Black Screen of Death iPhone 2020- Are you wondering why your iPhone screen is blank? That’s because your iPhone is experiencing the Black Screen of Death which. This occurs when your iPhone screen goes blank. The black screen bug plaguing iPhone seems to be a common problem presently. This is a big concern for many iPhone users because they are unable to access or operate their mobile device. This issue begins after the updated iPhone to iOS 12, or sometimes it gets hung up on black screen after an iOS firmware update. Thus, we’ll be looking at a possible quick fix to Black Screen of Death iPhone 2020. Before that, here are the common questions asked online;

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Black Screen Of Death iPhone 7
Black Screen Of Death iPhone 7

There could be such a large number of reasons that prompt the Black Screen of Death iPhone, which mainly is when the screen abruptly goes dark. A substantial reason that may have caused it could be ascribed to hardware damage because of an improper screen replacement, bad screens, dropping the gadget, or water harm. The issue could likewise be attributed to programming issues which can be brought about by firmware modifications which have its requirements, framework crash, and jailbreaking, etc.

  1. Hardware Damage

A conceivable reason for the Black Screen of Death issue on iPhone device is a hardware flaw or damage, which can be expected to incidentally drop the gadget or getting it absorbed water for quite a while.

Such occasions may have harmed the equipment segments of your iPhone, which has prompted the dark screen and being unfit to turn on your cell phone by any stretch of the imagination.

  1. Failed Software Update

There is some possible cause of your iPhone going blank other than dropping your iPhone on the ground or get it wet by water or sweat, at that point almost certainly become a software issue.

Peradventure you completed an ongoing update on your iPhone device however it was unable to finish, such occasion could have got the Phone’s software to be ruined, prompting the black screen issue you’re currently experiencing.

Quick Fix for Black Screen of death iPhone

Black Screen Of Death iPhone X
Black Screen Of Death iPhone X

The black screen issue is alarming, singularly unable to use the device even though it is on; however, you can try fixing it through the regular solutions that people generally perform on their iPhone gadgets. Choose any of the answers below, follow them through and check whether the dark screen issue has been fixed from your phone or not. Some of the quick fixes include:

  1. Perform a Hard Reset on your iPhone.

Performing a hard reset on your iPhone device can help reset the internal system to lay off all its ongoing processing (including those that causes your phone to experience the black screen issues) and re-initiate them correctly.

For this to be done, you need to perform a long press on both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button as well and hold for several seconds until the Apple logo appears and the reboot takes place correctly.

  1. Restore Factory Settings using iTunes

You can also initiate this step if the force restart didn’t work, then there is a need to restore the factory settings of your iPhone device.

Note: this should be the last option you attempt because initiating this approach will erase all your phone’s current data. It is highly recommended that you back up your data on an external storage device before proceeding to initiate this procedure.

  1. Open your computer and check if iTunes is already installed on it (if not yet installed, download the iTunes app and install it first).
  2. Launch the iTunes after installation and make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer. And make sure that the program will detect it through finding the iPhone icon appearing on the menu row on the upper left corner.
  3. Click on the iPhone icon to view your phone’s settings and details.
  4. Find the “Restore iPhone” from the Summary Panel, button and click it. An email will be sent to you that will remind you before proceeding. Click on the “Restore” button only if you’re ready for the restoration process of your phone’s factory default settings.
  5. Then you wait for the iTunes to finish the factory settings restore.
  6. Upon completion of step 5 above, your phone will auto-reboot with the new settings applied to it by iTunes.
  7. Once your phone has turned on successfully, proceed in restoring the backup file you’ve backed up before the factory settings restore procedure.
  8. Force Reboot your iPhone

This is another procedure to fix the Black Screen of Death iPhone. The forced restart is also a necessary action to take. This action is made through a simulated battery removal procedure that if done correctly, would revive your device’s memory as well as load again. To do this, follow the step below:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Click and ensure you hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears and then release it.

The moment that the Apple logo appears on the screen, it indicates that the problem is fixed.

  1. Plug into Charge and Force Restart the Phone while Charging

Once in a while device refuses to power on when there is not enough power because of specific bugs influencing the charging and power control framework on your iPhone. So the reason behind this bug is keeping your gadget from completing its regular activities from charging to booting. A conceivable solution you can try for this situation is a power restart while your device is associated with the charger. Ensure your gadget has effectively amassed enough battery energy to control. At that point, pursue the past strides to drive your iPhone to restart while it’s associated with the power source. Check whether that works.

To tackle this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Plug in the wired charger to a working wall outlet.

Step 2: Using the original lightning cable, connect your iPhone to its charger.

Step 3: Regardless of whether your iPhone shows the charging sign or not, leave it connected to the charger for at least 10 minutes.

Step 4: After which, quickly press and release the Volume Up button.

Step 5: Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.

Step 6: Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears and then release it.

Black Screen of Death iPhone 2020

  1. Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death without Data Loss

When your iPhone refuses to come up (turn on) and the screen goes blank, it is likely due to an iOS system malfunction. It is best to use a professional system recovery utility (check the internet to download a reliable system recovery utility) to repair the operating system without restoring and no data loss.

Other Hints on Quick Fix to Black Screen of Death iPhone 2020

In case that the above steps still did not fix your iPhone device, you can try the options below

  1. If you decide to launch or open an application such as Mail, Safari, or any other built-in apps and the black screen occurs then you should navigate to Settings > tap the app > clear the app’s cache and data. Once this process is performed, it will help get rid of junks or corrupted files.
  1. In case you are unsure which app is causing your iPhone to become unresponsive or display a blank or black screen, then you can try the reset all settings. The process will cause your iPhone to reset factory defaults without deleting data.

To do so, go to your iPhone Settings-> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. This ensures that all your settings and preferences to be reset. This means a need for you to re-enter them after the process.

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Conclusion on Quick fix to the black screen of Death iPhone 2020 [Updated Guide]

No matter the problem your iPhone device may encounter, including the Black Screen of Death iPhone, it can be fixed. Now I believe you now have several ideas at your disposal on how to fix the Black Screen of Death iPhone 2020. These steps are meant to guide you; your phone is fully restored. All you need do is to follow each guided step by step. Peradventure, none of these guides, work for you, then you can seek professional help.

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