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Bart Conner Biography and a Net worth, speaking of a real sportsman and gymnast, we can’t but talk about this great Olympic gymnast which is why we are going to discuss this great sportsman today in this article. Bart Conner is a popular Olympic gymnast who has been in the game for a long period of time now and as at the same time achieved a lot in the game. This man has got people attracted to himself and this has got his fans asking series of questions about their main man, people really want to know lots of things about him, people tend to ask questions such as;

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These questions have shown so far that people really want to know this great gymnast the more, which is why we have decided to bring you the answers to your questions about Bart Conner.


Bart Conner is noted to be a retired American Olympic gymnast who was born on the 28th of March of the year 1958 in the USA. Conner is a member of the men’s gymnastics team during the summer Olympic Games of the year 1984; he won two gold medals in the competition. Connor is 5 feet 4 inches tall man which is equivalent to 1.65m. Speaking of the profession, Bart Connor is not only a gymnast by profession; he is also a popular model, a businessman, actor, commentator for televised events of gymnastics, and an editor of an international gymnast magazine. Bart Connor has also notably won great titles for different years which include the world cup in the 1979 Olympic competition and American Cup for the year 1976, 1980, and 1981.

  • Bart Connor Biography
  • Full Name: Nadia Comaneci
  • Date Of Birth: 28th March 1958
  • Age: 61 Years
  • Status: Married
  • Nationality: United State Of America

Bart Connor was born on the 28th of March, 1958 in the United States of America and grew up in Morton Grove, Illinois. Bart Connor became involved in gymnastics at first at school and his local YMCA; later on he joined a gymnastics team at Niles West high school which was where he graduated in the year 1976.

Following Bart Connor Biography, at the age of 14, Connor won the United States Junior National Championship which was in the year 1972 and at the age of 17 he won the United States Gymnastics Federation all-around championship. Bart Connor was the youngest member of the Olympic team during the Olympics games in the 1976 summer. In the 1975 pan American games, Connor a team all-around gold medal.

Bart Conner
Bart Conner

In the year 1984 summer Olympics, Connor won two gold medals for the men’s parallel bars and for the team as a whole, this win of his for the men’s parallel bars aided the United States in winning its first Olympic gymnastics gold medal for men in 80 years. In this same competition, he initiated and demonstrated a move termed as the “Connor Spin”.

Connor notably worked with Coach Paul Ziert in the University of Oklahoma on the gymnastics team, eventually, he graduated from the University of Oklahoma in the year 1984, where he became an All-American and he won the Nissen Award as the best American gymnast in the year 1981.

  • Bart Connor Honors

Connor at every stage of both national and international competition has been known for winning; he has won a series of medals and has become the most decorated gymnast. When we speak of honors, Bart Connor Honors include

  • Induction into the Olympic Hall of Fame (USOC) in the year 1991.
  • Induction into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in the year 1997.
  • Induction into the United States of America Gymnastics Hall of Fame in the year 1996.
  • Congressional Gold medal

Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy (BCGA)

Bart Connor Academy (BCGA) is located in Norman, Okla, this academy tends to be one of the largest gymnastic centers in the United States with over 17, 000 square feet, more also, the academy is also noted to be well equipped with adequate and quality gymnastic tools. The Bart Connor Academy as stated by Connor was built in order to pave way for children to develop in gymnastic, furthermore, this academy also serves as home to Bart Connor being a two-time Olympic champion and Nadia Comaneci who are the most famous gymnast of all time. There are series of gymnastics expertise known and the most comprehensive program of gymnastics is taught in the Bart Connor Academy which has hereby aided Connor in his desires and goals.

All the coaches and staffs of the Bart Connor Academy (BCGA) are professionally certified by the United States Gymnastics, more also, every staff member has undergone a background check through the USA Gymnastics after which they have passed through a required course termed the “U100 course gymnastics” and this has made them a qualified gymnast to national stages of competitions which also implies that they have undergone proper training, proper coaching attitude, proper progression, proper safety, and spotting techniques, and proper first aid use.


  • Bart Conner Marital Life With Nadia Comăneci

Bart Connor first met Nadia Comaneci on the 27th of November of the year 1989 in the 1976 Montreal games; she is a Romanian gymnast which was defected from Romania with a group of other Romanians in the Montreal games. In the year 1990, Connor interviewed Nadia for ABC, and in some months after, Connor was invited by Nadia for her 29th birthday party, after this they developed a long distance friendship for some years, and later on Connor invited Nadia over to Oklahoma to help run a gymnastics school after his mutual friend had died in an accident in the year 1991, and she succumbed to the invitation. The both of them lived together for four years and later became engaged. Later on, they got married in a ceremony in Bucharest which was televised live throughout Romania on the 27th of April, 1996, this celebration was graced with lots notable elites, and their wedding reception was held in a great and notable place known as the former presidential palace. Some year later after the wedding ceremony, Nadia was interviewed and she reported that her wedding ceremony was emotional, due to the fact that she did not only see her mother but the entire country she had left for years. The couples gave birth to a male child on June 3, 2006, and he was named Dylan Paul Connor.

  • Bart Connor Philosophy

Bart Connor is noted to have a philosophy, and Bart Connor Philosophy is that gymnastics can be meant for everyone and this triggered him to build up his academy. Both those who desire to enter the competition and those who are recreational gymnast are giving the chance to offer a year-round program of their interest in his academy to enhance their knowledge and positive experience during the competition. In the Bart Connor Academy, students are giving the chance to move freely at their own pace through the use of proper training exercises.


Conclusion on Bart Connor Biography, Net Worth, Academy, and profile

Bart Connor is an award-winning retired gymnast popularly known worldwide and has acquired a lot of fame around the world, Bart Connor has with success in his profession built an academy in other to bring in young stars to the game and lift the game higher.

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