African as a continent has been thriving in all sector and education is not excluded. For it has been conceived by though erroneously by the so-called developed world that due to how set back infrastructural, political and the technological, hence, there is nothing positive that can’t come out of the continent.


This analysis will shed more light to the height Africa has reached in terms of education, and also how this institution has contributed, they’re a meaningful quota to the reawakening of the continent. Among them are, the University of Cape Town, American University in Cairo, to mention but a few There is need to laud the effort of the institution who are in in the quest of transforming the nation by training and reshaping those that pass through them for the betterment of the society at large.  The distinct institution per excellent in this objective will be the focal point in this analysis. Hence I will be limiting the scope to the best ten institutions that have stood out in this pursuit.


  • University of Cape Town, South Africa
University of Cape Town, South Africa
University of Cape Town, South Africa

The University of Cape Town was the oldest university in South Africa. Having been sighted on the devil’s peak in the city of Cape Town, it’s one of the educational institutions that is making headway in Africa. Like a mustard seed, it’s started as a boy’s high school before it metamorphosis to a more prominent institution with over 25000 students, and academic staffs are ranging 1000 in number. Its popularity is second to none, as its international students cover about 20% of the total population of its students.

In its quest to be at the forefront of education institutions in South Africa and the African at large, UCT intensifies its commitment to new ideas researches issuance of international scholarship to a distinct student. With the aim of wielding the essential control of the natural and social world of academics. And also it aims at producing graduate whose degree is internationally relevant and certified.

  • American University in Cairo, Egypt
American University in Cairo, Egypt
American University in Cairo, Egypt

As a contributor to the cultural, intellectual sphere of Egypt as a nation, The American University in Cairo was established in 1919. It has gain ground to the extent that it enrolled more than 1600 student per year in a non-credit course that is offered in its continuing education center. The school alumni are closed to 35000, about 6500 students are admitted every academic year, it offers over 30 undergraduate studies, and also the master, and doctoral programs are not left out.

The school has two operational campuses. The main campus is in the outskirt of Cairo while the historical still maintain its location in the heart of Cairo. The institution famous for how it intensifies its researches on new idea grounded in arts (liberal), while the student in the undergraduate level has their standard curricula course in social sciences, natural science, and humanities. the institution is notable for their strong commitment in excellence, extensive learning, uprightness in educational degrees are accredited in the USA by the middle commission on higher education, while the quality assurance assessment   of education endorse it in homeland Egypt

  • Al Akhawayn University Ifrane, Morocco.
Al Akhawayn University Ifrane, Morocco
Al Akhawayn University Ifrane, Morocco

The enticing feature of Al Akhawayn University is that it wasn’t profit driven through an independent entity. The institution is situated in Ifrane, very close to Fez in Morocco. Its aim is orientating and educating the tomorrow leaders of the nation. And it makes use of an American based curriculum system. Its effort has been evident many graduates a living testimony of the quest, as a lot of them has had a successful career. Based on its credibility, international students are not left out in the question for knowledge. There is over 1000 project that is still under research. It also boasts of equipment that is readily available for any form of investigations, like the place where business strategy and idea can be conceived, polished and bone into existence.


  • Makerere University- Kampala, Uganda

Even though Makerere University got its autonomy in 1970, before that time, it has been in life from 1922. This qualifies him to be the oldest and at that same time the largest university in Uganda. The focal point of its researches is in tandem with the country’s aim and was striving to support those policies many related courses from the arts and humanities to natural sciences, while social sciences are not left out. With over 40000 students, in their three main campuses. And they can also boast of international students which cover about 5% of its total population. The institution was in partnership with Northwestern University of Feinberg School of medicine to improve on its medical field and boost their performances. Undergraduate courses offered are about 148, while postgraduate courses are like 140, and also they offer Masters and Ph.D. level.

  • University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, Ghana

Before gaining its autonomy as an independent institution in 1961, the University of Ghana was in affiliation with the University of London.  As a leading institution in Ghana, it’s an effort in researches cannot be overemphasized, for its researches center are visible around the nation, among them are Center for Tropical Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Institute for Environmental and Sanitation Studies. To mention but a few.


Being in the forefront of advance learning in Ghana, it’s aimed towards building the next generation of leaders who will be grounded in thought and ideas in other to sail the ship of Ghana’s development to a safe harbor.

  • University of Ibadan- Ibadan, Nigeria

UI as its popularly called was founded in 1948, before the country’s independence from there colonial masters. Being the first institution in Nigeria, it has never lost the focus if taking charge, no wonder it acknowledged among the leading institution in the country. Their contribution to agitation in sociopolitical issues has been evidence in time till date. UI struggle in using education as a key to the development of Nigeria as a nation is second to none. Its product is making headway in discoveries in the world of science, arts and humanities, science and technology, political invention, to mention but a few. Up till today, UI remains an institution to beat in Nigeria.

  • University of Botswana- Gaborone, Botswana

As the first higher institution in Botswana, The University of Botswana was founded in 1982, has three main campuses namely Maun campus, Francistown campus, and Gaborone campus. With the interest of developing the nation in mind, the university is focused on improving the quality of human resources for better Botswana. And this is evident in the stratification of its six faculties; engineering, humanities, science, social sciences, business, and education. Also serves as an Alma mater to about 19000 students, where over 15000 were undergraduates and close to 4000 were a postgraduate student and the sum of their teaching staff are 890. When discussion about the vast library in Africa surfaces, one can’t but reckon with the university’s main library. It’s five stories tall. Having about 460000 books in its shelve, about 123000 journals and it’s also equipped with Internet work station.

  • University of Dar es Salaam- Dar es, Salaam, Tanzania

Chronologically, the institution was a conglomeration of the Makerere University of Uganda, University of Nairobi, Kenya and University of Dar es Salaam itself. Which later split in 1970 after the independent of Tanzania. Before that time, it has been in affiliation with the University of London since it was founded in 1961. And it was also in association with the University of East Africa in 1963; it later became an independent and autonomous institution in 1970. The institution has ten faculties; it enrolls students for bachelor’s programs, Masters programs, and doctoral programs. Its equipped library has a collection of many volumes and various periodic titles and several journals.

  • Addis Ababa University- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

As the most significant and oldest institute of higher learning in Ethiopia, University College of Addis Ababa was founded in 1950. Though the name later refrained as Addis Ababa University (AAU). Ever since it’s the establishment, it has never relented in taking the leading position in researches and imparting knowledge. Having just 33 pioneer students in 1950, the institution has expanded to extend of enrolling 48673 students, including the undergraduates, masters and Ph.D. students. In other to cope with the evolving educational structure of the world, the institution is investing its resources into researches. It can boast of 6resarch institute, two teaching hospital and some other accomplishments are being attained in the course of their studies.

Conclusion On List Of Top Ten Universities in Africa

To wrap it up, this list has just justified the fact Africa as a continent has not relented in development. From the north African institution where the civilization started to the heart of western and the eastern part which later joins the struggle has contributed there quota which is visible in the new development that African states are now attaining. And if it didn’t relent in researches and expenditure towards the acquisition of knowledge, a notable university in Africa like the University of Ibadan, University of Ghana, Al Akhawayn  University, University of Botswana and the likes will later be the bedrock was the world full back as regards invention.

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