Hulu is a popular subscription video on demand service that let you watch TV shows and movies online. Probably you just subscribe for Hulu service and don’t know which TV show or movie to watch, don’t worry as we have compiled the Top 25 Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now in this piece of informative writing. Journey with us to find out which programmes on Hulu is worth your time.


On-demand streaming service has increase thanks to the increase demand from movie and TV show lovers. There are numerous shows and movies on Hulu amongst them we have sort out the top 25 TV shows you can watch right now on Hulu. Below is a quick highlight.

  1. America
  2. Nathan for You
  3. letterkenny
  4. Catch-22
  5. Ramy
  6. The Venture Bros
  7. Atlanta
  8. Pen15
  9. Better Things
  10. The Last Man on Earth
  11. Shrill
  12. Key & Peele
  13. Solar Opposites
  14. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  15. Community
  16. Adventure Time
  17. Parks and Recreation
  18. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  19. Broad City
  20. The Good Place
  21. Seinfeld
  22. Arrested Development
  23. Rick and Morty
  24. Black-ish
  25. Futurama


  • #1. Mrs. America
Mrs. America one of the Best TV Shows on Hulu
Mrs. America one of the Best TV Shows on Hulu

Mrs. America is about the feminists move for equal across the American subcontinent as they rally to approve the Equal Rights Amendment. On the other hand, Phylis Schlafly, a conservative activist, opposes it and fights against their actions. The movie is based on the women’s movement in the 1970s.

  • #2. Nathan for You
Nathan for You one of the Best TV shows on HULU currently
Nathan for You one of the Best TV shows on HULU currently

Nathan for you TV show is about a business advisor Nathan Fielder who implements strategies that no typical sales consultant would dare attempt. Nathan combines his unique knowledge with his unusual life experiences to help small businesses that are struggling so as to boost their sales. This is the show for you if your business is facing a dilemma.

  • #3. Letterkenny

Letterkenny is a Canadian comic TV show that covers the frolics of the residents of a small rural community called Letterkenny, in Canada. The TV series deploy deeply rooted Canadian culture, as well as the use of heavy slang, around their lives and encounters with the other eccentrics in the town.

  • #4. Catch-22

Catch-22 surely is a must watch for Hulu subscribers. The movie showcases Artful dodger Yossarian, a bombardier in the U.S. Air Force during World War II who is desperate to get out of war. Yossarian tries to make an attempt to avoid his assignments, by taking advantage of the military’s policy of discharging any soldier on the basis of insanity, if he does, he will be in violation of catch-22 (a rule that states a man is considered insane if he keen to continue to fly dangerous missions, but a request to be removed from duty is evidence of sanity thereby making him ineligible to be relieved of his duty).

  • #5. Ramy

Ramy TV shows is a show with unique perspective that tells the tale of a man caught in between the web of religion and social life. Ramy is a Muslim trying to lead a moral life in amoral times. Despite the ambiguity of the situation he finds himself, he is still trying to do the things that most of his contemporaries do, like date.

  • #6. The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros is an adult animated television series is about a once-famous boy adventurer who grew up to be a failed and unsuccessful scientist who takes over his father’s company, as well as his two sons, Hank and Dean, and their bodyguard, secret agent/bulky murder machine Brock Samson. The TV series showcase the family as they embark on various adventures.

  • #7. Atlanta

Atlanta is an American comedy-drama television series that showcase rappers who wants to make a name for themselves in the business in this movie. The movie revolves around a dogged college dropout, Earn who sleeps lives with his on/off-again girlfriend and struggles to provide for their child. When he learns that his cousin Alfred is gradually attaining stardom as a rapper with the stage name “Paper Boi”, Earn becomes his manager.

  • #8. Pen15

Taking us further as we continue to list out the Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now is Pen15, a comic TV series that showcase Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle as they act as teenage outcasts in the year 2000. Adult Maya and Anna are surrounded by actual teenagers as they have a fresh experience of the ups and downs of middle school life.

  • #9. Better Things

Better Things showcase a divorced Hollywood actress, Sam Fox who struggles to single handedly raise her three daughters, each with their unique challenges, and at the same time trying to focus on her professional career as an actress.

  • #10. The Last Man on Earth

This is an American post-apocalyptic hilarious television series with a unique perception about the end of the world. The movie follows Phil Miller, a miserable and lonely man, who travels across countries in search of other survivors after a deadly virus seems to have wiped out the entire human race.

  • #11. Shrill

Shrill is a comedy TV series acted based on author Lindy West’s 2016 memoir with the same name. The movie showcases a struggling journalist determined to change her life without changing her body. Amidst other things she deals with an unreliable boyfriend, sick parents and a perfectionist boss.

  • #12. Key & Peele

This is a unique comedy show put together by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, two comics, who make use of sketches and live segments to perform jokes and entertain audience.

  • #13. Solar Opposites

This is a Hulu original series created from Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. The movie showcases a team of four aliens after they escape from their planet and crash into a move-in ready home in suburban America. They genuinely couldn’t comprehend if Earth is awesome place or terrible place to live in.

  • #14. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

As we continue on our quest to provide the Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now, we also come across this awesome TV series that showcases five selfish friends who hate each other and also co-own a decrepit Irish bar. The group are constantly involved in various controversies. Watch this hilarious movie to entertain yourself.

  • #15. Community

Community is an   incredible comedy TV show that showcase a group of newly accustomed friends who attend a blunder of a community college. Although this TV series is discontinued but there is rumour of a new series coming forth.

  • #16. Adventure Time

This is a fantasy animation TV show that showcased for ten seasons. The movie follows stories of best friends Jake and 12-years old Finn battles evil in the magical Land of Ooo. the duo roams the magical land of Ooo correcting every crime and battling evil that often happens in the form of the Ice King, who is in search of a wife.

  • #17. Parks and Recreation

Park and Recreation is TV series showcases cast of characters as they operate the Parks and Recreation Department located in the small town of Pawnee, Indiana.

  • #18. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

From the creators of Parks and Recreation coms this interesting comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The movie follows Ray Holt, an eccentric commanding officer of a fictional police department and his diverse and peculiar team of odd detectives to solve crimes in Brooklyn, New York City.

  • #19. Broad City

Broad City is a TV show that follows two best friends, Ilana Wexler and Abbi Abrams who struggle with their low-paying jobs working at a fitness center while they try to balance their daily lives in New York City.

  • #20. The Good Place

This is an incredible American fantasy comedy television series that showcase Eleanor as she goes through several process of becoming a better person in a heaven-like afterlife, so that she can earn her spot in “the Good Place” after she dies.

  • #21. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is a popular American sitcom television series that showcase the group of friends as they endure the farcicalities of life in the big city. The movie features comedy Jerry Seinfeld who plays himself in the movie.

  • #22. Arrested Development

Gradually bringing us to the end of our discussion on Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now is Arrested Development, a TV show that follows the The Bluth family that used to be a household name in the business, loses everything after the head patriarch was convicted for fraud. Now Michael who happens to be the only sane one in the family, must maintain peace at home.

  • #23. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a TV show that is considered to be one of the best animated comedies in years. The TV series follows a scientist who employs the help of his grandson, Morty, to assist him as they go on dangerous adventures and various schemes across space and time.

  • #24. Black-ish

This particular sitcom TV show follows the Johnsons, an upper middle-class family in the United States. Dre and Rainbow try to raise their children, whom they worry may be growing up in a vastly different setting than they did.

  • #25. Futurama

Lastly on our list is an adult animation sci-fi TV series that showcase an accidentally frozen, pizza-deliverer who wakes up 1,000 years in the somewhat in the future.  He was accommodated by an elderly a muddled scientist who owns a small cargo delivery service and also his sole descendant whom he ends up working for an interplanetary delivery company.

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Conclusion on Top 25 Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now

We have come to the end of our discussion on the Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now having mentioned the 25 top movies you can watch on Hulu. These movies are trending and will make your leisure time worthwhile.

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