Top Best Cars in the World in 2020 Review

Every year in April, the names of the Best Cars In The World are made public. The communication is made at the corresponding awards ceremony that takes place on the day prior to the opening for the press of the New York International Auto Show, whose present edition has been postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. However, the organization of the so-called World Car Awards has kept the proclamation of the distinguished models on the calendar, as happened with the announcement of the Best Car of the Year in Europe at the beginning of March.


A jury made up of 86 specialized journalists from 24 countries is in charge of choosing the winning model in each of the different categories. The applicants are new models launched on the market during the previous year, in this case, 2019. To cast their votes, the experts assess each car in different aspects (design, innovation, safety, technology …). And, according to his criteria, in this edition, the Best Car in the World is the Kia Telluride. Surely, the vast majority of our readers are not familiar with this name. Normal, since this specimen is not marketed in our market.

Best Cars In The World
Best Cars In The World

It is a large SUV with up to 8 seats (it measures five meters in length, so it is much larger than the Sportage and Sorento), which has been developed in the design center that the company has in California thinking about the US market. It is also manufactured in that country; specifically, in the plant located in West Point (Georgia). This model is marketed in various trim levels (LX, S, EX, SX) and a single mechanical option: a powerful 3.8-liter V6 engine that develops 291 hp. The Telluride prevailed in the last vote over its two finalist rivals, the Mazda CX-30 and the Mazda3 .

The latter has been crowned the winner in the best design category , ahead of the Porsche Taycan and the Peugeot 208. This compact Japanese saloon exhibits an evolution of the Kodo design language, which the firm has been applying for years in the creation of its models. Aesthetically it maintains the identity of the brand – at first glance it is recognized that it is a Mazda car – but it has improved in elegance in both the sedan and the five-door version. Both alternatives feature a large grille, sharp headlights, and sharp wheel arches.

Kia has won a second award for another of its vehicles. The Soul has become the Best Urban Car in the World . In second position was the Volkswagen T-Roc, ahead of the Mini Cooper SE. The third generation of the Korean company’s car measures 419 centimeters in length and has a body halfway between a minivan and an SUV. In Europe, it is only available with electric drive. The e-Soul is marketed with two mechanical options: one of 136 hp with a 39.3kWh battery, which offers a range of 292 kilometers, and another of 204 hp with a 64 kWh battery, which allows traveling up to 452 kilometers with a single charge.


Kia has won two awards: one has been taken by the great Telluride off-road and the other has gone to the urban model Soul

In addition to the aforementioned awards, the jury has awarded another two, which have fallen on the same model. In 2020, the Porsche Taycan has been named Best Sports Car in the World and Best Luxury Car in the World. In the first category, this electric one was imposed in the final to two other cars of the German brand, the 911 and the 718. The performance figures of the zero-emission model have earned it the distinction.

The 680 hp (500 kW) Turbo version reaches 260 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. While these figures are impressive, even more so are those offered by the Turbo S variant, capable of temporarily developing up to 761 hp (560 kW) thanks to the over-boost and Launch Control functions. This example needs only 2.8 seconds to move the speedometer signal to 100 km / h from standstill.

Virtues are also not lacking to be considered the Best Luxury Car in the World. In addition to its sporting credentials, it has premium equipment in all areas (comfort, technology, safety, connectivity…), as well as being made with high-quality materials and presenting impeccable finishes. Obviously, all this has a cost, so that we are facing a vehicle within reach of privileged pockets. Its starting price exceeds 155,000 euros.

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