In the quest of development in African as a continent, many African countries have played the leading role in this development which Ghana is not left out. In actualizing this development Ghana’s institution has been in collaboration with the institution in the developed world in exchanging of ideas and other programs to foster its educational development.

Ghana like every other country in the world found of public (government-owned) and private (this is individually owned) institution. With these numerous institutions, certain strata have been put in place by webometrics to know the hierarchical list of this institution from the top to the least, based on their researches, publications among others. Our focus will be on the ten best universities in Ghana who has to stand out among their pair in their quest for knowledge.


The defunct university College of the Gold Coast now the University of Ghana was founded in the year 1948. Been the foremost and the most prominent University in the nation, it never for once lost its quest in the fronting the academic line of Ghana’s institution. The institution has been in collaboration with the University of London (a notable school) which supervises its educational programmes as well as awarding of degrees since it was established. Until 1961 when the institution its full autonomy as a university. And ever since then it has continued to break the new ground of excellence in academics as well as researches in the country. Now the institution has widened its wing of academic study on fields like basic science liberal arts, social science, agriculture, medicine, technology-based courses, and vocational studies.

With the information mentioned above about the institution, it’s rightly expected that it will be among the best leading university in Ghana. The institution is among the privileged few in Africa that offers nuclear science-related programs, and this is made plausible by its graduate school of nuclear and applied science which is rightly located at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

·        Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

The institution was named after the founder Kwame Nkrumah the then president of Ghana. He was known for taking a positive step in developing his motherland which the institution (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) was a testimony. 1952 was the year the school was established and ever since then, it has been globally referenced and recognized for its quest in academic researches, science and technology, skill acquisition training and so on, which is aimed at developing Ghana and Africa continent at large, which is why it was able to make the list of best universities in Ghana


It is worthy of note that the institution operates a collegiate system with six colleges under it. Though accommodation was provided for only the first year students while other students find hostel around the school premises. This never stopped the institution from been rated among the best university in Ghana, for it’s notable in pursuance of academic excellence.

·        University of Cape Coast

University of Cape Coast
University of Cape Coast

The same vein as the University of Ghana, The University of Cape Coast started as a University College when it was established in the year 1962. Along the line, it later attains its full autonomy as an institution which is completely accredited and given the freedom to confer its certificates, both in diploma and in degrees. It remained one of the highly coveted institutions in Ghana for it hasn’t lost its focus which is a citadel with the aim of producing highly skilled and capable individuals in humanity and education who will, in turn, illuminate people of Ghana at large in terms of good leadership, enlightenment and civilization. And also to provide good heads needed in the quest to accelerate the growth of education in the nation which they are still maintaining the right track. The institution is even rated among the top ten in Ghana because of their past performance in academic researches and training and also the production of successful people in the various field in Ghana and the world at large.’

·        University of Education Winneba

University of Education Winneba
University of Education Winneba

With the motto “education for service” The University of Education, Winneba was founded in 1992. Knowing that education is the propeller of development. Its sole aim is to provide essential teaching techniques to their graduate who will, in turn, disseminate it to others. By so doing the educational sector of Ghana is rejuvenated, and in the same vein, the country has taken a new course of direction in economic and social development.  The university is a force to reckon with in terms of web presence, academic research. Therefore, when discussion on ten best universities in Ghana arises, University of Education Winneba will always be mentioned for playing a significant role in using education as the key to development in Ghana. Which is why it makes the list

·        Ashesi University

Aftermath its establishment the new millennium, 2002 to be precise. It wastes no time as making it aim and objective are known to the nation and the world at large. Based on the fact that its gain recognition in Ghana for its educational quality and innovative prowess in raising African leaders who are loaded egregious integrity and professionally outstanding unlike the mediocre leaders of the past. To crown its effort, the institution was able to charge their student in individual character, cultivating the mind of their student critical thinking skill that will be needed in transforming the continent.


·        Regent University College of Science and Technology

Regent-Ghana has popularly known has its base in Accra (Ghana’s capital city). Even though it was young and a new university in Ghana, its impact was felt immediately. Its mark on academic’s excellence deems it fit to be noted among the best universities in Ghana. With just thirty founding students, The Regent University College of Science and Technology started lecturing 2005 though it has been accredited and registered 2004 and 2003 respectively. Ever since, the university has not deviated from its vision which is creating purposeful human resources who will be committed to reawakening sociopolitical, economic and the religious sector, and also to produce competing workforce in science and technology world

·        Presbyterian University College

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana established the institution. Since it has been founded, the institution has been helpful in the broader scope of its learning, ranging from academic greatness and in the same vein credence is given to technological, cultural, economic and global invention. It also polishes the life of those that attended with religious doctrines and value like discipline, integrity, selflessness, humility among others, which will be helpful in their life pursuit. And this distinguishes it from it from its pair, which is the reason it was counted among the best university in Ghana.

·        University of Development Studies

Has its name portrays, the university has been a help to entire Ghana as a nation? Though it was established in 1992, it was still considered to be among the best institution in Ghana. This was possible because of the methodology; she imbibes in carrying out her mission. Knowledge for service been among the aim of the institution was seen in her strive to find a solution to the environmental crisis, sociopolitical palaver visible in northern Ghana and also the remote area of the nation. The efficiency in its methodology makes it stand out among its pairs. Which is why the institution was able to make a list.


·        Valley View University

This institution also was among the dividends on religious enterprise, for the Seventh-day Adventist also founded it with the aim of uplifting literacy the educational standard of the nation. We should not also forget that it was the first privately owned institution in the country. Attaining the full accreditation in 1997 by so doing, it can now award its degree. The testimony of its quality learning is evident has the institution to many across the globe

·        Christian Service University College

Been the second largest university in Ghana, The Christian Service University College situated in Kumasi. Since it was the foundation in 1974, the institution has striven to gain international recognition. Their sound and the cosmic ethical background are second to none, information and technological advancement, prudence in teaching and researches in theology make it stand out among its equal. No wonder it made the list of top ten universities in Ghana

Conclusion on List Of Top 10 Universities In Ghana

It is visible in the course of this analysis that there is a standardized university in Ghana as a nation ranging from the University of Ghana which is the oldest one, yet, remain functional till date and still maintaining the leading role. And the importance of the other institute of learning cannot be overemphasized. Also, the effort of the own private university like Valley View University, Presbyterian University College and their like are too stressed, for they even for their way in top ten because they give healthy rivalry to their public counterpart. This hierarchical arrangement of this institution is based on their relevance and contribution to educational development in the nation and the world at large.

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