How to Lose Weight With Yoga: Alarm Drinking, Dry Muscles, and Meditate on Food

How To Lose Weight With Yoga– We have come to many options and came to a conclusion: to lose weight with the help of yoga is real. Our coach tells us how to achieve the effect and start doing the exercises correctly. Have you ever seen fat yogis? Here I am not. Lean, young (and not determine how old they are), with a gleam in his eyes. What are they doing this to themselves! Do they just stand in asanas (the postures in yoga are called this way) and that’s all? Or are there any secrets? We learn this from the head of “Yoga-studio Sidersky,” YOGA23 method coach, Elena Siderskaya. She met yoga at the age of 5 (now she is 31), her father is the famous Andrey Sidersky, one of the founders of yoga in the Soviet Union. Few online asked questions;

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“But let’s not wait for a quick result from the practice,” Helena immediately warns. – When you lose weight with the help of enhanced workouts in the fitness center – yes, after two or three weeks, you can see the effect. But as soon as you stop making efforts, the weight will return again. Why does it happen? Because they removed only the symptoms. Yoga, on the other hand, works with the underlying causes of why we are getting fat, repairing the whole body; in other words, it restores health. Yes, it is not fast. But the result will remain with a person for life.

  • The first six months on the scales do not get up!

And yet, when to wait for the result, if a person decided to lose weight with the help of yoga? It is clear that everyone has different constitutions, metabolism … but at least approximately.

– In my practice and practice of my husband (he is also a yoga coach – Note. Ed.) There were cases when people lost weight after 3-5 days of training and lost from 3 to 10 kilograms. But it left the excess water and everything that has been stored in their gastrointestinal tract for years, ”says Elena.

The next noticeable result should be waited not earlier than in half a year. Experienced instructors even forbid their students to stand on the scales during this period: because the weight jumps, the whole body is reconfigured. And then do not worry about it. The weight will go – all you need to do is to continue to do. And then your body will cease to be loose; it will tighten and improve skin condition.

The third stage comes after a year or two years of intensive practice. During this time, a real yogic body is formed, lean, beautiful. Not with muscles as inflated as a bodybuilder – but with dry and long ones. But it concerns men more. You will not see such women: skeletons with bones. Proper practice will lead you to your ideal weight.

How often do yoga to lose weight? Here again, your instructor should decide. During training, there is an attack on the muscles – we essentially destroy them. After which the body restores and strengthens the muscles. If we do not give the right time to rest, then he does not have time to do this – the tissues are destroyed, fatigue sets in. General recommendations are: yoga should be done at least three times a week. And it is better if it will be an hour and a half classes.

How To Lose Weight With Yoga.
How To Lose Weight With Yoga.

So how it works. Why we lose weight with the help of yoga – we sort things out:

  • #1. The metabolism improves

And this is not a temporary acceleration for the period of the lesson or, for example, two hours after it. Not. This change is in general: both the rate of exchange processes and their quality. The man begins to notice that he began to eat a lot less food. It really is. And all because the body is now not working sluggishly, but to the maximum. He does not take 15% of the vitamins and nutrients from the potato, but pushes the rest over the thighs and asks for supplements. He learns everything. And more, he does not need anything.

But how exactly the metabolism improves. Due to what?

“To a greater extent, this is achieved through breathing,” says Elena Siderskaya. – But not the way we breathe in everyday life. We are talking about Pranayama – breathing exercises in yoga, which are also included in the class. During these practices, the body begins to absorb oxygen most efficiently and release carbon dioxide, respectively. This process starts the metabolism; it is very important for the health of the walls of blood vessels and internal organs. Just understand, here we are not talking about the volume of inhaled or exhaled air. These are special practices and can be shown only on the rug.

The second point, because of which improves metabolism. In yoga, we do not swing only the external muscles, which give the body texture. Thanks to asanas – we work with deep muscles, they hold the skeleton and are connected with internal organs. Those begin to work better. Including the gastrointestinal tract, where food is processed, split, digested, etc. If the system works as it should, then you will get the maximum effect from the food. But if it is bad, the cells will not receive the necessary, and you will want to eat more and more.

  • #2. Muscles grow and strengthen Muscles in the body are a kind of cauldron. They consume a lot of energy. Asanas work out almost all muscle groups; there are a lot of them. They, in turn, as in a boiler, burn all the food that they receive and the fat that has accumulated in the body.
  • #3. The body is cleansed

With the yoga, the system begins to work better and to cleanse. And it’s not that we ate some kind of nastiness. After all, cells emit waste, they themselves die, bacteria and viruses die that our body fights. All this garbage also needs to be output. This is done by the lymphatic system, yoga “stimulates” it. But along with the lymph, the liver, kidneys, and intestines should work well. If somewhere plugging – toxins and slags will accumulate, do not wait for weight loss. Therefore, we say that yoga adjusts the entire system. And how quickly it depends on the neglect of each individual organism.

  • #4. Eating habits change

So, we begin to torment the body with long workouts. What makes our body? He quickly adapts to this and understands that in order to survive and get maximum nutrients, certain foods are needed. This is where food habits change. Someone leans on jelly, someone on vegetables and fruits. Here it is important to listen to yourself, take care and, of course, abide by the rules of nutrition (for more details see read “Yogic rules of nutrition” ) – this helps to lose weight.

  • #5. Stress leaves

We just also jam it. And yoga helps to cope with stress. But how does she do it? The process begins while working with attention! For example, you are in asana, and your task at this moment is to track your sensations in the body. But only! No thoughts on what you will make for dinner tonight. Agree, not easy. But over time, this begins to turn out. Yogis achieve a concentration of attention and during meditation: when you need to keep the attention and not “soar in the clouds.” What, in the end, does this lead to? To awareness, the reactions become adequate; the person is no longer knocked out of a kilometer jam or a mess in the nursery. He becomes calmer. There are pranayamas that help to remove the bustle of the mind and level the emotional state, calm the nerves.

So there is no mysticism – a solid practice.

  • Yogic rules of nutrition

I hope everyone understands that it is reckless to wait for slimming effects without a special diet. Do yoga, and at the same time, there are only buns with raisins? Well, well …

– Although following any dogma kills yoga as such, – specifies Elena Siderskaya. – If a person suddenly decides that now he eats only vegetable food – this is a dogma. And yoga is about awareness. The fact that every moment we decide what we need and what is appropriate now. And this does not apply to food choices (they are also different in quality, and well-made bread is very useful to some). Here the rules are much wider.

  • #1. Drink 100 ml every hour

Though set an alarm clock – but you must drink clean water throughout the day. Small portions every hour. The most effective is 100 milliliters. This volume is best absorbed at once by the body and cells. Anything more will already be an additional burden on the kidneys. Plus, you’ll often run to the toilet.

Why every hour. Doctors say that a person should not be thirsty. That is, should not bring yourself to this state. If you wanted to drink, then you should have done this two hours ago. It is better to saturate the body with water evenly during the day than in the evening, before bedtime, to compensate for this lack. You can, of course. But then at night, you will either wake up to the toilet, thereby disturbing the quality of sleep, or your bladder will suffer and endure until the morning. And so he wears out. You do not want to face incontinence then? So, in the evening you can drink two hours before bedtime. But in the morning, after waking up, at least how much.

Lose Weight By Yoga

  • #2. Tea and coffee “in the red.”

On the smartphone, you can install an application such as water balance. It is calculated come from the height, weight, physical activity, mode of the day. And you are invited to drink a certain amount of water – very convenient. And there is one nuance: when we drink clean water, the percentage is added. Milk and juice are a plus too. But tea, coffee, and alcohol take these percentages. That is, they also remove the water that we may not drink at all during the day.

  • #3. Breakfast should be hot

It is necessary to start the process of digestion and metabolism. So you woke up. Within an hour, be sure to have breakfast, so that your brain gets glucose (if this does not happen – it will get out and take it, for example, from the liver, thereby destroying it). Why a hot breakfast? Cold yogurt, for example, lies in the stomach until it reaches the desired temperature. And time goes … Therefore, the best solution is cereal from whole-grain cereals. But please don’t boil it with milk. You can add it at the end and bring to a boil. Then it will be “lightweight” milk, which is well absorbed. If you cook with milk, you will get a heavy product for digestion, as if topping up the cold. In the finished porridge, well add butter, ghee. You can fruit. But according to Ayurveda (Ayurveda): raw with not raw cannot be mixed. Fruits can be extinguished or thrown into porridge when it is still being prepared.

If you have a workout in the morning and breakfast does not work out – drink a glass of water with honey, this will support you and your brain. And, of course, help lose weight with the help of yoga.

#4. “Eat, the sun is still high!”

The time when you can safely lean on food is lunch when the sun is at its zenith. During the day, the “fire” of digestion is turned on for maximum mode. All the food you have eaten is digested and absorbed. Your sides won’t get anything (hooray!).

How To Lose Weight With Yoga

  • #5. After 18 – you can!

But dinner should be easy. Even so: you need to drink it! And the statement that you cannot eat after 6 pm is complete nonsense. It all depends on your schedule. If you go to bed after 23, you should definitely arrange a late dinner! You can fall asleep with an empty stomach, but you cannot with hunger. Therefore, you can eat cream soup, but rather drink a glass of milk with honey or cocoa with cream. After half an hour, the stomach will be released.

  • #6. Golden principle

And another important rule for those who want to lose weight with the help of yoga. Solid food needs to be drunk and liquid – to eat! You must chew food thoroughly so as not to miss the moment of satiation.

Yoga For Weight Loss

  • Meditation while eating

How not to convey – the secret of a Zen Buddhist monk

So, we already understood that yoga helps to be calm, conscious, and, therefore, it protects us from uncontrolled eating. Well, it’s time to master the meditation! For this, it is not necessary to go to the Himalayas. On the contrary! It is best to meditate in a normal setting. Famous Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Tit Nat Khan even introduced “Household Meditation Lessons” when we practice while washing dishes or walking. Losing weight is best suited for meditation during meals. Here she is:

Attention to food is an important practice. So, we turn off the TV, we are going to the family in the kitchen, and for five to ten minutes, we act together, setting the table and finishing everything we need. When the food is on the table, and everyone is seated, we practice breathing: “Inhaling, I calm my body. Exhaling, I smile. ” Repeat three times.

Having breathed and smiled at each other, we look at the food and look at it for a few seconds. “Each piece contains a piece of sun and earth. Imagine, we can see and try the whole universe in a slice of bread! Contemplation of food before the start of the meal and deliberate nutrition will bring a lot of happiness, ”the monk will say. From myself, we add: and yet you will not throw at the food and not swallow it at once. And, then, in time you feel the saturation!

  • What exercises best burn weight?

These are all inverted asanas: from simple “Gorky,” ending with the slopes of standing or sitting. They are very good with excess weight. Then, when your muscles get stronger, you can go to the “Plows (legs behind the head). Excellent exercises on one leg, on two. For example, “Pose of a tree,” “Pose of a warrior.” They improve the lymphatic system and the gastrointestinal tract, use the stomach. You can do these asanas one after another; you can stay in one for more than 18 seconds.

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