Top 10 Best American Football Players in The World

American football is popularly known as Rugby is among the top sporting activities in the world. The sport is graced by many superb and talented players who perform brilliantly on the pitch and wow the fans. We have decided to come up with the Best American Football Players in the World the top 10 of them. In order to get a glimpse of the players rated as the top players which are selected from the NFL Top 100 Players 2020, read through the article to the end.

Top 10 Best American Football Players In The World

The Best American Football Players in the World that will be unveiled soon are among the NFL Top 100 Players 2020 who is believed to be at top form in the game. Below is the highlight of American Football Players who are rated as the best in the game.

List of 10 Best American Football Players

  1. Aaron Donald
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Khalil Mack
  4. Patrick Lavon Mahomes
  5. Todd Gurley
  6. Tom Brady
  7. Antonio Brown
  8. Aaron Rodgers
  9. Julio Jones
  10. Von Miller

Top 10 American Football players rated Best

Aaron Donald

  • Position: Defensive Tackles
  • Position: Running Back
  • Club: Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald opens the curtain on our list and he is considered the Best American Football Player in the World coming in at the number one spot. Donald was drafted into the NFL in 2014 as the thirteenth pick having played college football with the University of Pittsburgh. Donald has been exceptional as a Defensive Tackle since his draft and led the league with 20.5 sacks and 25 tackles for loss and 41 quarterback hits and more making Donald sit atop the list at the number one spot of NFL Top 100 Players 2020.

Drew Brees

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Club: New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees comes in closely behind Aaron Donald at the second spot on our list and also among the Best NFL Players 2020. Brees played college football with Purdue University and was drafted by San Diego Chargers during the 2001 drafts. He has since then improved tremendously becoming the league’s second-best player and also rated among the Best American Football Players in the World. Brees led his team to the NFC championship game and also maintains his presence on the list with yet another record set with the NFL record of all-time passing yards and career completion in 2018.

Khalil Mack

  • Position: Linebacker
  • Club: Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears produces the third player on our list of Best American Football Players in the World, Khalil Mack. Mack who was once the Defensive player of the year has also been in top form and has an eye-catching profile in the league with an exceptional performance which has earned him a spot among the Best NFL Players 2020 and coming in the third spot in the NFL Top 100 Players 2020. Mack’s first match debut with the Chicago bears gave a glimpse of the player’s quality with a forced fumble, recovered a fumble, and a pick-six. Mack who plays as the fourth defender for Chicago Bears helped his team to a 12 game victory and made the postseason for the first time since 2010.

Patrick Lavon Mahomes

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Club: Kansas City Chief’s

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chief’s comes in next on our list to be one of the Best NFL Players 2020. Mahomes supersede expectations that were expected of him with superb performance with 50 touchdowns, 5097 yards, and an MVP trophy. Mahomes is in his third season in the NFL which he began as a backup option to Alex Smith has risen to be one of the best quarterback players in the game. Mahomes is famous for his no-look on the run passes which often leaves opponent players to confuse as to where the ball is and many believe the player is introducing a new flair into the game.

Todd Gurley

  • Position: Running Back
  • Club: Los Angeles Rams

Todd Gurley is another superb American Football player to appear on our list. Gurley was at a top-notch performance before he suffered an injury towards the end of the season. Nonetheless, Gurley’s performance was way ahead of other Running backs and was ahead as the league’s best running backs. Despite playing 14 games, he led the league with 17 rushing touchdowns and third with 1,251 rushing yards. Gurley was drafted by the St. Louis Rams during the 2015 NFL draft before moving to join his current team.

Tom Brady

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Club: New England Patriots

Tom Brady is one of the elite American Football players on our list and has enjoyed plenty of achievement since he was drafted into the NFL in 2000. Brady has featured in nine super bowls which are considered to be the highest for any single player in the history of NFL and he won six of them. Brady has numerous records, titles, awards and accolades which makes him one of the Best NFL Players of all Time. Brady who used to be at the number one spot has however dropped to the sixth spot on our list due to his performance which is not as it used to be.

Antonio Brown

  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Club: Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown also finds a spot on the radar of the Best American Football Players in the World. Brown is one of the best receivers in the league and set a career record with 15 touchdowns in 2018. He was ranked the second-best player in the NFL league last season but dropped 5 spots down coming in at the number seventh spot. Sadly, the player has not enjoyed enough playing time in the NFL due to brawl with the club’s manager.

Aaron Rodgers

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Club: Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is in his fifteenth season in the NFL and he is famous for holding several passing records. Despite suffering an injury in the first week of the league season, Rodgers has continued to be impressive playing 16 games and recording a league-low two interceptions for 0.3 interception percentage. Rodgers’s playing ability and technique are outstanding and setting many records in the NFL including four times in touchdown to interception ratio, twice passer rating, touch down passing percentage among others. He also led his team to win the super bowl XLV thereby becoming the Super Bowl MVP player in 2010.

Julio Jones

  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Club: Denver Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones takes us further in our discussion concerning the current best American football players. Julio Jones was drafted into the NFL during the 2011 draft at the sixth overall pick from the University of Alabama where he played college football. Jones gradually picked up form after a poor start where he had no touchdown during the first seven weeks of the season but gradually improved and became a terror to the opposing teams. Jones finally had eight touches down in the last nine games of the season and is likely to be the masked man for the Falcons come next season.

Von Miller

  • Position: Linebacker
  • Club: Denver Broncos

Completing our list of the Best American Football Players in the World is Von Miller and this is the fourth time Miller will be ranked among the Top 100 NFL Players. However, he was once ranked number two Best American Football Player in the World in 2017 after he won the Super Bowl 50 MVP and has been unable to move up the ladder since then. Miller is not at top performance as he was in his early career nonetheless the linebacker still deserves the number tenth spot as he is still good at what he does.


We have presented you with the list of the Best American Football Players in the World and all the players are from the United States of America and feature in the NFL as well. The list may come to you as a surprise because you may not find the players you like but these players have consistently proven their worth on the pitch with brilliant displays and outstanding performance and why they deserve to be accoladed as the best players in American Football.

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