In this article, take a look at the top 10 alleged internet fraudsters, popularly referred to as yahoo boys in Nigeria. These boys are extremely rich and do not shy away from flaunting their wealth on social media. They are the talk of the town, shutting down parties and clubs, hanging out with who is who in society and so on. They drive flashy cars, wear expensive clothes and accessories and generally live large. The source of their income is unknown but there is no doubt they have money and are not afraid to show off at every opportunity they get. The own the latest cars, latest gadgets and fly to top choice tourist destinations all over the world. They are role models for many young people which is indeed quite worrisome as it shows the state of our society currently. Praise singers sing their praises, ladies flock to their social media pages hoping they would notice them, they spend lavishly as if they have a money tree in their backyard. Let’s reveal the richest alleged yahoo boys in Nigeria today to you.


  • #1. Ray HushPuppi
Ray HushPuppi
Ray HushPuppi

As of now, the top alleged yahoo boy in Nigeria is HushPuppi. He stands head and shoulder above other on this list. He is quite popular and rich, a visit to his social media pages will show you just how rich this young man is. He is often in the news for various reasons, most times for his lavish lifestyle which includes showing off his recent property acquisitions. Though the young man is believed to come from a poor background, he became wealthy after traveling to Malaysia and living in the country for four years. He is said to have one of the largest following on Instagram and he is not afraid to get into media fights with popular stars and celebrities. He has been up against the likes of Phyno, Ice Prince, Kcee, and Davido. HushPuppi claims to be the “GUCCI king in Nigeria” and their ambassador. As is the norm with fellow big boys, Hushpuppi uploads quite a lot of pictures, flaunting his watches, cars, house, clothes and expensive lifestyle on Instagram.

  • #2. Shy Boss

Don’t be deceived by the innocent looks of this young man, he is quite rich and entertains the over 180k followers he has on his Instagram page. He also shows off his properties and assets on Instagram for his followers to see.

  • #3. Mompha

I’m sure you expect Mompha to feature on this list due to his running battle with his one-time friend and fellow big boy, Hushpuppi. Mompha also uploads tons of pictures of himself holding bundles of dollar notes on his Instagram page. He also shows off his cars, watches and other expensive things he buys on social media. Mompha, however, has a business that we know of, he runs a Bureau de change business which he called Mompha Bureau de change Venture which is believed to be one of the many sources of his wealth. Mompha is also known to give tips to his followers often on how to make money by working hard.

  • #4. Baddy Oosha

A Malaysia based big boy who was born in Nigeria, his real name is Badmus Akeem. Baddu Oosha as he is known in the circle of big boys is very wealthy. Top music stars mention his name in their songs, the likes of 9ice, Olamide, and Lil Kesh have all mentioned his name on their track. He has also featured in a movie alongside top actress, Toyin Aimakhu.

  • #5. King Jide

King Jide is a Nigerian big boy based in South Africa as is also known as the Mayor of Capetown. His lavish lifestyle has seen him attract a quite a lot of fans. He became more famous back here in Nigeria when news broke that he squandered 5 million Naira on 1 Dom Perignon and 30 Ace of Spades in Lagos. His source of wealth is unknown but what we all know is that he is quite rich and he’s certainly not scared of his lavish lifestyle in social media.

  • #6. Opa6ix

Opa6ix is as of today one of the biggest boys in Nigeria. He belongs in the circle of the likes of Kayode Philips and H Money. Opa6ix is well known for his heavy spending. Opa6ix was born as Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun and just like Baddy Osha mentioned earlier, he too has been mentioned in so many songs by Nigerian music acts such as Small Doctor, Reminisce, and 9ice.

  • #7. Aremo Gucci

Aremo Gucci is yet another highly popular Nigerian big boy whose source of enormous wealth is not known. He is a popular socialite with thousands of followers on his Instagram account. He is known to flaunt his wealth on Instagram just like Hushpuppi. He flaunts his Gucci wears and other expensive items he owns. He is a proud owner of many flashy cars and his crib is described as being very exquisite. He is another heavy spender.

  • #8. B Naira

B Naira is a musician even though he isn’t a popular musician yet but still, he earns some money from his music sales and also owns a music producing studio. He is quite rich, young, and has a huge following on social media, mainly because of his lavish lifestyle. B Naira hails from Ekiti state in South West Nigeria and his real name is Adewale Adebayo. His song titled “Jasi” did earn him some fame and a little recognition in the country’s music industry. He attended the University of Lagos (UNILAG), where he studied Geography.

  • #9. Investor BJ

Investor BJ is no doubt one of the biggest boys in Nigeria and he claimed he is the only African recognized by Gucci in Malaysia with proof. This big boy was recently praised in the hit song “Living Things”, alongside other yahoo boys such as Opa6ix, HushPuppi and Baddy Oosha by ace musician, 9ice. Investor BJ came into the consciousness of Nigerians through controversy. He is known to have blasted another big boy, Hushpuppi, for testing clothes and taking pictures with him at Gucci office. To validate his claim that he is the only legally recognized African Gucci ambassador in Malaysia, Investor BJ posted a photo of himself in their office where he bought some very costly Gucci outfits. This it was believed to have been done in a bid to piss off and beef HushPuppi. He is no doubt a very rich young man and he is not afraid to flaunt his wealth.

  • #10. Deskid Wayne

The last alleged yahoo boy to feature on this list is Deskid Wayne. He is one big boy that is known for his faithfulness to his girlfriend “The Queen” despite all the money he has. The young man makes a lot of money even though his source of wealth is not public knowledge. He once set ablaze the highest denomination of the dollar currency and posted a picture of him doing that online. He constantly posts pictures of himself and his girlfriend online for his followers to admire.

Conclusion On List Of Top 10 Yahoo Boys In Nigeria 2020

This list is not exhaustive as there are several other Nigerian big boys who have questionable sources of income. Those that featured on this list are believed to be the richest and the most popular ones. A common feature to all these acclaimed big boys is their love of social media, they use it as a medium to stay in the news and flaunt their wealth. They own some of the most expensive cars money can buy on this planet, they live in choice buildings, fly to top tourist destinations and shop at some of the most expensive places in the world. They set trends and many young Nigerians are keen to be like them which is why they flock to their social media pages to keep track of what these big boys are up to. Anytime they show up in clubs and at parties, they steal the show. They buy expensive drinks and shut down clubs. Top musicians sing their praises and females die just to have a moment with them. They live the kind of life people far older than them and working legit good paying jobs can only dream of which is why their source of wealth is questionable. It is for this reason that they are alleged to be yahoo boys although there is no concrete evidence to prove they are indeed into Internet fraud.

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