone, and the simple step is to screenshot. On this note, we’ll provide you with levels on how to Screenshot on iPhone XR with step by step guide.


The screenshot is one of iPhone XR amazing features. It has a bright LCD display screen that makes a watching movie or glancing through images fascinating and intriguing. You might want to capture an interesting scene in a video, image, contact or messages and so on and edit them as well, but it is frustrating when you do not know how or what to do it. Previous iPhone lets you capture a screenshot by just pressing the key combination of power and home button, but you can’t do so on iPhone XR because there is no home button.

Nonetheless, Screenshot on iPhone XR is not as difficult as it seems, follow the guideline below and in just no moment you have captured your enthralling moment.

  • Use Button Combination to take Screenshot on iPhone XR

As said earlier, iPhone XR is a different way of making a screenshot from other iPhone models which requires you to press physical buttons on the side of the phone plus the home button.

The combination for taking a screenshot on the iPhone involves using the “side button” plus the “volume up button” (both buttons are located at the opposing side of the phone). Press both buttons together at the same time to take a screenshot. You can follow the step below:

Step 1: Navigate to the screen or open the app you want to screenshot

Step 2: Press and hold the combination of “Side Button” (located on the right side) and the “Volume Up Button” on the left side. The volume up button replaces the Home button step from older versions of the iPhone.

Step 3: After you are done taking the screenshot, you will see a flash and hear a sound (camera shutter sound) if the music is enabled and you’ll the screenshot preview image appears at the bottom left of your screen.

Once you are done, you can edit, save the image, and share on social media the captured screenshot image.

How To screenshot on iPhone XR 2020
How To screenshot on iPhone XR 2020
  • Use Assistive touch to Take Screenshot

This is another method on How to Take Screenshot on iPhone XR. This is a similar feature to iPhone X. if you can’t or don’t want to use the physical buttons to take a screenshot, then you can refer to this alternative use of Assistive touch.

Step 1: Enable Assistive Tool

To use the Assistive touch, you need to turn on the function first. You can perform this via the Settings > select Accessibility > click on Assistive Touch and tap the toggle to turn on the assistive touch

  1. Open the settings panel from your app screen
  2. Click on General
  3. Choose Accessibility
  4. Click on Assistive Touch
  5. Click on the toggle to turn on the “Assistive Touch.”

Once you click on the toggle and it is on, a transparent button will be added to your home screen, this button is known as the Assistive Touch Button. The assistive tool makes it easy to carry out a certain task.

How To screenshot on iPhone XR 2020

Step 2: Customize Top Level Menu

The next step to customize the Assistive tool. To customize the top-level menu means you add an action to your top-level menu, you can access it easily. To customize the top-level menu, tap on the custom icon (icon with star shape), and from the list select screenshot; the screenshot icon will be added to the assistive touch menu. If the assistive touch already has enough app in it, you can tap any of the default icons to replace it with the screenshot icon.

  1. Open settings from your app screen
  2. Select general
  3. Click on Accessibility
  4. Click on Assistive Touch
  5. Scrotal down and select “customize top-level menu.”
  6. Click on “Custom”
  7. Click on “Screenshot” from the list

Step 3: Take Screenshot with Assistive Touch

With a screenshot added to your Assistive Touch, it is easier and faster to take a screenshot on your iPhone XR. You can perform this via clicking the Assistive Touch from your home screen and once the menu is expanded you click on the screenshot icon. You will see a flash and hear a camera shutter sound once the screenshot is captured.

  • How to view Screenshot on iPhone XR

You don’t need to struggle before locating the destination of your screenshot images. The iPhone XR auto-creates a screenshot album in the photo app so that your screenshot images are automatically saved there. Therefore if you want to

  • How to Locate your Screenshot Images

If you take a screenshot and you probably want to work with the image you just captured but do not know where the location of the screenshot album is. The photos taken via screenshot is saved in a pre-created folder called Photos app. Follow the step below to locate where your screenshot images are protected.

Step 1: click on the photo app to open it.

Step 2: once the photo app menu is opened, navigate to the album screen by tapping the Albums icon in the bottom bar of your screen.

Step 3: the screenshot images are found in two places. However, the easiest place to locate your screenshot image is the “Screenshots, and you will see all the screenshot images that you have taken

Step 4: you can as well find your screenshot images by clicking on “Camera Roll.” This time the images will be mixed with others.

Share iPhone Screenshot

Do you know that you can also share the screenshot images you saved on your iPhone? This can be done either through texts, e-mails, or sharing and posting on social media, and best of all, you can sync the images on your PC. To share your screenshot images, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: click on the photo app to open the app.

Step 2: Once the app is opened, locate the images in the camera roll or the screenshot album.

Step 3: to share the images, click the sharing button located at the base left corner of your screen (that’s the box with an arrow).

Step 4: Select the particular app through which you want to share or post the screenshot image(s).

Step 5: once you have selected the application, it opens, and from there, you can complete the sharing process and carry out any action on the images as you like.

  • Other Screenshot applications for iPhone XR

Peradventure you do not like the built-in screenshot app, you can as well download other screenshot app and install them on your iPhone. Below is a list of some of the best screenshot application for your iPhone XR.

Awesome Screenshot for Safari: this screenshotting application is free and can only work in the Safari web browser, also, it gives room for annotation and sharing of screenshot images too.

Screenshot ++: you need to purchase this app to be able to use it. It is an amazing screenshot application that lets you organize and find screenshots, tag screenshots, search for them, and also get instant stats about your screenshots.

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Conclusion on how to Screenshot on iPhone XR 2020- Step by Step Guide

Now you know How to Take Screenshot on iPhone XR, and it is not as difficult as you think. You can follow any of the above steps which are simple to perform a screenshot. I believe an update, and a new model of the iPhone is released, it’ll be with modifications to some of its features and don’t sweat as we will update our article when such case arises

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