Current Best 20 Technical School in Ghana (Updated)

Ghana is one of the West Africa Countries which houses some of the prestigious High Schools. The state is considered to be among the African countries having an accessible and quality educational system; likewise, the country envisions being the leading African nation in term of education. Ghana is also an industrious nation where there are different industries including manufacturing and production company, and this fosters the country to create, develop and improve their technical schools.

List of the best Technical schools in Ghana

In an industrious country which happens to have constant growth in the educational system, Ghana receives quite a lot of admission letters each year, following the increase in admission letters received by Ghana Higher institutions consequently brings about the expansion of the schools in Ghana as well as the rise of new schools.

According to Wikipidea Known for its industrial minerals, Ghana is the world’s 7th largest producer of gold, producing 130 metric tons in 2019, and is now the largest producer in Africa ahead of South Africa. Ghana has the 9th largest reserves and the 9th largest production rate of diamonds in the world. Industrial minerals and exports from South Ghana include gold, silver, timber, diamonds, bauxite, and manganese.

South Ghana also has mineral deposits of barite, basalt, clay, dolomite, feldspar, granite, gravel, gypsum, iron ore, kaolin, laterite, limestone, magnesite, marble, mica, phosphates, phosphorus, rocks, salts, sand, sandstone, silver, slate, talc, and uranium that are yet to be fully exploited.The Government of Ghana has drawn up plans to nationalize Ghana’s entire mining industry to increase government revenues.

Following recent times, the numbers of available technical schools ranging from the private up to the public professional schools are numerous up to the extent that it becomes irresistible in choosing one. Nevertheless, this article gives more light on the best technical schools in Ghana.


Technical schools are known to combine specific-career training or programmes with general academic curricula. In a short while, we’ll discuss the Best Technical Schools in Ghana but before then, below is a highlight of the Top Ten Best Technical Schools in Ghana.

  1. Koforidua Senior High Technical School
  2. Joseph’s Technical School- Saboba
  3. Don Bosco Technical Institute-Odumase
  4. Brakwa Senior/Technical School
  5. Cape Coast Technical Institute
  6. Kumasi Technical Institute
  7. Asuansi Technical Institute
  8. Royal Technical College
  9. Keta Senior High Technical School
  10. Boso Senior High Technical School

These technical schools have been are known for their optimum and sterling performances as well as the quality of educational training they offer which has transformed the students who have contributed to the country’s growing economy.


  • #1. Koforidua Senior High Technical School
Koforidua Senior High Technical School
Koforidua Senior High Technical School.

First on our list is Koforidua Senior High Technical School located in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana and was founded by the former president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1967. It was originally a boy’s only school, but when the name was changed in early 2000, the school admitted girls are making just about 5% of the school’s population making it a mixed school. The school offers science related courses, technical related courses, general arts and also Visual arts to enhance talented students in technical courses and also accommodate every student aspiring to enroll in the school. It accommodates over 2000 students. The school is known to produce some of the best-graded students in WASSCE in Ghana till date.

  • #2. St. Joseph’s Technical School- Saboba
St. Joseph Technical School- Saboba.
St. Joseph Technical School- Saboba.

Next on our list is the St. Joseph’s Technical School- Saboba. It was founded in 1967 by the SVD Missionaries but was taken over by the Ghanaian government n 1984. It is a school well where her students are recognized for their academic prowess especially scoring high in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) currently known as West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The school was established with the vision of producing capable and competent technical students with required skills and knowledge to contribute their quota to Ghana’s economy. The school offers courses such as General Science, Agriculture, Visual Arts, and General Arts among others.

  • #3. Don Bosco Technical Institute
Don Bosco Technical Institute.
Don Bosco Technical Institute.

Third on our list is the Don Bosco Technical Institute is located in Odumase in Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo. This school is a mixed school combining boys and Girls and also a combination of Boarding and Day setting. It is established and assisted by the government with the vision to train the students with the required knowledge and skill in the field of Agriculture, Printing Press, Electrical, Creative Art, Computer Technology, and Building Constructions among others. The school is also one of the best technical school in Brong-Ahafo and has been consistently outstanding result in WASSCE as well as brilliant technical students that are absorbed into the nation’s labor market

  • #4. Brakwa Senior/Technical School

Brakwa Senior/Technical School is one of the brightest technical school in Ghana that is outstanding in training and producing brilliant and promising technicians in various technological and Art fields. Barakwa was established in 2011and has risen to be among the Best Technical Schools in Ghana due to rapid development and has grown geometrically. It is also known to have an excellent record in WASSCE examination. The school offer courses such as Technical drawing, Woodworks, Metalwork, Building construction, Applied Electricity, Auto mechanics, etc. and has all the facilities needed to train students offering this course.

  • #5. Cape Coast Technical Institute

Cape Coast Technical Institute is among the Best Technical Schools in Ghana. The School was established primarily as an Architectural School in 1955 by late Joseph Kadesh Abraham; the name was changed to Cape Coast Polytechnic but, the Ghanaian government in 1976 changing its name to what it is currently, and it became a technical school which is among the best in the country. The school is known to be one of the best performing Technical Schools in Ghana having been considered as the ‘most resourced’ technical school in the whole of Ghana’s Central Region. More so, the school has taken part in several competitions which it emerged winner in most of it.


  • #6. Kumasi Technical Institute

This list will not be complete without mentioning Kumasi Technical Institute; founded in 1976 by Ghanaian government in partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency. The school has strived till date among the Best Technical Schools in Ghana. The institute has two major departments: the department of mechanical and the Department of Building. In the mechanical department, students are taught Auto body repairs, refrigeration, Air conditioning, motor vehicle mechanics among others while in the Building department; students are taught plumbing, welding and fabrication, block laying and concreting, etc. the institute is more of a practical school than theoretical going by the motto “training for industry”.

  • #7. Asuansi Technical Institute

The long age technical institute was established in 1917 during the colonial era primarily as a Rural School with the aim of teaching students how to read and write as well as solving mathematics. It was changed in 1922 into a Trade school with the aim of improving vocational education in agriculture, carpentry, Masonry and metal work. In 1963, the institution’s name was changed which is the current name and also the courses offered were modernized having the following: Agriculture, Home Economics, General Arts, Visual Arts, Business and General Science among others. Asuansi technical institute is among the top 45 Technical School that produces the best hands that are absorbed into the Ghanaian labor market and help improve the country’s economy. In addition to their Curricular courses, the technical institute also offers other training such as traditional apprenticeship, master craftsman, etc.

  • #8. Royal Technical College

Royal Technical College (ROTECO) was jointly established in 1969 by Rev. E.K. Quartey and Rev. Okpoti. It was formerly called Royal Technical and Engineering Works. Ownership of the school was taken over by late Mr. John Amankwah Kesse and Mr. Samuel Teye Abayateye in 1985. The school is a private technical school that strives to provide a grass root first class and efficient training for students in Ghana to qualify them to be Technicians and Engineers in the future with sound practical training and mechanical attachments.


  • #9. Keta Senior High Technical School

As we gradually wrap up the list, Keta Senior High Technical School (KETSACO) formerly Keta Secondary School comes up at the ninth spot. KETSACO is a mixed (male and female) Public Senior High School located at Dzelukope, a town in the Keta Municipal District of the Volta Region, Ghana. KETSACO was established in a private house by a native of Dzelukope Mr. Kudzawu in 1953 with just 22 students (16 boys and six girls). The school has since grown to be one of the finest and biggest technical school in Ghana, with over 2000 students. The school offer courses such as General Science, Business, General Arts, Home Economics, Technical, Visual Arts and Agricultural Science.

  • #10. Boso Senior High Technical School

Last on our list is Boso Senior High Technical School situated at Boso in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region. The school operates both Day and Boarding systems. Boso Senior High Technical School was established as a Private Secondary School in the house of The Late Opanyin Afunyah Kwao in 1969. In 1978, the school became a public school after been absorbed into the federal system among the Experimental Junior Secondary Schools established in the country. The Junior Secondary school was upgraded in 1982 by the Ghana Education Service and finally became a Secondary Technical on in 1986. The school has since grown and developed to its present status as Boso Senior High Technical School.

Conclusion on the Top 10 Best Technical in Ghana According to WAEC

No wonder Ghana is regarded as a third world country and a fast-growing industrial nation. Those are the Top Ten Best Technical Schools in Ghana that offers quality technical training. These schools are well equipped with modern facilities for teaching students and providing them with the best technical skills and knowledge required to be an entrepreneur or be employed by a government or private organization. Before enrolling into any professional school, be sure to make findings on whether the school is officially accredited by the government.

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