Temperature varies from one part of the world to another, while some parts of the earth experience shallow temperatures, some are at the other end of the spectrum, receiving very high temperatures. We examine the 12 hottest countries in the world currently. Temperatures in these countries are known to hit the roof making it quite difficult for humans to live, but as adaptive species, we have established ourselves right at home in some of the hottest places on earth. Some of the countries listed in this article experience very high temperatures all year round, while others only experience very high temperatures during summer. So let’s talk about the hottest countries in the world right now.


  • #1 Libya
Libya Hottest Country In the World 2019.
Libya Hottest Country In the World 2020.

The hottest country in the world right now is in North Africa. Arab nation Libya. The war-torn country was for long led by the late Muammar Gadhafi whose death in a civil uprising against his government plunged the country into crises. The temperature in the country can be quite extreme leading to inhabitants of the country suffering from skin blisters or other diseases. The highest temperature that has ever been recorded on earth was obtained in Libya. The climate of the country is sweltering throughout the year, and as a result, the country experiences conflicting precipitation. Both in summer and winter Libya experiences very hot and damp weather. Even on a rainy day, temperatures in Libya can exceed 45°C. The country is a desert land which makes it one of the hottest and driest countries in the world. The average temperature of Libya is 52°C. What makes things worse is that the country experiences little to no rain annually.

  • #2 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Second Hottest Country In the World 2019 Ranking.
Saudi Arabia Second Hottest Country In the World 2020 Ranking.

Next, on this list Saudi Arabia, is another Arab nation in the Middle East. An extensive desert forms part of Saudi Arabia which is part of the reasons the country experiences hot temperature. Hot air comes from the desert with a major party of the country being a desert zone. All year round, the temperature in the country soars above 50°C. As synonymous with other Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia receives low to moderate precipitation. During the day, the temperature in Saudi Arabia quite often tops 52°C. Saudi is one of the hottest and richest countries in the world. The King of the country takes care of the needs of the citizens and ensure they enjoy comfortable environments as well as other soothing arrangements to combat the harsh temperature. During the summer in Saudi, average temperatures as high as 54°C are recorded.

  • #3 Iraq

Iraq is a war-torn country, but another major challenge facing the country is extreme heat. The Middle-Eastern country experiences scorching summers with temperatures rising above 48°C up to almost 54°C. Although Iraq has a mountainous northern region where it even snows in winters, the rest of the country faces extremely hot summers. Throughout the year, the general temperature recorded in Iraq is over 40°C.




  • #4 Algeria

Up in the North of Africa, another country facing extreme heat challenges is Algeria. The country experiences extremely hot days and very cool nights. Although rainfall in the country is moderate, day time temperatures in Algeria can rise as high as 50°C. The winter temperatures average about 25°C. Summers in Algeria are intolerably dry and highly humid. Reason for the high temperature in the country is also the presence of deserts. Some areas of the country have features of snow-capped mountains, but there are mostly deserts scattered all over the country. The Salah region of Algeria records the highest temperatures in the country. Although coastal areas of Algeria are blessed with abundant rainfalls, the central regions, however, are very dry.



  • #5 Iran

Iran is another Middle-Eastern country plagued by extreme heat. The climate here is extremely hot during summer and very cold during winter. The northern region of Iran is bordered by mountains; hence it experiences very cold weather. Temperatures in the region rarely exceed 29°C even in summer. In the south of Iran, the weather situation is generally hot. Temperatures in this region rise to 50°C. Average summer temperature recorded in the region is 40-45°C.

  • #6 Oman

Oman is widely acknowledged as one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This Arab state despite its enormous wealth is also one of the hottest countries in the world. For roughly half of the year, the temperature of Oman is around 50-53°C. It is important to say that everything in the country is air-conditioned to make life better for the citizens. Buses, bus stops, trains, etc. are all air-conditioned thanks to enormous wealth available in the country.

  • #7 Sudan

The temperature in Sudan can exceed 45°C even on a rainy day. This African country experiences high heat all year round. This is connected to the country being a desert-land. Sudan is currently one of the hottest and the driest countries in the world with an average temperature of 52°C. The country receives a little amount of preoccupation yearly.

  • #8 India

The second most populated country in Asia is also another country hard hit by extreme weather. On the one hand, the famous Himalayan ranges experience extreme cold with temperatures dropping as low as -40°C, the Desert of Thar, on the other side, is the largest provider of warmth to the region. During summer, the average temperature is about 50°C in some central, western and southern parts of India. India also receives abundant rainfall and experiences good winters as well.

  • #9 Somalia

One of the most dangerous places on the planet right now in Somalia. The Somalian Republic despite its other challenges is one of the hottest countries on earth. The country is located in North-eastern Africa and experiences little to no rainfall annually. The country’s average temperature recorded is up to about 50°C. Severe starvation is affecting the citizens of this country due to planting difficulties as there is no irrigation to supply needed water for plant growth.

  • #10 Mexico

Located in Central America, Mexico sits on the 10th spot on this list of top 12 Hottest Countries in the World. All year round, the temperature in this country is very high. In summer, the average temperature in this American country can rise as high as 50°C. Its balmy climate notwithstanding, Mexico is home to some beachy cities that are rated as some of the best summer holiday destinations in the world. The country also has a rich heritage, culture, and food in addition to its famous beaches. Dry grasslands cover everywhere in Mexico. Mexicans have found ways to cope with the extreme temperature in their country. They relax at the beaches and also enjoy cold drinks. Mexico is a Mecca of sorts for those who live in cold countries as they often troop into Mexico to soak in its summer heat.

The other two countries making up the top 12 Hottest Countries in the world 2020 are



  • #11. Malaysia

Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country also experiences extreme temperatures. The country is a federal constitutional monarchy and consists of thirteen different states and three federal territories. The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur while Putrajaya is the largest city. Malaysia is located almost on the equator geographically which is why the country experiences a hot an damp climate. The temperature in the country ranges between 25-35 °C throughout the year, but sometimes, it could be as high as 40°C.

  • #12. Ethiopia

The last country on this list is Ethiopia. The country is located in East Africa and has Addis Ababa as its capital city. Ethiopia is also considered to be one of the hottest countries in the world. In the country is the Danakil Depression, a desert covering an area that is more than 100 meters below the sea level. The city is characterized by dangerous heat waves and earth tremors. Some very extreme temperatures have been recorded here, as high as 63°C.

Conclusion On Top 12 Hottest Countries In The World 2020 – Weather Conditions And All May Want To Know

This article has been all about The Hottest Countries In The World. These countries experience quite extreme temperatures, and inhabitants of some of these countries get affected by skin diseases as a result of the excessive heat. Most of these countries heat up so high due to the presence of deserts within their territories. Deserts areas are typically hot and receive very little precipitation annually. This is an excellent point to end this article on the Top 12 Hottest Countries In The World.

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