How To Unlock Phone From Sprint 2021 [proven Guide]

How To Unlock Phone From Sprint 2020: All You Need to Know- Here we are on another series of informative updates, today we are going to dive into the topic “How To Unlock Phone From Sprint”, we are practically going to be laying out all that is concerned with this topic, in other words, we would bring to you all that you need to know. Sprint is considered a bit restricted and strict when it comes to unlocking their phone, which is why we have to make use of a new approach that grants you easy access to unlock Phone from sprint. However, it has been stated by Sprint that devices that still operates on a SIM produced after the year 2015 can be unlocked easily and usually is set to automatically unlock itself when the requirements have been met by the user.

How To Unlock Phone From Sprint

  • What Is Sprint?

For the sake of Newbies, Sprint is simply a CDMA carrier; probably you can call it a network Carrier. Let’s take for instance Verizon, Verizon is a very good example of what sprint is. Sprint are capable of configuring a particular device as theirs depending on the phone brand and the only network made available on the device is theirs and probably can’t be changed, but all that is about to change now, say goodbye to the good old days where you can’t change your device’s network carrier to the one you so wish as we unravel a great secret.


  • Requirements for Unlocking a phone from sprint

Not so fast buddies, you want to ditch sprint and get away so easily? Well, that’s not a hard task at all, just that there are procedures to be taken to carry out a successful unlock or lets probably say requirements stipulated by Sprint to set you free and after this procedures, you would be free to make use of other networks in the United States. Here is the list of requirements for unlocking a sprint device;

  • Ensure your phone has spent over 50 days on the Sprint network
  • Ensure that you have also paid off your device if it was released to you based on a lease agreement
  • Ensure you do not have any outstanding balances, in other words, pay up on your bills.
  • Ensure your phone was never and hasn’t been reported stolen or missing.
  • Ensure that your device has domestic SIM Unlock (Available for devices manufactured from 2015 till date)
  • In cases of international travel, Sprint makes the above requirements as well.

Your phone also should have SIM unlock enabled, but if probably your device is about some years old, then you shouldn’t bother about that. More also, if you are still making use of an iPhone 5 from the year 2013, sorry, you might run into some issues doing this.

  • What is SIM Unlock?

Wondering what this means as used in the sentence above? Well, here is what I mean; if SIM unlock is enabled on your device, then Sprint can automatically program your phone to work on another network carrier. Actually, sprint phones released from the year 2015 automatically have this enabled, so if your device is just about a few years back to this time, then you are lucky.

How To Unlock Phone From Sprint 2019.
How To Unlock Phone From Sprint 2020.
  • Sprint prepaid devices

Unlocking a prepaid sprint device also goes with the same requirements stated above but with a little difference, and what difference are we talking about here? On the above requirements, you must ensure you are active on the line for 50 days, but in this case, it has to be 12 whole months before you are granted the access to unlock your sprint device. So if you are making use of a prepaid sprint device, sorry you are going to have to wait for 12 whole months. And after waiting for a whole year, you have to call the customer care service of the network carrier (Sprint) to have your device unlocked, awkward right? Yeah, I understand but that’s the way it goes down for prepaid device users, but if you do not fall under this category, then there are useful tips for you to have your phone unlocked from Sprint. Calling the customer care service for unlocking your device can be made right and straight with using their customer service number which is 855-639-4644.

  • Differences between prepaid and postpaid plans

Making use of a postpaid plan, you can actually get to pay your bills at month ends after you might have used the services of the phone, but this service plan does not come on a platter of gold as the company would have to run a credit check first before approval.

Getting to use the postpaid plan saves you from the credit check as well as grants you the access to control how many calls you make and how much data you exhaust, but before you can get to enjoy services from your phone you are required to pay for the service before usage.

  • How to Unlock Your phone from Sprint

Still interested on How to unlock Phone from Sprint? Now here is the Good news, you need not worry much as your phone is programmed to be unlocked automatically after you must have completed the requirements stipulated by sprint, what do I mean? Now using proper analysis, take, for instance, you get a phone from sprint today and you want to get it unlocked that is considered impossible until all requirements are completed. If you are actually sure that you have met up with those requirements and you are not sure if your device is unlocked yet, kindly contact the Sprint customer services to confirm, but certain details would be required to complete the process for you. Such details include;

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Account Number
  • Your Account password
  • Your social security’s last four digit number
  • The IMEI or MEID number of your device located usually at the back of the phone

Aside from calling them directly, you can as well chat with their customer care representatives online via their website. Coming to cases of internal travel use, your device can be unlocked temporarily even by yourself, all you need to do is head straight to Sprint website and locate MY Account, login to your account and select the phone you wish to unlock and click the link that states “Unlock device to use int’l SIM and bam your phone is unlocked temporarily.

NOTE: if perhaps you bought a sprint phone from someone and you want another carrier operating on the device, bear it in mind that the above information would also be requested, therefore, ensure you get the necessary information from the seller before rounding up the deal.

  • Third-party services TO Unlock phone from sprint

Do you still have issues with sprint not unlocking your device? Well, we have got you covered, there are notably lots of third-party company services that can get your device unlocked in few minutes but definitely not when you haven’t sealed your deal with sprint yet as regards their requirements. However, employing the services if these third-party companies require you to spend some cash.

How To Unlock Phone From Sprint
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Not sure of the company to use? Well, I would recommend the services of slimyoursim, you can get in touch with them on their website

  • Would my sprint phone work with another carrier?

To be honest with you guys, it would work but bear in mind that not all your device’s features will work using other carriers. And why does that have to be so? Good question, now here is the thing, Mobile phone carriers make use of two different types of technology for connecting your device to their network which is GSM and CDMA, now Sprint makes use of just CDMA technology alone, what if the other network carrier you are going to opt in for uses a GSM technology? Well, you should get to know the connection type each of the network carriers at the United States makes use of to determine the network carrier you would opt in for.

  • Phone carrier and their connection type
  • Sprint – CDMA
  • AT&T – GSM
  • Verizon – CDMA
  • T-Mobile – GSM

Well checking the list of carrier we have right above and the connection type they operate, it is denoted that Sprint phones can be easily transferred to Verizon due to the fact that they operate the same connection type, nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect this to be perfect at all situations, therefore you are urged to always check your mobile device’s ID number with the carrier you would prefer to opt in for.






Conclusion on How to Unlock Phone From Sprint

Actually, amongst all the network carriers present in the market, Sprint happens to be the most difficult and strict as regards unlocking phones for other network usages, therefore, in order to save yourself a whole lot of strength, ensure you meet up with their demands so you can be free. so that is all you need to know about How To Unlock Phone From Sprint, if you have any question or observation, you may drop them via the comment section.

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