Top 10 Comedian of All Time

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Comedy is a fascinating and intelligent profession that involves high thinking to break the tight face of the audience and get them grinning, smiling and laughing out loud. A fit that is not easy to achieve. However, numerous comedians have come and gone, and more are still coming into the profession and thus making it a lot of tasks to come up with the Best Comedian of all time. However, this task does not go without a trial as we have painstakingly come up with Best Comedians who are also the Best Standup Comedians of all Time.


These comedians may not necessarily be the funniest, but trust me; they are high in the art and act. Therefore, we have selected comedians that have creative ideas and important social, political, or religious satire. Without further ado, below is the Best Comedian of all time.

  1. George Carlin
  2. Bill Cosby
  3. Richard Pryor
  4. Lenny Bruce
  5. Bob Hope
  6. Jerry Seinfeld
  7. Paula Poundstone
  8. Bill Hicks
  9. Steve Martin
  10. Eddie Murphy

Top Best Comedian Of All Time 2020

These are the comedians selected and considered to be the best comedians ever, and most of them are loved by almost everybody who ever listened to and watched their performance.

  • #1. George Carlin
George Carlin One of The Best Comedian Of All Time
George Carlin One of The Best Comedian Of All Time

George Carlin as far as we are concerned is the Best Comedian of all time. His full name is George Denis Patrick Carlin, and he was an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and a social critic. He was a combination of socio-political comedian and an observational/word-play comedian. His fascinating “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television” is classic. His comedy often revolves around black comedy and reflections on politics, the legendary use of English language, psychology, religion, and various taboo subjects which were very notable and often hilarious.

  • #2. Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby on the ranking of Top Best Comedian Of All Time 2019
Bill Cosby on the ranking of Top Best Comedian Of All Time 2020

On the second spot of our list of Best Comedian of all Time is William Henry Bill Cosby, Jr., another comedy legend to have raced our world. He is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author. He is popular among the senior citizens. He is most known for his contribution to the TV show “The Cosby Show,” which he starred in and also the producer. Interestingly, Bill is not just a fascinating standup comedian but also a great storyteller, especially his story about families which are so familiar because they are about the everyday experience that happens to us. Unfortunately, he was accused of several sexual assaults.

  • #3. Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor one of the All time Best Comedian of All time
Richard Pryor one of the All-time Best Comedian of All time

Going further is Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor popularly known as “Richard Pryor was an American stand-up comedian, actor, and social criticizer. Pryor is among the favorite and one of the comedians many people from the 80s and early 90s grew up listening too. It undoubtedly one of the Best Standup Comedians of all Time whose notable act and uncompromising examinations of racism and contemporary topical issues, which employed offensiveness and swearword, as well as racial sobriquets. As far as we know it, Pryor was a giver. He made his pain known; he admitted his faults and implored the audience to like him.

  • #4. Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce full name is Leonard Alfred Schneider, was an American stand-up comedian and social critic. He was famous for his open, free-style and critical form of comedy which integrated satire, politics, religion, sex, and vulgarity. He is known for maxim on anything that came to his mind while he is on stage has earned him a genius reputation. Lenny Bruce is known for his strife and sacrifice which many has ascribed as a man who took the bullet for all comedians. Sadly this great comedian was short-lived (died at the age of 40 due to drug overdose). Before his death, he opened the way for the use of “free speech” in entertainment.

  • #5. Bob Hope
Bob Hope
Bob Hope

Leslie Townes Hope popularly known as “Bob Hope” was an American stand-up comedian, vaudevillian, actor, singer, dancer, athlete, author, and philanthropist. He is one comedian who traveled a lot all through his active days in the comic career. He is rated to be among the indisputable elite icons of comedy in the 20th century. Bob Hope stayed very long in the act even at 75; he was still at the top of his game going on word tour. Not forgetting he was an athlete that he ran for NBC. He was always on his toes, bringing up new jokes thanks to his well-paid writing staff that was available round the clock. No wonder he was an outstanding entertainer who amused America for eight decades, with ever-ready jokes to thrill you and becoming a reliable source of laughs.

  • #6. Jerry Seinfeld

Kick-starting the second half of the list is Jerome Allen Seinfeld an amazing and fascinating American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. Even if there were to be the category of Observational comedian, Jerry Seinfeld would excel them all because of how he masterfully elevated the art form to whole different heights through his decades of dedication to the craft. Jerry Seinfeld has a unique ability to transform ordinary and observational material and take them to a whole new level. He is famous for his notable program sitcom Seinfeld, which he co-created with Larry David and where he is starred playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself. As a standup comedian, he is known for observational comedy.

  • #7. Paula Poundstone

Here is the only woman that made our list, Paula Poundstone an American stand-up comedian, author, actress, interviewer, and commentator. Also, like Richard Pryor, Poundstone makes jokes out of her pain and struggles, and she shares it in a way that makes the audience crack their ribs! Among which includes making jokes of her suicide attempt. What also inspired us to consider her to be enlisted among the Best Comedians of all Times is her knack to come up with new jokes that are written by her.

  • #8. Bill Hicks

Gradually reaching the end of our discussion, we take a turn to William Melvin Hicks popularly known by his stage name Bill Hicks. He was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, and musician. He is considered to be an honest comedian; however, his honesty did not come without a cost because it got him notoriety as well as got him in trouble. His comic art encompasses a wide range of social issues including religion, politics, and philosophy, which were deemed to be controversial and mostly steeped in dark comedy. Sadly, his life was short-lived (he died at age 32 due to cancer) thereby ending a career that was 100% unique.

  • #9. Steve Martin

Stephen Glenn Martin is an American actor, comedian, writer, filmmaker, and musician. Steve Martin also contributed his best to the comedy industry. He was so funny that as soon as the audience spots him coming up the stage, they begin to laugh. No wonder he was number one standup comedian all through the 1960s and 70s, becoming an undisputed champion at that time. His career began by writing for the Smothers Brothers and other stars which exposed him to a lot of techniques and skills which he mastered and offered a classic stand-up game, creating a hysterical persona. However, he retired from the art as soon as his acting career began. He was a unique comedian and often dressed the part

  • #10. Eddie Murphy

Closing the curtain on our list is Edward Regan popularly known as “Eddie Murphy” is an American comedian, actor, writer, singer, and producer. Eddie began his career as a teen performing in New York City and by age 19, he has started landing a gig on SNL. He is not just a hilarious and fascinating comedian and has been included among the Best Standup Comedians of all Time. All children and adult love Eddie Murphy for his hilarious character. Eddie artful personality was revealed through that goofy classic Eddie laugh that he portrayed in most of his films.

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Conclusion on the Best Comedian of all Time Top 10

These are the Best Comedians of all Time that we’ve listed in this article. I know you may be wondering, why didn’t we include great comedians, the likes of Brian Regan, Milton Berle, Henny Youngman, Jack Benny, Sam Kinnison, George Burns, Mitch Healdsburg, Ellen DeGenerous, Alan King and so many more? Well, to be candid, the list was not long enough to put together a list of comedian that impacted the comedy industry. However, the comedians listed here are worth it.

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