The Most Dangerous Man in the World– In 1969, fanatic Charles Manson was accused of being the intellectual mentor of a series of murders that shocked the United States – including actress Sharon Tate, wife of filmmaker Roman Polanski and eight months pregnant. Leader of the Manson Family, a quasi-hippie community that preached libertarian ideals with strong religious connotations and drug use, he was considered “the incarnation of Jesus Christ” by his disciples. A man obsessed with the Beatles, who he thought “prophets who came to earth to warn the world about a revolution,” Manson believed that the British band communicated with him through his lyrics, especially the songs from the classic White Album(1968). From the arrest, days before the start of his trial and already elected by the American public as “the most dangerous man to walk the Earth,” Manson offered to RS USA one of the most controversial interviews ever published in the history of the magazine.


Moving slowly through the municipal geometry of public buildings and police officers, a man comes toward us looking directly at the sun, arms outstretched in supplication as the Indian Sierra. Thirty yards away, his eyes shine. All two-dimensional boundaries are gone. We are outside the new Los Angeles County Prison building, all in concrete. A strange place to have such a trip.

“You’re from Rolling Stone, ” he says.

“How do you know?”

There is no answer. We are taken to the steps of the main entrance of the prison. Our guide takes a whirl and again fixes his gaze on the sun.

“Spirals,” he says in a whisper. “Spirals were coming out … Circles are coming out of the spiral-shaped sun.” His fingers weave patterns in the sky — a small sundance.

“A hole in the fourth dimension,” we suggest.

He responds quickly: “A hole in all dimensions.”

His name is Clem, and he is an old member of the so-called Manson family. Inside, we see another member of the family, Squeaky, a friendly girl with short red hair and freckles. His eyes are also luminous – not hallucinating, but permanently innocent. They look like the children in the movie The City of the Damned.

Let’s go to the lawyer’s room window and fill out some papers. Two guards watch us from a glass cabin above. To our surprise, we are not searched. “Walk in the direction of the entrance,” says a voice without a body. “Stay away from the gate.”

A minute later, the gate slides back, and a lawyer shows us a small glass cubicle with a table and three folding chairs. Everything was painted in brilliant institutional gray paint, gleaming under bundles of fluorescent light. While we waited, a lawyer who had seen Charles Manson in preparation for his self-defense spoke about the conditions of the prison.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

“Charlie has been deprived of almost all of his constitutional rights. After he interviewed a San Francisco radio, they cut off his phone privileges. Now Charlie can only make three calls a day, but sometimes he has to wait an hour and a half until you get a phone. There are four telephones for more than one hundred people. “[The term proper, from the Roman legal vocabulary, designates the inmate who has been granted permission to self-defend. The right was initially awarded to Manson, but was later revoked].

The lawyer continues, “Then when he gets a phone, he can not dial the wrong number because they already count as a call, they even pick him up after the calls, it’s absurd. “They let him use the legal library – it’s totally inappropriate, of course – but only an hour at a time and they always make up some excuse to upset him.”

“The confession of Susan Atkins [disciple of Charles Manson and accomplice in the murders] is a perfect example,” he continues. “The prosecutor is actively involved in spreading all the updates in the process to a journalist, who sells the story to the world. It’s unbelievable when you stop and think. If the thesis process is fair, how can they join the press and I’ve never heard of public relations of this kind in a murder trial. If I start talking, we’re going to go away. Messages between Charlie and Susan Atkins are mysteriously misplaced. Privileges are mysteriously suspended, and there they discover that the orders for them have also been misplaced. This kind of manipulation inevitably leads us to question what is going on here. When he was enrolled in Inyo County, he was registered as ‘Charles Manson, also known as Jesus Christ.’ The sheriffs of the county were pacing back and forth, asking, ‘Where is Jesus Christ? We want to nail him to the cross. ‘”

Almost an hour later, he arrives. The guards salute him in a natural and friendly way:

  • “Hello, Charlie, how’s it going?”

“Come on, man, I’ll be fine,” he says, smiling. [Manson wears jail clothes, blue jeans, jacket, and pants. His hair is too big and armed, and he pulls it away from his face all the time, in nervous gestures. It looks different, older, and weirder than in the pictures released in the press. His beard has been shaved recently and is growing back, black and sparse. He has a long face and a resolute chin, wrinkled and chastened by the weather, like the faces of crazy country people we see in old photographs. A Franco-American Christ. It moves in small bumps like the coyotes.]

“I can not shake your hand,” he explains, jumping back. “It’s against the rules.” [He stretches casually in his chair. It’s unpredictable. He caresses his chin, like a wizard trapped under a stone for a thousand years. The Elf King. We asked about the record he released that year, Lie: The Love & Terror Cult, recorded before the crimes and partly funded by Dennis Wilson, former Beach Boys drummer, of whom Manson was a personal friend.]

  • Are you really happy with your record?

All good music was stolen. Everything that circulates around today was created for at least two years. I’ve written hundreds of songs ever since. I’ve written a lot in jail. I’ve never been much of a fan of recording, you know. Those things all pointing at you. Gregg [Jakobson, producer, and composer connected to the Beach Boys] said, “Appears here in the studio, let’s record something,” and then I went. You go to the studio, but when you get there, it’s hard to sing in a microphone. [He grabs his pen firmly, like a microphone.] Giant phallic symbols are pointing at you. All my latent tendencies … [He starts laughing and making sucking sounds with his mouth. When I see it, it’s literally sucking the pen!] My relationship with music is totally subliminal; it just flows through me.

“Ego Is A Too Much Thing” is a strange song. What do you mean by ego?

Ego is the man; it is the image of the male. [Her expression tightens, her eyes moving quickly, menacing. He clenches his fist and punches the table. It enters completely in the paper, in great action – the veins leaping from the neck, showing how hard it is to be bad.] The ego is the phallic symbol, the helmet, the weapon. The man behind the gun, the mind behind the man behind the gun. My philosophy is that the ego is the thinking mind. The mind with which you plan makes war. They pushed all the love into the background, hid it. The idea of ​​the ego is “I go to war with my club of the ego.” [He wags an imaginary rifle until it positions him in his crotch. An M-16 shaped chick.]

One of the verses from “Ego Is A Too Much Thing” says: “Your heart is a-pumping ‘, your paranoid’s a-jump in'” (Your heart bomb, your paranoia explodes).

Yeah, well … paranoia is just a kind of consciousness, and consciousness is just a form of love. Paranoia is the other side of love. Once you surrender to paranoia, it ceases to exist. That’s why I say that submission is a gift – just open up to it, do not resist. It’s like saying, “Hold me to the cross!” [He says it calmly, pulling hair out of his face in an angelic motion.] Okay, you want me to hold the nail? Everything is beautiful if you set out to experience it in its entirety.

Who Is Charles Manson the The Most Dangerous Man in the World?

  • How does paranoia become consciousness?

It’s paranoia … and it’s paranoia … and it’s paranoia … Ah! [He stages terror and total paranoia, kneading his body in a ball of fear that suddenly cracks and collapses again into ecstasy.] It was like when I stepped into the courtroom. Everyone in the room wanted to kill me. I saw hate in their eyes, and I knew they wanted to kill me.

I asked the sheriffs, ‘Is anyone going to shoot me?’ That’s why, to me, it’s like I’m already dead. I know my time is coming. Whoever puts these ideas in their heads is the cops. They do not go in there with that. They whisper, at a time when I can also hear, “Sharon Tate’s father is in court.” And then they go to him; they check him wholly to see if he is armed, and in doing so they are putting the idea in his head. He has a nice face. I saw him on the first day of the trial. He does not want to kill me. They’re putting that in his head, you know? They say things like, ‘We do not want you to shoot the defendant.’ And every day that I see him in court, his expression is more closed. One day he’ll shoot. It’s the guards who put all this in his head, fueling it with many negative vibrations. I know my time is coming. Their things are pointed at me, and they are crazy to use them. But it turns out they can not use them, and that makes them very fucking. They can not fuck with them; they suffer from sexual paranoia.

They’ve been following me for three years, trying to find something, and wherever I go, there’s always about 30 women. That makes them crazy. They can not understand what this bunch of women do to a guy like me.

They try to find something dirty in everything, and whoever seeks finds it. You end up having to come up with some facial expression for them, and that’s the only face they’re going to understand from that point forward.

The solution is to accept the cross. I accepted. I can ride on the cross, in my mind. Oh, ooooh, aaaah! [The orgastic crucifixion! He gives a long sigh of comfort.]

[Charlie’s speech is superlative – symbols, parables, gestures, no literality, everything is enigmatic, there is no rest, brief pauses to deny an idea, accept it in your mind and then explore the paradox.]

Have you seen a coyote in the desert? [He nods slyly, back and forth.] Always watching, on, fully conscious. Christ on the cross, which is the coyote in the desert – it’s the same, man. The coyote is beautiful. He moves about the desert gently, aware of everything, watching what is around him. He hears every sound, feels every smell, sees everything that moves. It is always in a state of total paranoia, and total paranoia is total consciousness.

We can learn from the coyote in the same way we learn from a child. Babies come into the world in a state of fear. Paranoia and total consciousness, of those who see the world with eyes still virgin. As they grow up, parents throw a lot of shit in them. They talk to the babies when they should let the babies talk to them. Let the children guide you.

The journey of death is something they take from their parents, Mom, and Dad. They do not have to die. We can live forever. It’s all instilled in our head. They are programmed with repressed love. Transformed into a mechanical toy. [He sings a verse from his record, waving his arms like an epileptic Tin Man.]

“I’m a mechanical boy; I’m the mama’s toy.”

Children function on a purely spontaneous level. The parents leave them locked. You are born with natural instincts, and the first thing they do is to deposit all their thoughts into you. By 9 or 10 years of age, you have become exactly what they wanted. A free spirit trapped in a cage taught to die.

Everything happened the perfect way in my life. I chose the right mother, and my father also chose me. He was too much; he entered the game very early. He did not want me to be late. [Charlie laughs discreetly at his inner joke.]

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

Children respond to music. They listen; they are not so conditioned to the point of not feeling it. Music rarely touches adults. It directly hits the young brain, which is still open. When your mind is closed, it is closed to God. I see the world like the image of God. You become more a part of Him as you surrender, become part of His body, become One.

The most beautiful thing is that it’s all there, in your head. A boy lived asking me to teach him how to play the guitar. I do not know how to teach anything. If you believe you can do it, you can.

I once asked a friend, “Tell me what the snow is.” He told me, “Well, snow is like water; it’s cold and …” He spent months trying to teach me until finally, he had the idea of ​​shaving some ice from the freezer. It was as close as much as he could get. We can not communicate with words, only with actions.

This is what Christ taught us. Words kill. They filled every living being with death. His disciples betrayed Him by writing. Once something is written, it is dead as a tombstone. His teachings were to be lived, but they wrote them. They killed him with every word written in the New Testament. Every word is a nail on the cross, another betrayal disguised as love. Every word is soaked with His blood. He said, “go and do the same,” did not say to write.

This whole shit system was built on these words, church, government, war, the whole death journey. The original sin was writing.

This is one of the facts that no one can hide: ten thousand people went up on that cross, the Roman cross, to overthrow the establishment from within. The pastor hides the ten thousand, shouting “Holy! Holy!” Speaking of a man, raising crosses in every corner. Everything is hidden under this lie. In fact, suffering is bullshit; it’s just another piece of propaganda that the church invented to make us believe in the lie.

Can you clarify what you mean by submission? If we are all one, how does one justify being a leader?

There is only one Chosen. I am the chosen one. Mine comes first. I do not care about you. I do not think what others say; I only do what my soul tells me.

People said I was a leader. Here’s the kind of leader I was: I made sure the toilets were clean, made sure the animals were fed. Were the horses injured? I treated them. Did something need repair? It was me who always did everything that nobody wanted to do. Did the cats need to eat? I fed them. When it was cold, I was always the last to get a blanket.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

Shortly afterward, if I were sitting on the porch and thinking, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it,” one of the girls would come in and say, “No, let me do it.” You have to surrender, lie down, and die for others, and then they will do everything for you. When you are willing to become a servant to others, they will want to turn you into a master.

In the end, the girls would do anything for me. I would ask one of them to make me a T-shirt, and she would be euphoric because she could do me a favor. They would work 24 hours a day if I gave them something to do. I get along with girls; they give up easily. I can make love to them. The man has this ego thing [Charlie stiffens] hanging on the dick. I do not know how to make love to it. Girls give up easier. Their defenses fall off more easily. When you overcome the ego thing, you only have left; You make love to yourself.

You can make love to a girl until she is exhausted. You can make love until she surrenders your mind, and then you can make love with love.

[Charlie begins to traverse his body from top to bottom with his hands, caressing himself like a stripper, his fingers shaking like those of a spiritual healer in a trance. They dance for your whole body.]

You reach for orgasm with any movement you make, with each step you take. The breath of love that you breathe is all you need to believe.

[Charlie makes several different positions. He writhes, stiffens, dies in ecstasy.]

Oooooh, aaaaaah, aaannnnn! His beard is soooo hot, Mmmmm! [His fingernails, more than 1 centimeter long, caress his own face and his resolute jaw, incorporating the hands of an invisible lover, making love to himself.] His beard is soooo hot, oh, how hot it is. Everything comes from father to wife.

[Suddenly, he assumes his teaching position.]

I can accept the truth because I’m a bastard, you know? Fuck, I’m my father! The Father … The Son … [In a mixture of terror and mockery, he flees from some imaginary group of accusers, pushing them, pushing the thought with his hands outstretched.] No, no, no … that it’s not me … you’ve got it all wrong! I’m not … you can not think that! I do not know what you’re talking about. All right, I’m going to get a job. [He continues to fight his ghost, Jacob against the angel, and laughs.]

See? It was Christianity that gave way. If you believe in Christendom, you do not have to believe in Christ. Get a job, and you’ll never have to think about it again.

The whole thing is armed to engage us in their game. Your glasses, for example. You use them because they said you need them. Your mother told you that. I do not know if you know, but children’s eyes range from 12 to 16 years. Then they start saying you need glasses, and you get to use them. After a while you really need them. It’s just another money-making trick. It’s like when someone is dying, and they have to call the doctor. Who needs a doctor to die for?

George – do you know George Spahn [the farmer who hosted Manson and his disciples]? He is not blind. As he sat in front of the TV, his wife came and said, “George, you’re too close to the TV! Are you having a vision problem?” And then he began to play deep inside: “If I were blind, I would not have to wake up and go to work every day. I could sit here in my armchair and let people take care of me.” Until his eyes began to get more and lazier, and one day, he went blind. But it was his soul that blinded him.

Being in jail somehow protected me from society. I was in here, so I did not get into games that society expects everyone to play. I was 22 years in jail – the most I’ve been away for six months, if a lot. I just was not contaminated; I kept my innocence.

I was so long in prison that I learned to love solitary. She was raised as punishment, but I loved her. There’s nothing to do in jail at all; they only know how to say “Stand! Sitting!”. So solitary was too much. I started to listen to music inside my head. There were shows inside my cell. When it came time to leave, I did not want to. Seriously, man, the solitary was a fuck.

What did you mean when you once said that God and Satan are the same people?

If God is One, what is Evil? Satan is just the imagination of God. Everything I’ve done for nineteen hundred and seventy years is now clear. I went into the desert to confess with God about the crime that I, you, Man was committing two thousand years ago. And that’s why I’m here: as a witness.

I avoided the cross for nineteen hundred and seventy years — one thousand nine hundred and seventy nails on the cross. I should have gone up on the cross of my own accord.

All the wars, all the deaths, all the hunger in these nineteen hundred and seventy years of blasphemy against Jesus Christ, all shame and guilt, all torture, no one can hide anymore. And unless you are willing to die for your love, you do not know love. Jesus Christ died for his sins, and for nineteen hundred and seventy years, I denied Him.

The white man must pay for the deaths of all the Indians who have been massacred by greed, and now it is time for him to die for them.

Hope? Do you long for hope? [Charlie joins his hands in a prayer.] Oh, yes, there must be some hope left, right? [He spits, in derision.] There is no hope! Create your own world yourself. Hope is the last thing you can hold on to. All hope to be saved, saved from their guilt. But they will not be saved. I will not be responsible for society.

It looks like I’m stuck here by stolen sand buggies. If it were not for this, it would have been for something else. They were hunting me; it was only a matter of time before they found something to play upon me. And they found it. First, they make the frame, then paint the picture. They invent things to hide their own guilt.

I can only tell the truth. I have locked up all my life because no one wanted me. The chain is the place where rejected people are sent. They have nowhere else to go, but as no one wants them, they are buried alive. They do not want to be here, but everything has to be on the right shelf. Everyone has to be somewhere and somewhere is the place where people who are not anybody will.

  • Do you think you are being persecuted as an individual?

I do not see myself as an individual. I can only think of my love. Every day I love my world a little more. Love makes us stronger. They can not get that out of you. If a man has given up everything, what else can you take from him?

These Christian togas that the judges wear are stained with the blood of millions of lives. The Christians profaned the cross. They used it in battle. They took Christ with them in their battles and defiled his image. You know, the cells here are full of blacks, Chicanos, people like me. People who never did anything.

Did you have a bike when you were a child? I never had. I’ve never had anything. The system is this; it is self-recurring. All the time, just go around in circles. Stop the criminals, and what will we have? This society needs criminals; they need someone to throw all the blame on.

What do you think about Judge Keene having taken away his privileges proper?

The judge is just the other side of the pastor. He took away my right to self-defense because they do not want me to talk. They want to shut me up – because they know that if I get up and go to the dock, I’m going to open that fucking thing. They do not want to hear. That’s why they called me this lawyer, Hollopeter.

He came to see me [Charlie imitates an uneasy little man in the papers], sat down and fumbled like crazy on some papers in his briefcase. So without looking in my eye. They sent me a guy who looks like a mouse. He hid behind the briefcase and his important papers.

It said, “Well, Mr. Manson, in your case, etc., etc.” And I would say, “Okay, but can you look me in the eye?” He could not.

How can a mouse represent a lion? Man, who is a man, can only speak for himself. I told Judge Keene, “Shall I say something in your name?”

Come between us, if that judge asks for my life, I’ll give it right there, in court. But first of all, he’s going to have to deal with my music, the music on my fingers and my body. [Charlie gives a demonstration. His fingernails drum an incredible riff that runs across the table, chair and glass of the cabin, like the hurried footsteps of a hallucinating rodent.]

He’s charged to deal with that power. I’m probably on the list of the most dangerous men in the world when I want to. But I have never wanted to be anything but myself. If the judge says death, I’m dead. I’ve always been dead. Death and Life.

Everything you see in me can be found in you. If you wished to see a vicious killer, that’s what you’ll see, understand? If you see me as a brother, that’s exactly what I’ll be. It all depends on how much love you have. I am you, and when you can admit it, you are free. I’m just a mirror.

See what they did to that guy at the trial of [pacifist group members] Seven of Chicago? [Judge] Hoffman saw those guys what he wanted to see. That’s why he considered them guilty. The white man is disappearing; everyone knows that. The black man will take control; no one can avoid. And they will not stop me unless they shut me up.

  • Why do you think blacks will take over?

They were the first masters of power. The Pharaohs were black. The Egyptians picked up a man and raised him above the rest. They put him on a throne and fed him with a huge bundle of energy. [He folds his arms in the chest like Tutankhamen, holding his pencil between two fingers, as if it were Pharaoh’s staff.]

This means power. It represents the penis, the power. The pyramids were built with this energy. They were one with him. All that concentration created tremendous force. Love built the pyramids. Directing that whole love to a man was like directing it to themselves.

Freemasons have this power. It is a secret that has been transmitted from the pharaohs — the secret wisdom. Jesus knew the symbols. The pastor and the judge had contact with the symbols and took them to themselves.

Judge Keene uses them all. He signals like “make him shut up.” Or when I get up to speak, he makes a signal to the chief of police, and suddenly a lot of people come in the courtroom, there’s a lot of confusion and no one hears what I say. They use all these Masonic signs to exert power over other people.

And then I decided to start using the symbols. Every time I go to court or take a picture of myself, I use a different Masonic symbol. Like the one with three or two fingers stretched out. When the judge notices, he really does, because he can not say anything. When I see them doing these signs in court, I do it back.

They know the symbols of power, but they do not have the capacity to understand them. Power without love is aggression. There has been no real love since the pharaohs. Outside JC. He understood what love was.

You will not tempt me. Remember the story of Jesus on the hill? You know, the devil takes you to the edge of the abyss [Charlie bends over the table, as if he’s on the edge of the void, balancing precariously] and says to him, “If you’re God, prove this by jumping from this cliff.” And Jesus replies, “I do not have to prove anything, man.” When you doubt, your mind is split in two. It is divided against itself. See, Christ says, “The past is behind.” The devil is in the past. The devil is the past. What he is saying is, “do not think.” The one who thinks is lost because if you have to think about something, to put it to the test, you are already lost.

My philosophy is: do not think. I do not believe in the mind we use to think and plan. I do not believe in words.

If you do not believe in words, why do you use so many of them?

Words are symbols. What I’m doing now is just confusing the symbols in your head. Everything is symbolic, and symbols are just connections in your brain. Even your body is a symbol.

  • What makes you such a fiery lover?

When you spend 20 years in jail having fun alone, a woman becomes almost something from another world. It’s like a man in the desert, who spends 20 years there and suddenly finds a glass of water. It would be very valuable, would not it?

  • How can you love and threaten a person at the same time?

Who did I threaten?

You sent a gun to Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys drummer and Manson’s former friend).

I had a bunch of bullets in my pocket; I gave him one.

So you did not send it as a threat?

That’s his paranoia. She created the idea that it was a threat. If you give me a bullet, I’ll wrap it around your neck and show everyone your love for me. The only thing I want with Dennis is making love to him.

You know, I’d say, “Look at this flower, Dennis, is not it beautiful?” And he would reply, “So, man, I have to go.” He always had to go somewhere to settle something important. But the truth is that he did not accept my love. I love him as much as I love myself. I refuse nothing and do not ask for anything. Everything flows through me.

Can you explain the meaning of Revelation, Chapter 9?

What do you think? It is the battle of Armageddon. It’s the end of the World. It was [the song] “Revolution 9” by the Beatles, which made me wake up to it. It predicts the downfall of the establishment. Hell will be opened, and then everything will come down. A third of humanity will die. The only ones who will escape will be those who have the seal of God on their foreheads. You know that passage, “They shall seek death, but shall not find it.”

How do you know these things are coming?

I’m just saying what my conscience sees. I look to the future like an Indian on a rail. I know what my senses tell me. I can just see that it’s close, and when I get there, I’ll just say, “Hey?” [He says this as a used car salesman hailing the Apocalypse on a TV screen in an empty room.]

What leads you to believe that this revolution planned in Revolution 9 will be violent? Why is it racial?

Have you heard of Muslims? Have you heard of the Black Panthers? British, do you remember cutting off the heads of Muslims in prayer, with the cross sewn into your battle suit? Can you imagine that?

Well, imagination is the same as memory. You and all the western men have killed and mutilated us, and now they have reincarnated and will give the change. The soul of the white man is entering into hibernation. They were praying, kneeling in the temple. They did not want war. And the white man came in the name of Christ and killed them all.

Could you explain the prophecies you found on the Beatles’ double album? [Charlie begins drawing lines on the back of a sheet of paper, three vertical lines and one horizontal. Below, he writes the word SUB.]

Okay. So give me the name of four songs on the album.

[We choose “Piggies,” “Helter Skelter,” “Blackbird” and he adds “Rocky Raccoon.” Charlie writes the titles at the top of each vertical line. Under “Helter Skelter” he draws a zigzag line; underneath “Blackbird,” two scribbles, which, somehow, indicate sounds of birds. Very bizarre.]

This bottom is the subconscious. At the end of each song, you will find a highlight with some notes. Type, in “Piggies” we have “oinc, oinc, oinc.” These sounds. And all of them are repeated in “Revolution 9”. In “Revolution 9,” all these pieces come together and predict the violent fall of the white man. Like, you hear “going oinc” and, a second later, a machine gun firing. [He sprays the room with imaginary bullets.] RÁ-TÁ-TÁ-TÁ-TÁ!

Do you really think that’s what the Beatles wanted to say?

I think it’s subconscious. I do not know if it was intentional or not. But it’s there. It is a subconscious association. Music is bringing revolution, the disorganized overthrow of the establishment. The Beatles know this at the subconscious level.

Explain the meaning of the expression “Rocky Raccoon” then?

“Coon,” you know, is a pejorative term to refer to blacks. You know the verse, “Gideon checked out, and he left it no doubt / To help with good Rocky’s revival.” [“When the Gideon left the room, he left the bible, no doubt / To aid in Rocky’s resurrection.”] Rocky’s resurrection, the revival-relive. It means coming back to life. The black man will regain power. “Gideon leaves the room” means that everything is written there in the New Testament, in the book of Revelation. The Bible also teaches submission. Women were put here to serve men, but only because they are ten times more receptive and perceptive than men. The servant is always wiser than the master.

You know [the song] “Cease to Exist.” I wrote this for the Beach Boys. They were fighting each other; there I made this song to unite them. “Submission is a gift, yield to your brother.” Dennis has a sincere soul, but his brothers did not accept it. He would go to Brian’s house [Wilson, leader of the Beach Boys and Dennis’s brother] and hug his brothers, but they would say, “Hey, Dennis, cut this out!” They could not accept it, understand?

What would you like to do if one day you were released?

If I had a wish, it would be free of desires. I would go to the desert. The desert is magical. I love the desert; there is my house. No one ever wanted me, and nobody wants the desert. The stone that the builders rejected remember that story?

I will live in the wilderness like a coyote. I know where each well is, each berry or edible fruit. They will come after me in the wilderness and die. The desert is the kingdom of God.

Once I walked through the desert when I had a revelation. I had walked over 70 miles, and that’s a mile to go in a desert. The sun punished me, and I was very afraid because I was not willing to accept death. My tongue began to curl, and I could barely breathe. [He begins to speak as if he were gagged as if he had a huge stone in his mouth. He falls on the table, his left hand under his head and his right arm stretched out on edge. His face stretches out in complete delirium.]

I fell in the sand. [Charles curses like an explorer in a sandstorm.] My God! I will die! I’m going to die here! [He screams a tormented cry, Peter sinking into the sea.]

I looked at the ground and saw a rock with the corner of my eye. When I saw the rock, I remember having a strange thought: “Yes, this place is as good as any to die.”

And then I started to laugh. I laughed like crazy; I was so happy. And when he snapped at me, I realized what he was doing. I had set myself free. It did not stop me. He was freed from the spell, as free as that stone.

I just stood up, as if a giant hand was helping me. I got up easily, walked 15 kilometers, and left. It was easy.

Do you think you’ll ever get out of jail one day?

I do not care. I am as much at home here as anywhere. The seats are what you want them to be. It’s all the same to me. I am not afraid of death, so what can you do against me? I do not care what they do. The only thing I care about is my love.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

Death is psychosomatic. Gas chamber? [Charlie chuckles.] My God, are you kidding me? It all comes down to verses and refrains. Everything is music. Death is eternal confinement in the solitary, and there is nothing I desire more than that.

A bell rings. A sheriff comes and tells us the time is up. The prison is closing for today. Charlie presents us with a song he composed in the jail, “Man Cross Woman,” capriciously written on yellow lined paper ripped from a legal pad. Charlie stands in the doorway of the lawyer’s room, smiling. Outside, in the distance, Clem and Squeaky nod and smile back, euphoric, at their captive brother, their fingers pressed against the glass. The delegates watch Charlie perplexed as he shakes his head from side to side like a clown. They can not see Clem and Squeaky back there, imitating every move of him, communicating with him in a silent animal language.

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