Atiku Abubakar Phone Number and Contact Address

Only a few Nigerians who are not current on what the atmosphere of the country is saying currently will be the one to tell you when asked who is Atiku Abubakar will reply with I do not know who is just mentioned.

Atiku Abubakar is one of the leading Presidential aspirants in Nigeria with his Deputy Peter Obi a former state governor, we will briefly focus on Atiku Abubakar Phone Number And Contact Address, also we will give you brief information you need to know about this political tycoon.

Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar


Currently, Nigerians and the international community are desperately searching for this aspirant phone and how you can get in touch with him, every information one will be needing to get in touch with him.

  • Phone Number:

As the condition and election environment becomes toughen and election getting more unpredictable, his direct line and campaign lines have been retracted and not meant to be disclosed to the general public so as to avoid security threat and many others, but immediately it is restored, we will keep you up to date

  • Atiku Contact address

Also, as one of the leading candidate in the coming election, it is security not wise to disclose where this former vice president stays, so his contact address is not available but immediately it is given back online, we will surely update it here.

Biography of Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar is surely one of the best statesmen in the country today, he is given one of the respected in Nigeria Grand Commander of the Oder of Niger (GCON)

This statesman is given birth on the 25ht of November in the year 1946. He once holds the position of the vice president of Nigeria during President Obasanjo tenure from the year 1999 to the year 2007 under the people’s democratic party flag.

He was once the Deputy Director in the Nigeria Customs Service where he worked for 20 years. He retired actively from the service April 1989 from there he ventured to be a full businessman and a full-time politician.

He contested for Governor under the then Gongola state which was now known as Taraba and Adamawa, and he won in the race that was keenly contested earlier before his swearing to office as the Governor of the state, he was offered a direct ticket to be the running mate of presidential Obasanjo as the vice president which they won in the election and this make Atiku automatically become the vice president of Nigeria.

  • Atiku Abubakar Early life

Atiku Abubakar was born and raised in one of the Adamawa villages which is Jada to the family of Garba Abubakar a Fulani man whose occupation is trading and farming. He was opposed by his father from getting western education because it is been seen as evil and that it corrupts mind and made men to stop their traditional culture, his father stood his ground until his father was arrested, even given a jail time before his wife pay for his release and Atiku was enrolled to the cradle to start education. After he finished from the primary school he was enrolled to, he furthers his education to secondary school even up to tertiary school. He once attended police college.

He got employed as the tax and finance director in the region of Kaduna then and this makes him back out of the college to face his job but consequently he enrolled to school of Hygiene in Kano to further his studies when he started working with the Custom Service of Nigeria until the late 1980s he retired off the work.

  • Operations in Nigeria and Abroad

Been a successful man, he set up two companies, he named the first one Adama Beverages Limited which is focused on beverages and also a university American University of Nigeria (AUN) both companies are sited at the capital city of Adamawa which is Yola.

  • Marriages and family

Atiku first wife was not a woman from his lineage rather he married a Yoruba woman who by name is Titilayo Albert who then was about 19 years of age, he later married additional 3 wives and has 28 children this is never a problem to him anyway because he has the financial charisma to shoulder the responsibilities that come out of it. His first born was a woman by name Fatima follows by Adamu, Halima, Aminu and other. The second wife name is Ladi Yakubu, his mission for marrying more women and giving birth to many children was as a result of his experience in childhood as the only son and child of his parent, so he said he was very lonely when he was young so he wanted to expand the family so that his children will not be lonely.

His wife third name is Rukaiyat the daughter of late Adamawa Lamido ALiyu Mustapha. She also had a child for Atiku.

His fourth wife name was Fatima Shettima, she also gave birth to children for Atiku also. But later Atiku filed a divorce letter for his second wife Ladi which enable him to remarry Jennifer making the total of 4 wives which is the only number permitted by the Islamic doctrines.

  • Business career

Apart from the investment this man is having in Nigeria, he also has various investment outside the shore of Nigeria, he owns many shares with different companies and many industries out there. We will be touching little on his business profile.

His first investment was into housing and estate, what he did was that while he was serving at the Nigeria Customs Service, he built his first house in Adamawa, Yola to be precise to rent out for people as a form of business. This house was built to completion with money he loaned which is #31,00o thousand naira as at then.

After this, he procures another plot of lands and starts another building until he owns different housing estate in different part of Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Also he did not stop at real estate business, he ventured into agriculture also which he acquired a lot of farmland and he farmed maize and cotton, from there he moved to rice cultivation and others, that was how he started and he start opening different business auxiliaries till he got to the current state he is today.

  • Early Political Career

Like most of the Nigerian politician today, Atiku involvement was not a child play or a luck neither was it a gambling stake that makes him found himself in politics today, all the giants stand and achievement he has made today was a purposeful efforts and act he put in to be one of the leading figures in his country.

He started as been rendering support for Bamanga Tukur who was running for governorship election then.

His steadfastness makes him had an encounter with the former president of Nigeria who fully brought him to limelight Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, all of these efforts he has been planting them for ages.

He has held various position, he has represented his constituency on a number of occasions, has held different position at is state level before he came out to contest for Nigeria president and with an intense hit about him in the country already.

Conclusion on Atiku Abubakar Phone Number And Contact Address

We gave every information about Atiku Abubakar, also, how h started, his personal life, wives, children and much other valuable information you need to know about this man. You can help contribute to this topic, also you can help other readers to get more information by dropping your view, your recommendation, your opinion and all that to improve the information currently you are reading.

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