happiest cities in the United States- Everyone loves to live in a place that’s filled with happiness and an exciting atmosphere. Aside from some of the dangerous cities in the United States, there are several cities in the country where residents live happily, peacefully, and harmoniously. If you are wondering which are the happiest cities in the United States. Don’t fret because we have come up with the list of Happiest Cities in America known for their emotional and physical well-being, income and employment, and community and environment. As you read through, you maybe find some surprises because some of the cities enlisted.


There are several cities in the United States where residents live happily and peacefully. We use various yardsticks such as income-growth rate, depression rate, and average leisure time spent per day among others. Below is a highlight of cities we considered to be the happiest in the United States.

  1. Plano
  2. Irvine
  3. Madison
  4. Fremont
  5. Huntington Beach
  6. Fargo
  7. Grand Prairie
  8. San Jose
  9. Scottsdale
  10. San Francisco

These are the cities that are considered to be the Happiest Cities in America. Selected from the list of happiest cities as presented in the new survey carried out by WalletHub. The list was compiled after adding up the individual rankings from a variety of living conditions in each city. Read along as we discuss further in each city.

  • #1. Plano
  • State: Texas
Plano is on the list of 10 Most happiest cities in US
Plano is on the list of 10 happiest cities in the US

The city of Plano in Texas is rated as the Happiest City in America 2021 sitting at the number one spot on our list. The city displaced Fremont and other Californian cities to climb up the ladder. Plano is said to score high in several aspects including the emotional and physical well-being of its residents, also ranked high among places with income and employment. Also in terms of community and environment, the city is considered to be among the Best Places to Live in America, therefore you can plan to move to this city if your current location is not offering enough happiness as Plano does.

  • #2. Irvine
  • State: California

Coming in at the second spot in the city of Irvine in California State in America. The city is in Orange County and south of Los Angeles. The city ranked high in terms of residents’ emotional and physical well-being as well as income and employment. The city is among the Least Dangerous cities in the United States with a low crime rate.

  • #3. Madison
  • State: Wisconsin

The third Happiest City in America 2021 is Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin. Residents in this city are active all through the year engaging in interesting activities that boost their emotions and physical wellbeing. Leisure activities such as kayaking, cross-country skiing, and jogging along landscaped lakeshores are some of the events that engage to keep fit, healthy, and happy. More so, the residents enjoy the great bike-lane network, live music, and performing arts scenes, not forgetting the exceptional architecture around the city which also lights up the air in the city.

  • #4. Fremont
  • State: California

Fremont makes the list for several reasons which made the city a happy place to live. Fremont that usually occupies the first spot was displaced for the first time in a long while. Considering the city’s community and environmental well-being which is one of the best places to reside in; income and employment in the city attract many residents from another part of the country to move into the city. More so, Fremont is a sport-loving area ranking fourth-highest in the sports participation rate. Talk of the dreamy California weather which is soothing and not too harsh among other numerous reasons why many residents in this city will refuse to move out and that is why it is rated among the 50 Happiest Cities in America.

  • #5. Huntington Beach
  • State: California

Huntington Beach is located in Orange County in the Southern part of California and one of the 50 Happiest Cities in America to make our list. The city is no doubt one of the Best Places in California to live in and also one of the safest cities in the state with a low crime rate. More so, the city is ranked high among the top 10 cities for healthy emotional & physical well-being, but ranked average for income & employment as well as in community & environment.

  • #6. Fargo
  • State: North Dakota

Fargo city takes us to North Dakota makes it the sixth Happiest City in America 2019. Fargo is a cheerful city filled with lots of exciting activities and a healthy lifestyle. No wonder the city is ranked among places with high emotional and physical wellbeing at the 20th spot in the country. But for income and employment, Fargo ranks high thanks to the low unemployment rate in the city. More so, the evening sunset is one of the picturesque views to gaze in Fargo.

  • #7. Grand Prairie
  • State: Texas

Grand Prairie is rated among America’s happiest cities in 2019 making it to the list at the seventh spot. The city ranks high among cities with low depression rate, good income-growth rate, and sufficient average leisure time spent per day, thereby employees are able to have enough time for rest, other activities, exercise and adequate time spent with family members making this city one of the Best Cities to Live in the USA and it is a great place for family life and to raise up the kids. More so, the city experiences a low crime rate which means that the city also a safe place to reside.

  • #8. San Jose
  • State: California

Occupying the seventh spot on the list of Happiest Cities in America in San Jose, popularly referred to as the capital of Silicon Valley. In fact, the city is one of the Best Cities to Live in the USA making it a livable haven and a beautiful city filled with a picturesque view including the mountainous beauty and palm trees. More so, the temperate and sunny weather in this city is enjoyed by residents and visitors that travel into this city. More so, residents are friendly and not hostile with attracting income and employment rates. More so, there is enough leisure time for employees in this city and it is spent on the beach and other fun centers.

  • #9. Scottsdale
  • State: Arizona

Scottsdale is also one of the happy cities in the United States occupying the ninth spot on the list. The city is ranked the happiest out of all the cities in Arizona. More so, it ranks high in the community and environment category, likewise, the income and employment rate in the city is attracting residents earning an average income rated at $51,564 a year which is way over the national income average of $28,555 a year. Residents are friendly and not hostile and a minimal rate of crime occurrence in the city among many others makes this city one of the Happiest Cities in the U.S. and also one of the Safest Cities to live in Arizona.

  • #10. San Francisco
  • State: California
San Francisco
San Francisco

Last on our list is the city of San Francisco in California occupying the 10th spot of happiest cities in the United States. San Francisco was recently rated seventh among the Happiest Cities in the World and is the only city in the United State to make the list. This did not come as a shocker bearing in mind the quality of life enjoyed in the city including beautiful scenic views, ideal round-the-year climate, diverse culture and neighbourhoods, and also residents’ attitude and lifestyle that makes the city an ideal place to reside and also visit.

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Conclusion on 10 Happiest Cities in America 2021

I believe the list did not come as expected, not seeing some or most of the popular cities you know around the country on the list. In fact, from the quality of life enjoyed in most American cities, it is expected that all the cities should compete for happiness rate, nonetheless, the case is not so. We have seen from the list of cities above that location also matters when considering the happiness of a person(s). California State has the most cities on this list and thus safe to say that it is the happiest state in the country. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation or move to a new location, you might want to consider these 10 cities and put them atop your list of preferred cities to visit and possibly reside.

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