How To Rotate Videos On iPhone

How to Rotate Videos on iPhone – Rotating videos saved on your iPhone can be ticklish. No wonder many users surf online to How to Rotate a Video on iPhone regardless of the model. Watching a video clip, especially in a landscape view, makes video viewing on your iPhone much more interesting and comforting compared to the portrait view.

Issues often arise when videos are recorded upside down or wrong orientation; this makes rotating videos a bit difficult for iPhone users to rotate video. This article will provide you with different ways you can rotate Video on iPhone.


It is important that you learn How to Rotate Videos on iPhone as this will help you enjoy the viewing experience. Though it may be tasking, fortunately, despite the difficulty in rotating videos on iPhone, it is not without possible solutions and techniques. There are different means on How to Rotate Videos on iPhone, and some of these are outlined in this article as shown below.

Rotate Videos with iMovie in the Photo App

If you are still pondering on How to Rotate Videos on iPhone, you can start by using the preinstalled iMovie gives you the needed flexibility to move, trim, or rotate video clips by just using simple gestures. You can as well tap a clip to reveal additional controls to duplicate, split, or delete the video. However, in this piece of writing, we are concerned with rotating video with this app.

With the iMovie application, you can rotate a video in 90-degree increments, clockwise or anticlockwise. There are two steps to rotate video with iMovie. You can open your video in the photo app and edit it there and rotate it within the app or use the application to open your video directly.

Step 1: Open your photo app on your iOS device.

Step 2: Click on the Video you wish to rotate and open it.

Step 3: Select “edit” found in the upper right angle of the screen.

Step 4: click on the “Extension” icon which is represented by three dots (the dots is located at the bottom of the screen).

Step 5: From there, you should choose “iMovie” from the menu (perhaps you do not directly see “iMovie” in the menu after which you select “More,” and it should appear there).

Step 6: You can now rotate your movie. Use two fingers, slightly apart from each other, and rotate your video in either direction of clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Step 7: The last step is to confirm your changes by selecting “Done” located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Having completed the step above, it is expected that by now, the video should have been saved in the right direction that you want it.

The second option is the use of iMovie App to rotate video. This can be done by following the step below.

How to Rotate Videos on iPhone

Step 1: Make sure that the iMovie app is installed on your iPhone

Step 2: Locate and Open the iMovie app.

Step 3: You will find the video button located at the top of your screen. Click it and search for the particular video that you want to edit. Select that video.

Step 4: Click on the “sharing” icon. You can find this at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Click on “Create Movie” from the displayed options.

Step 6: Once you have selected the video, you are ready to rotate your video. With your two fingers slightly move apart from each other to rotate the video in any direction either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Step 7: Once this is completed, confirm the changes made to the video by selecting “Done” located at the upper left corner of your screen.

Step 8: (Optional) if you want to, you can save your edited video. Re-click the “sharing” icon and select “Save Video.”

Step 9: Lastly, choose any out of the four export sizes for your video (Medium, Large, HD (720p), and HD (1080p.

Once you have completed the step above, iMovie will notify you that your video has been exported to your Photo Library. There, you will find your edited video/movie in your Photo app and not video gallery.

Use Video Rotate App to Flip Video

Aside from the above step, you can also rotate a video on iPhone by using a video rotate app. This helps you to flip video also, for example, “Video Rotate and Flip.” Using this application, you have every liberty to rotate videos as you want in one click and then save the rotated video as a new file. Nonetheless, most of such application is not for free, but you have to purchase it. Also, the app is a storage hugger because it creates a new video every time it rotates a video.

Follow the step below to use a video rotate app to rotate video on iPhone

Step 1: firstly, you need to Purchase Video Rotate and Flip application from App Store.

Step 2: After installation, open the app and select any video (particularly the video with wrong orientation) from Photos app.

Step 3: You have the choice to select from any of the three buttons among Rotate the video 90 degrees, flip the video vertically, and flip the video horizontally to change the video to the correct orientation you want.

Step 4: Click on Save, and the application will rotate the video and save it as a new video saved in your Photos app.

Unlock iPhone Screen Rotation

The latest iPhone models can reorient themselves based on how you’re holding the device. However, if your iPhone screen doesn’t rotate, it means that the screen is locked. Thus, you can also try to rotate your iPhone screen, and it may solve the puzzle on How to Rotate Videos on iPhone.

Locate an icon that looks like an arrow curving around a lock at the top right corner of the screen next to the battery indicator to check whether screen rotation is locked or not. If the icon is highlighted, it means that it is turned on, to turn it off, follow the steps below.

Step 1: SSwerve up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to reveal the Control or Action Center.

Step 2: Click the icon to turn off the rotation lock.

Step 3: Press the “Home button” to close or swipe down the Control Center

Step 4: Once you have successfully turned off the screen rotation lock, you can try to rotate your iPhone, and if the screen rotates, then that’s a success.

Un-rotate Video on iPhone

You can as well perform the opposite action by un-rotating an already rotated video. If you have a RotateNFlip application installed on your iPhone, it is possible to perform this action. The application has a standard iOS Photos editing extension, which can help you revert to your original video clip at any time.

All you need do is to open the application > locate the rotated video > and tap Edit as done initially, then choose Revert to restore the video to its previous format. However, you will see a warning box informing you that you will lose all your edits if you continue with the current action, confirm it, and your video will be restored.

Use of Third-Party Apps

You can also use third party applications (applications that are not preinstalled) to rotate videos on iPhone. All you need do is download the app from the apple store or any get from colleagues to share with you. These apps could either be free with in-app purchases while some can be purchased. Ensure you download the one that works for you.

Conclusion on How to Rotate Videos On iPhone

By now I believe you have seen How to Rotate Videos on iPhone, especially from portrait to landscape and vice versa as discussed above. It is easy to do as against your initial thought of difficulty, follow the instruction above step-by-step to achieve an optimum result, and hopefully, everything works out fine.

Also, know that the above instructions work for both existing videos and captured videos from your phone camera. However when we discover a new method on How to rotate videos on iPhone, this article will be updated but in the main time, make do of these, and hopefully, it will solve the rotation issue.

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