Hof Free Coins was made possible by a genius popularly known as Playtika. Hof is the latest and trending mobile app, mobile casino app to be precise. What is Hof and what is it all about, Hof is a game played with coins, and it’s an exciting game. It has to do with coins, and most people like to play it because they find it fascinating and fun, even though not everyone loves to play the game because they find it challenging to earn the coins but those that play it knows what it entails. Meanwhile, there is a new initiated method to playing this game; the process brings about the Hof Free Coins that is you get free thousands of coins with no limit and hindrance. Before we go, here are the few things we shall be taking a look at in this write-up;

  • House Of Fun Coins
  • House Of Fun Cheats
  • House Of Fun Coins Hack
  • Hof Free Coins And Spins
  • Hof Free Coins No Survey


  • Hof and why is it chosen as a topic?

If you are not familiar with Hof and what it means, you wouldn’t know it has a lot of meaning than what it spells, the three letter word Hof is just an abbreviation or let me say an acronym of House of Fun. In summary of this, HOF means House of Fun

House of fun (Hof) is a game, and it is an application, the application is termed casino app the application can be collected on smartphones, Hof game is also referred to as slot games or Vegas slots. The game is played all over the world especially played in the United States through mobile; it is a memorable game. This fantastic game is made available for free on iOS, Windows, Android, and smartphones powered by Amazon; it includes Tablets. Hof is an online casino game also known as slot games; in fact, is one of the best online game you can go for without regretting. Recently, the performance and interface of this Hof game was improved since bugs are no longer found on the app, due to this, it has a right stand now; the casino app game can eventually welcome back the stars on the House of fun (HOF) casino to challenge any real online money Casino across the world. Hof game experience is an unbeatable one among others as it stands as the latest update and new development on the platform, Hof game has taken the casino platform to a top level of the following casino games: the Fish Casino, Millionaire Casino, Jackpot Party Casino, and lots more top Casino games.


  • Hof Legends free coins

The Hof Legends is a Hof collectible character available for a short period. A Hof legend is located when you enter Hof legends on the widget at the left corner of the screen and click. It is only used to check the period and the progress made so far during playing the game. There happen to be eight Legends to get, that tends to be rewarded along the way.

How to win prizes while playing legend

To win prices on legends while playing legends depends on the rank of the legend. There are three different rewards for each rank when playing legends. The rewards are as follows:

  • The Rank up Rewards: To get a Legend Rank up, you will be rewarded with a coin.
  • Rank 5 Reward: To get to the Rank 5 Legend, you will be rewarded with bigger coins.
  • Grand Reward: if you get to Rank 5 level on all legend, you will be rewarded with a grand reward.


  • Meaning of Chests in Hof.

For a player to rank up in his or her legends, he or she needs chests. Chests are the items that aid the storage of medals of players; it also helps plays to rank up their legends.  There are four types of the chest in Hof casino, the types of the chest can be found when there is an overflow of medals in the Rank 5 level in any legend. They, therefore, referred to as Extra Bonus Chest when there is an overflow of medals, but when the medals are filled to the brim, there is a diamond chest already waiting, and as soon as it gets to the brim, the diamond chest will be opened. This simply means you have won a Diamond Chest.  To check out for the open chest, you have to locate the red badge number next to the chests on the Legends main interface.C hests can be gotten in various ways; some of the ways to get chest are listed below:

  • Chests can be obtained at the spinning level in any game
  • Chests can also be obtained on a certain level up
  • Chests can be obtained by purchasing coin packs
  • Chests can be obtained when a free chest pops up twice a day.


  • What are Medals?

From the above statement, we see that you can only get a diamond chest when your medal is filled to the brim. Medals are found inside chests, they are randomly distributed in chests, and there is an epic medal through the Diamond chests, meaning you can get an epic medal when you obtain the Diamond chests. The medal in this game has a symbol on it for each corresponding Legend. The types of medals include; Common, Epic, and Rare.

Common medal are those medals that are classified as Redbeard, Gene, and King Trident, and epic medals are as follows: Puss, Misty, Cleo and Zeus, and Leo are termed as rare medals.

  • Rank Up

Ranking up simply means the upgrade of a legend, upgrading from the lowest rank to the highest rank which is the Rank 5. Titles can also be ranked up when you obtain medal or when there is a storage of coins discovered in the chests.

  • Hof free coins and the Hof free spins

Hof free coin is a term used by Hof, the House of Fun when there is space for promo and when they are giving out offers to new players on their board. Free coins can also mean free spins. For example, 100 free coins are equivalent to 50 free spins. The coins or spins depending on the grand slots the player will choose from the available slots at the Casino Slot house. All these are done because there is a maximum and minimum bets fixed to a specific number of coins.


The steps to get the Hof Free Coin are as follows:

  • Before you can start anything on this app, or before you even get access to it and enjoy all the fun attached to it, you have to download the app, and to your surprise, there is a free app. The key to unlock this game we have been writing about since is to get the application. You download the app from and then click ok.
  • After getting the app, you will get an instant 1000 free coins
  • These free spins will enable you to play the well known Vegas Casino game termed as the slot 3 “Tigers.”
  • This free app only works for new users, which implies you can only download it just ones.
  • Another means to get the Hof Free coins is through facebook bonus, also known as facebook cheat. These other means is another chance to get your Hof free coins. You can get this done by just clicking on the facebook icon discovered in the lobby, and when you connect it with your account you will get an instant 1000 hof free coins and also get free spins to increase your level, and as you level more, you will put in for millions of coins. This method is safe compared to another casino app. It’s safe because it will only access your public Facebook profile and will never anything you didn’t post on your profile.
  • Rewards points

Playtika, the brain behind this has a reward for the players, as it always happens in other play tika slot app such as Slotomania. The reward program of playtime is another ticket to unlocking the Hof Free Coins; the application goes thus:

  • You will need to play the Vegas slot game or Hof game, and as you level up, you will get free coins, this will make you a member of playtime.
  • As the level increase, there will be a way to more games; then there is a reward system of playtime, this reward system of freedom will then offer you a juicier perk that ranges from free coins daily to higher multiplier points. As you go higher, you will get free spins.





Conclusion On Hof Free Coins

The Hof Free Coins game can be summarized like this: the higher you go in level, the higher you will get free spins, meanwhile following the steps above either to download a free app or to get facebook bonus or you get the playtime reward, you will unlock the free coins and you will definitely get thousands of Hof Free Coins. The game is straightforward to play, and besides, it’s exciting. If you happen to be a lover of slot games and you want to go for an online casino game, then you have to go for Hof Free Coins. Good luck.

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