Tallest Man In The World 2020- Giants are still very much amongst us, and in this article, we will talk about the top 10 tallest men in the world. The average human is usually between 5-7 ft tall, but we do have humans who grow to be as tall as 8ft. At the other end of this spectrum are those who are extremely short, but that is not our focus for today. We are interested in those men who walk the earth standing taller than the vast majority of us. It is important to state that this unusual height is usually a result of the underlying medical condition. So who is the Tallest Man in the earth? Find out below. But before that, here are the commonly asked questions online;

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  1. Sultan Kosen – 8′ 3″
  2. Brahim Takioullah – 8 ft 1 in
  3. Morteza Mehrzad – 8 ft 1 in
  4. Dharmendra Pratap Singh – 8 ft 0.7 in
  5. Zhang Juncai – 7 ft 11 ¼
  6. Asadullah Khan – 7 ft 11 in
  7. Naseer Soomro – 7 ft 10 in
  8. Bao Xishun – 7 ft 9 in
  9. Sun Mingming – 7 ft 9 in
  10. Radhouane Charbib – 7 ft 9 in


  • #1 Sultan Kösen – 8 ft 2.8 in
Sultan Kösen tallest Man In The World And World Shortest Man In the World.
Sultan Kösen tallest Man In The World And World Shortest Man In the World.

The tallest man in the world currently is Sultan Kosen who stands tall at an impressive 8’3”. He is a Kurdish farmer whose record is duly recognized by the Guinness book of records. Kosen was born on the 10th of December 1982 and hailed from Turkey. His lofty stature is caused by “pituitary gigantism,” a medical condition that leads to over-production of growth hormone. Sultan Kosen also holds the record for the most massive hands in the world. He is a lover of video games which he enjoys playing with his friends, and the fact he can do all his work without needing a ladder makes him happy.

  • #2 Brahim Takioullah – 8 ft 1 in
Brahim Takioullah Second Tallest MAn In the World 2019.
Brahim Takioullah Second Tallest Man In the World 2020.

The second tallest person alive in the world is Morrocan, Brahim Takioullah. He was briefly the tallest man in the world until he was dethroned by Sultan Kosen. Brahim Takioullah is the tallest African in the world currently. Another record held by this giant from Morocco is the record for biggest feet. He suffers from a medical condition called acromegaly. This made finding a pair of shoe big enough for him difficult until his doctor got him a pair specially made for him. At age 33, Takioullah now lives in Paris, France where he shares a small flat with his mother. His height makes it difficult for him to stand up straight in the flat while he also has challenges fitting into a taxi or the Metro. Once out in public, it is difficult also for him to move about without attracting attention, but despite his condition, he remains ever in good spirits. He is cheerful about his condition and is ever ready to smile and pose for pictures and politely answers questions about his medical condition. He still hopes that one-day surgery will solve his problem.




  • #3 Morteza Mehrzad – 8 ft 1 in
Morteza Mehrzad
Morteza Mehrzad

Iranian Paralympian, Morteza Mehrzad is joint second tallest man on earth alongside Brahim Takioullah. He also stands tall at 8 ft 1 inch. He plays for Iran’s men’s national sitting volleyball team which makes him the tallest Paralympian ever. He is the tallest man in his country Iran. He also suffers from acromegaly, a condition that stems from excessive growth hormone. This medical condition results from a benign tumor in the pituitary gland and leads to abnormal bone development

  • #4 Dharmendra Pratap Singh – 8 ft 0.7 in

The tallest man in India Dharmendra Pratap Singh is the 4th tallest man on earth, standing head, and shoulders above his countrymen at 8ft 0.7 inches. He holds an MA in Hindu literature and hails from Uttar Pradesh. His height has made Finding love difficult for him, and he has also not been able to secure a regular job for this same reason. He had to take up a job at an amusement park and was paid for letting people take pictures with him.

  • #5 Zhang Juncai – 7 ft 11 ¼

Zhang Juncai was born in 1983 and hailed from Shanxi Province of The People’s Republic of China. He is one of the tallest men alive on earth, and the tallest man in China with his height put at 7ft 11 ¼. He features on TV shows as a special guest, putting up some performances.

  • #6 Asadullah Khan – 7 ft 11 in

Another Indian giant to feature on this list is Asadullah Khan. He is the second tallest man India. He comes from Kendrapada in West Bengal. Khan may roam the earth as one of the tallest men alive, but his immediate family members, his dad, mum, and brother are all only 5 feet tall which makes his unusual height even more fascinating.

  • #7 Naseer Soomro – 7 ft 10 in

Pakistani Naseer Ahmed Soomro is the 7th tallest man on earth. He comes from Shikarpur in Pakistan and is the tallest man in Pakistan. He was once instructed by the Police in his country to avoid leaving his house during weekends as his presence attracted huge crowds leading to law and order problems.

  • #8 Bao Xishun – 7 ft 9 in

Bao Xishun’s height was average pretty much until he was 16. It was after he clocked 16 that his height increased rapidly till he stood tall at 7ft 9 inches making him the second tallest Chinese man alive. He got married in the year 2007 to Xia Shujuan who was a sales girl at the time, and the marriage is blessed with a son. He works at a Local Hospital called Chifeng. He also played basketball and was in a basketball team in China for three years. He was also in the army for a while, and he also played basketball while there.

  • #9 Sun Mingming – 7 ft 9 in

Another tall Chinese man who also stands at 7ft 9 inches is Sun Mingming. He was born on the 23rd of August, 1983. He is a professional basketball player from China. He is believed to be the tallest basketball player in the world currently. Sun Mingming is married to Xu Yan, a 6ft 1 inch handball player. The couple met at the National Games of China, and they eventually fell in love and got married. The couple holds the world record for the tallest married couple in the world. Sun Mingming has also made appearances in movies like ‘Rush Hour 3’ and ‘Funny Soccer.’ Currently, Sun Ming Ming is based in China where he plays basketball professionally although he attempted to break into the NBA when he moved to America in 2005. After failing to get his career off the ground in America, he returned home.




  • #10 Radhouane Charbib – 7 ft 9 in

Lastly, on this list, we have the second tallest man in Africa who hails from Tunisia in North Africa. He goes by the name Radhouane Charbib. This giant stands tall at an impressive 7ft 9in. He was formerly the tallest man in the world up until 2005 when Bao Xishun took the title from him for just being 2mm taller. Radhouane Charbib was born on the 27th of October in the year 1968. He is the tallest Tunisian alive. At the age of 15, Radhouane Charbib realized that he was growing quite rapidly as his height quickly reached 7.4 ft. He considers his towering height as a gift and likes it when people admire his height whenever he is out walking on the streets. However being extremely tall does come with its disadvantages too, a fact not lost on Radhouane Charbib.

Conclusion On List of Top 10 Tallest Man In The Earth 2020

These tall men roam the planet standing head and shoulders above the rest of us. Their towering height is usually the effect of a medical condition such as acromegaly. Acromegaly is a hormonal disorder that results from the pituitary gland producing too much growth hormone during adulthood. When it occurs, there is an increment in sizes of bones including those of the hands, feet, and face. This is why some of those who feature on this list also have the most massive hands and feet in the world. Usually, acromegaly affects middle-aged adults although it can develop at any age. In children who are still experiencing growth, excessive growth hormone can cause a condition known as gigantism. Such children have exaggerated bone growth and also an abnormal increase in height. That’s all on Tallest Man In Earth.

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