Investments in the US- With the rise of inflation, it is important to search for the different source of income and not rely on one source only. If you are seeking for another source of increasing your income, you can invest your money in thriving businesses that will surely boost your revenue. When you invest your money, it is logical to expect it to generate high returns while enduring the risk. Many people want to invest their money which will boost their income, but they are doubtful and fearful when investing in a particular business which is normal, especially spending in the United States. Therefore this piece of writing is centered on the Top 10 Best Low-Risk Investments in the US with High Return.


There are numerous businesses that you can invest which does not attract too much risk and give no cause for alarm. You need not scratch your head any further, below are the Top 10 low-risk Investment in the US that you can invest your money.

  1. Dividend-paying stocks
  2. Preferred Stock
  3. Utility Stock
  4. Fixed annuities
  5. Brokered Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  6. Income mutual funds and Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
  7. Peer to Peer Lending
  8. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)
  9. Municipal bonds
  10. Savings bonds


  • #1. Dividend-paying stocks

The dividend-paying stock is one of the most natural low-risk investments in the USA where you can earn a higher return on your investment. Dividend-paying stock belongs to strong companies with good reputations that are already established. The aim is to target mutual funds or stocks that have good dividend payout. You get to enjoy significant gains and also take part in capital gains when you invest in dividend-paying stocks.

  • #2. Preferred Stock

Investing in preferred stock also known as equities is one of the common options when choosing a low-risk Investment in the USA. Preferred stocks are principally shares of a company traded in the stock market. This type of stocks issues both equity (stock) and debt (bond). Preferred stocks usually exchange a few dollars lower or higher than their buying price throughout. The stock is considered to have a low risk of liquidity, and you can sell it at any time you want with no consequences. This stock has a low risk when compared to common stock, and it gives you room to own shares in companies and been paid dividends. Preferred stocks are paid either monthly or quarterly.

  • #3. Utility Stock

You can also invest in Utility stock if you are looking for a low-risk Investment in the USA. Utilities such as electricity, water and gas have a stable price throughout the year. Utility stocks don’t contract or expand according to the performance of the economy making it a noncyclical stock; also, they usually pay out dividends which are 2% to 3% above other investment choices. Due to its stability, high return and low risk, utility stock is considered second on our list.

  • #4. Fixed annuities

Still looking for a low-risk Investment in the US, you can add fixed annuities to your list. This is another ideal Investment in the US that you can put your money, mainly if you want high returns at low risk. Fixed annuities provide you with high yield while protecting your principal. Aside from fixed annuities, there is the variable annuity (you are given returns in variables) or equity indexed annuity (you get a replacement in part by how the stock market performs including downside protection).  When you invest in a fixed annuity, your investment is backed by the financial strength of the insurance companies that offer and also guarantee the funds issued by the state.

  • #5. Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

If you are mindful of not losing your money, here is an investment for you. You can deposit money with your Certificate of Deposit for a specific period in exchange for an assured return regardless of whatever happens to the interest rates within that period. The most important thing for you to obtain a Certificate of Deposit from an FDIC insured financial institution. The best of this investment is the Brokered CDs which is sold by most brokered firms. The Brokered CDs are issued using a similar process to that of bonds, and they are traded in a secondary market. You are guaranteed a rate of return that is much higher than that which is provided by regular CDs.

  • #6. Income mutual funds and Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)

This is another Investment in the USA that you can put your money and be less apprehensive of anything going wrong. This investment gives you room to invest in different instruments such as bonds, mortgages, senior secured loans and preferred stock packaged in one. These investment options provide you with an exclusive opportunity to invest in wide varieties of investing options which enhance your returns and reduces your level of risk.

  • #7. Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is among the investment in the USA with low risk. It is a short time investment and different entirely from others. What happens in the lending club is that you loan out your money to someone with the hope of been paid back. This can be done directly (face-to-face or hand-to-hand) or online where you can invest by buying these loans, and in return, you are paid back with interest which can be up to 10%. To minimize risk, the investment you purchased is to be divided into small units, manageable slices known as notes. These notes can be up to $25 each.

  • #8. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

There are several types of bonds investment offered by the US Treasury which you can invest in, and they are very low-risk investment yielding a high return. One of the types of bonds provided by the US Treasury is the Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS).

TIPS are in two fold of growth:

  • First is the fixed interest rate that does not change throughout the bond. The fixed interest rate of return is at 0.35%, and it is protected from inflation.
  • The built-in inflation protection that is guaranteed by the government. If there is a rise in inflation during the existence of the bond, it automatically grows at the same rate. This increase reflects your income once you withdraw your money.
  • #9. Municipal bonds

This is another exciting Investment in the USA that offers low risk to investors, and it is also safe. When the government at local or state level intends to borrow or raise some money, they don’t do it using a credit card; instead, they issue municipal bond also referred to as munis. Municipal bonds are exempt from federal income tax which makes it possible to generate some money and save it from charges as well; also, they are backed by the government which reduces the risk of losing money. This is a good investment for those who want to minimize their exposure to taxes.

  • #10. U.S Saving bonds

Last on our list is the U.S Saving Bonds issued by the United States Federal government. This has some similarities with the Treasury is the Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) because they are both backed by the United States Federal government. This implies that there is a slim chance of the borrower defaulting or refraining from paying back making it one of the top Investments in The USA with low risk. It is a stable investment that gives you a 3.5% rate of return when you invest in it. Ones you invest, you need to be patient till the savings matures within 20 years before you can cash out.

Conclusion on Top 10 Best Low-Risk Investments in the US with High Return 2020

Investment presents the opportunity to make a substantial return, and it is a good and friendly business for investors that are seeking for investment that have low risks. All the investment options listed above offers you different advantages of increasing your income at a low-risk level. This is a smart choice because if you invest in them, you are guaranteed a stable portfolio that will give you steady, attractive returns on your investments. Whenever you are ready to take the bold step and invest in the USA, particularly those with low risk, this article will be of help to you.

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