7 Things That Can Sabotage Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Frustrating isn’t it? Being injured by the negligence or actions of another person can be. It can also be frustrating, exhausting, and even painful. It is possible to miss work, lose your wages, take days or weeks off work, and then struggle to rebuild your life after an accident. It is fair that you get compensation for personal injuries.

Even if all the evidence points to the fact that the accident was not your fault, it’s possible to undermine your case.

You could be facing criminal charges for a more serious offense. These are the top seven things that could ruin your chances of winning your case according to personal injury lawyers.

1. Not Telling the Truth or Exaggerating

False statements to an insurer could result in your personal injury claim being null or criminal charges. While you want to be cautious about what you tell an insurance company, you shouldn’t lie to them under any circumstance.

2. Not keep your case confidential.

Don’t discuss your case with anyone. You should not allow an insurance adjustor, lawyer for the opposing party or juror to contact you about your case. Instead, ask your attorney any questions. Talking about your case can reveal important details, damage your legal strategy, and even lead to criminal charges. Even if you are a loving person, you might forget an important detail. This could lead to serious consequences.

3. Actively Using Social Media Platforms

Keep active on social media To show that your injuries weren’t as severe, insurers can use status updates and photos posted on Facebook and Twitter. Avoid posting any personal information or photos to your social media accounts. For the duration of your case set your social media accounts to “private”, and ask your family and friends not to mention you there.

4. Failing to Consult With Your Attorney Before Signing

You need to consult with your attorney before signing anything. Signing anything in small print could mean you lose your rights to sue the other party. Even something seemingly innocuous like signing a check to reimburse you for renting a car, you could be giving up your legal rights. Always consult your attorney before signing anything.

5. Waiting Too Long to File Suit

Failure to timely file your lawsuit can lead the less or non-compesatio for your lot. Each state has its own statutes of limitations that govern how long you have to wait after an accident before filing a personal injury case. Sometimes the insurer will try to slow you down by offering settlements or prolonging your case beyond the expiration of the statute. Talk to a personal injury attorney about the time you must file a suit. Don’t miss this crucial date!

6. Failure to follow Medical Recommendations

It is important that you visit your doctor and follow his instructions. Don’t lift a carton of milk if your doctor says so. Do what the doctor says. Failure to follow doctor’s instructions or missing appointments can be used by the insurer to prove that you are not as hurt as you claim. Respect the doctor’s instructions and attend all appointments on time.

7. Hiding past injuries or accidents.

Insurers may discover prior injuries and you could lose your case. When it comes to filing a personal injury case, credibility is crucial. It is important to clearly state your case if you have a previous injury that has been exacerbated by an accident or caused an injury that has healed to be re-injured.

Your attorney should present these details to the insurance company. A good personal injury attorney will be able to help you position it in a way that doesn’t harm your claim. Insurance companies know how to uncover things that you would rather conceal and find ways to deny a personal injury case. A good personal injury attorney can help you decide what to do and not do to get the settlement you need.

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