Judy Garland Net worth and Biography

We will be discussing about Judy Garland Networth And Biography in this article that is focused on a talented woman who attained international stardom as an actress, singer and dance. She is also known for her exquisite stage concert. More so, she scooped a lot of awards all through her career which spans 45 active years. stay with us as we dish you with all the necessary information that will interest you about this respected versatile actress.


  • Full Name: Frances Ethel Gumm
  • Birth Date: 10th of June 1922
  • Age: 47 years
  • Status: Deceased (22nd June 1969)
  • Birth Place: Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Actress, dancer and singer
  • Active Years: 1924 – 1969
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: 3
  • Net Worth: $20 million
Judy Garland Networth
Judy Garland Networth

As we begin our discussion on Judy Garland Networth And Biography, we note that she was born on June 10, 1922 with the full name Frances Ethel Gumm to Ethel Marion Milne (mother) and Francis Avent “Frank” Gumm (father). Both of whom are vaudeville performers and operated a movie theater. Garland was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. she is the youngest with two older sisters MaryJane and Virginia. At a very young age, Garland showed interest in the family trait which is acting and singing. When she was 3 years old she had her first performance when she and older her sisters performed the song “Jingle Bells”. This marked the beginning of stardom for her as she and her sisters continuously perform for the next few years, accompanied by their mother on piano. Despite the glamorous start she enjoyed, she had it rough at home growing up in an unhappy family.

The family eventually relocated from Grand Rapids to Lancaster, her father bought and operate a theater in their new location while her mother prepared and train them for their performance. She and her sisters formed a group known as “the Gumm Sisters” and by 1934 they changed the name to “The Garland Sisters”. Soon afterwards, Garland changed her name from Frances to Judy.

The reason why the sisters changed the name is not known till date and how the sisters discovered the name. The group continued to perform together until 1935.

  • Judy Garland Career

Garland desire to be a movie actress, singer and dancer was a long term dream for her and she pursued it not letting anything discourage her. nonetheless, Garland’s career is one of full of hullabaloo and tumult because she faced a lot of challenges all through her career. At the dawn of her movie career when she signed to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1935, it was more of a chaos than joy because she was constantly under heavy criticism because she was overweight and studio was very slow to find her roles. This led to crush on her self-esteem.

She subjected to drugs in both 1937 and 1938 so that she can get the strength she needs to keep up with her busy and tight schedules. This became the beginning of a long-time destructive life pattern that would continue for years.

She came to limelight and stardom when she in 1938 when she played the role of young Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz. She sang in the film just as she dramatized in the movie. Garland earned $500 per week for her role in the movie.

In 1940, Garland featured in three movies: Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, Strike Up the Band, and Little Nellie Kelly. From the year of 1941 to 1946, Garland featured and stared in numerous movies including For Me and My Gal (1942); Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) where she sang three songs “The Trolley Song”, “The Boy Next Door”, and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”; The Clock (1945) her first straight dramatic film; The Harvey Girls (1946) and Till the Clouds Roll By (1946).

In 1947, Garland’s career began to take a down turn when the actress suffered a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide. She also had migraines and alcoholism, which further deteriorate her health and caused her to miss shooting days. In 1950, MGM released Garland from her contract due to her worsening health condition.

During the 1960s, Garland stopped starring in films but maintained focus on television and singing. She also starred for in The Judy Garland Show in the early 1960s. She seldom appears with her two daughters and long-term co-star Mickey Rooney.

Garland performed around the world after the end of her television show. She also traveled to London to perform concerts within five weeks, and in 1969 she had her finals concert in Copenhagen.

  • Judy Garland Net Worth

This article on Judy Garland Net Worth and Biography will not be complete if we fail to mention her net worth at least during her life time. As an actress she starred in 35 films and and as a singer she released eight studio albums. As of the time this article is compiled, Garland had a net worth of $20 million during her life time. Her net worth was fueled majorly by her acting and singing career.

  • Judy Garland Relationship

Garland had a tumultuous relationship with most of them ending in divorce. She was first married at the age of 19 to David Rose, a composer and bandleader in 1941 just two years after she featured in The Wizard of Oz. Garland became pregnant and she was adviced by her mother and Rose to abort the pregnancy. The couple later divorced in 1944.

Garland second marriage was with Vincente Minnelli in 1945. The duo began their relationship while working together on the film Meet Me in St. Louis. In March of 1946, Garland gave birth to her first child Liza (daughter). After the birth she suffered from what is now diagnosed as postpartum depression. It took her a year to recover but she suffered again from nervous breakdown which caused her to stay at two different psychiatric clinics. Things did not go smoothly between the couple after her recovery and this led to her increasing dependence on drugs and also suicide attempts. The couple separated in 1949 and the divorce was finalized in 1951.

Life goes on and so does Garland, she married Sidney Luft 1952 and this became her longest marriage in her lifetime. The couple had initially met in the 1930s and lost touch. As soon as they regained acquaintance, the duo wasted no time to reconnect and began seeing each other. The early days of the relationship was not without discrepancies when Luft found out that she was with child. She felt pressured to get an abortion because of her career but the couple agreed that she should keep the pregnancy and she eventually gave birth to Lorna (daughter) in 1952 and welcomed Joey (son), in 1955. Sadly, the marriage came to an end in 1965 when the divorce was finalized.

Garland was involved in two other marriage as she got married to Mark Herron in 1965 and again divorced in 1969. She later married in 1969 to Mickey Deans just three months before her untimely death in the same year.

  • Judy Garland Awards

Garland is a notable multitalented entertainer who put her talent to good use and she was loved for it.  In terms of awards and accomplishment, Garland won numerous and she was enlisted by the American Film Institute as one of the top 10 greatest female stars to have emerged from the golden age of classic American film. Some of the awards won by Garlands includes:

  • Grammy Album of the Year (Other than Classical) (1962)
  • Best Solo Vocal Performance, Female
  • Golden Globe Award for best actress (1955)
  • Academy Juvenile Awards (1940)
  • Grammy Life time achievement awards (1997)
  • Grammy Award for best female pop vocal (1962)
  • Grammy Hall of Fame (1998, 2005, 2010)
  • Special Tony Award (1952)

Judy Garland Death

It is sad to have lost such a talented young actor and singer very early as she died an untimely death on the 22nd of June 1969 due to an overdose of barbiturates. However, years after her death, Garland’s story of strength and tenacity is still been told.

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Conclusion on Judy Garland Networth And Biography – Movies, Wizard of Oz and Death

That is the much we can compile on Judy Garland Networth And Biography in this article. Garland was loved by many who watched her perform be it acting or singing. Her unmatched performance as Dorothy in the classic film The Wizard of Oz is a hit for her career. However, her tale is blend of sweet and sour feel despite her glamourous and glorious career, she lived a very troubled life plagued with heavy debt, drugs, alcoholism, mental and physical illness.

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