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Nigerian Female Actors are one of the Super bowl hands when you talk of entertainment industry In Africa and Nigeria as a whole.  Bollywood Actresses In Nigeria Movie Industry which is double as the largest movie Industry in the whole of Africa. Nigerian Female Actors are one of the Superbowl hands when you talk of entertainment industry In Africa and Nigeria as a whole. Bollywood Actresses In Nigeria Movie Industry which is double as the largest movie Industry in the whole of Africa.

In Nigeria Movie Industry,  you can pick even at random Best Actors And Best Actress In Africa just from Nigeria. The international recognition Nigeria is gaining with a momentum that is uncontrollable is exceedingly great.

This industry has seen to the production of not less than 200 movies on monthly bases which entails huge sum of money and in return a dividend and source of income to the producers and the nation at large.  On the List Of Famous/Popular Nigerian Actresses, Date Of Births and other things you need to know about them are figures that have featured in not less than 80-100 of the movies that are released on Monthly bases.  They are actresses that have been in the industry from time immemorial which they are known as big fish in the industry. Follow us as we bring to you all you need to know about these Actresses.

Before we fully delve into this list, here are the things we seek to provide answers to in this write-up;

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it is popular and well accept a view that Nigerian Actors have not achieved much of what Bollywood Actresses or should we say Nigerian Female Actresses has achieved. We will be giving you the full List Of Nigerian Female Actors that are seen frequently on every screen in every home movies.


  • Genevieve Nnaji

    Geneieve Nnaji One Of Nigerians Female Actors
    Genevieve Nnaji One Of Nigerians Female Actors

On our list is the superstar, a Pro in the game, one of the Biggest and most celebrated Female Actress In Nigeria. This young damsel has been in the industry from the time we cannot pen down currently, she has been one do the frequent face you see everywhere anywhere when you are talking about Africa Movie Industry. She found her origin in Imo State where she was given birth to on the 3rd day of May in the year 1979. She has won several awards and honors for herself, in fact, she was generally referring to like Julia Roberts Of Africa by the popular TV channels CNN.

She is one of the Highest Paid Actresses In Nigeria, and double as one of the Most Sought After Actresses In Nigeria. Her movie was the first African movie that will be featured on Netflix which is one of American Media Services. Several awards have been accorded various time and various time for him. One thing that still surprises all her fans and viewer is her Singlehood she still maintaining, she has never disclosed to remain like that or she is still searching for Mr. Right.

  • Patience Ozokwor

    Mama G One Of The Famous Nigeria Actress
    Mama G One Of The Famous Nigeria Actress

By popular name general appellation, they called her Mama G. When we start to count, she has acted not less than 150 movies, despite her age, she is very active and one of the best hand in the Industry, also, you cannot write about Nigerian Female Actors or Bollywood Actresses In Nigeria without writing about Mama G. Her coming to the movie Industry was majorly influenced by Chika Okpala by stage name they know her to be Zebrudaya.

Her popular role in movies is always been a wicked woman and some cruel act. She has been awarded both home and international which was as a result of her hard work and craftiness.


  • Oge Okoye
Oge Okoye
Oge Okoye

Oge Okoye is another best hands in the Industry which you cannot dispute her technocratic ideas in the movie. She is professional Actress, both by practice and study,  she got certified in the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka where she bagged her Bachelor degree in Theatre Arts.

She has featured in various movies and still one of the Actresses topping the game in the whole of Africa.

  • Omotola Jolade Ekeinde

    Omotola Jolade
    Omotola Jolade

Writing on Bollywood Actresses Or Bollywood Actors In Nigeria, she is one of the best hands you can ever find in this industry. Her charming and stunning looks which when you come near her will make you grasp your breath and shout Oh!  My God what a beauty and creative nature walking among nature.

By certification she is a certified Estate Manager,  by profession, she is an Actresses and doubles as a music Artist, one of her movie which is Mortal Inheritance got her to the limelight and suggested her for the best actresses, this movie was released in the year 1995. She is one of the Best Nigerian Female Actors, her date of birth was not actually known.

  • Tonto Dikeh

This actress is another hand in the Industry that holds you spellbound with her actions and performances on stage. She was born in the year 1985 on the 9th of June,  even though by profession she is not an actress, she studies Petrochemical Engineering in Rivers State University Of Science and Technology. She got her self into the movie Industry when she won the Reality TV Show and The Next Movie Star.

After her emergency in this program, she has then got featured in many movies both in Nigeria and Outside Nigeria. Her thrilling body shape got everyone thinking. Recently, she planned to venture into Music, but after her first release, the reaction of the general populace to her album got her taking some steps back from the music industry.

  • Mercy Johnson.

    Mercy Johnson
    Mercy Johnson

Am sure before you go to this number, you must have wonder where is the talented Mercy Johnson, the sexy Actress and one of the best hands Nigerian Movie Industry is privileged to have. Have is from one of the South West state, Kogi.

Her surface into the movie Industry was not an accidental case or as a result of academics certification, rather it was after she failed her University Matriculation Examinations which is one of the standing order to be admitted to the University.

She came to limelight after taking up a role in the Movie titled the Maid, where she acted as a house help that was possessed. She afterward has gain acceleration in term of her career to reach for the sky. In the year 2009, she was honored with the Award of Best Supporting Actresses. Well, she is also a pro when you talk about acting and displaying passion and natural affection for what she does as a profession.

Ini Edo


Ini is another fascinating Actress In Nigeria Movie Industry. She was born in the year 1982 in the 23rd day of April to be precise. By name her full name is Iniobong Edo Ekim, she hailed from Akwa Boom State In Nigeria. By profession and certification she is an Actress, she Study Theater Arts in the University of Calabar.

She is one of the Actress you can underestimate in the movie Industry, she will be exactly 19 years in the movie, and ever since the commencement of her career in the year 2000, She has got featured in various movies that are intriguing and blockbusters.

  • Uche Jombo

Here on the List Of Nigerian Female Actors is another super-duper star Uche Jombo. She is a graduate of Calabar University, here in this University she bagged the Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Statistics. She later further her adventure to study Computer Programming In the Minna Federal University Of Technology. She started her acting in the year 1999, her first movie where she was featured was Visa to hell and afterward, she has been featured in various movies.


She was not limited to just movie, she is also a screenwriter she has Co-write and has written movies herself. She currently signed an agreement with Globalcom a giant network provider in Nigeria. She is one of her Actresses doing well in their chosen career.

  • Stephanie Okereke

This Actress is not just an Actresses, but also a singer. Her sojourn in the movie Industry started in the year 1997 where she was given a role to perform in the movie titled Compromise II and Waterloo. After her movie career, she further her studies in Calabar University where she studied English and Literally Studies.

One of her movies earned close to 8 awards which she released in the year 2002 title of the movie is Emotional Crack. She won in the year 2003 double awards, Best English Actress and Real Awards. She has a whole lot of movies she has acted and those that are still in the pipe which is still in shooting stages, she meant to rock different TV screens soon.

  • Rita Dominic

Oh yes our last Actress on the list, Rita Dominic was born in the year 1975 on the 12th of July. She came from the same state even same local government with Genevieve Nnaji, Mbasie In Imo State. She has been in the movie in the industry is quite a while, ever since her commencement of Movie, she has won several awards which include Best Actress In A Leading Role in the year 2012.

She got her first featured in the movie titled A Time to Kill which was back than 2004. She is well celebrated for her craftiness, her perfect acting of any role given to her to perform. No one can ever dispute the fact that Nigerian Movie Industry has got enough big fish in their net.

Nigerian Bollywood Actresses Thing You Need To Know 2020

So far so good, we have given you some important and well-known Actresses in the Nigeria movie Industry. In the shore of Africa and the entire world, it is a known fact that Nigeria harbors the best Actresses, Actors even Music and Rap artists. It is an understatement to say, Nigeria has got nothing with various technocrats she has on board.

Conclusion On List Of Popular Nigerian Female Actresses Date Of Birth, Latest News, Gist And All Information You Need To Know

We give you all information about Nigerian Female Actresses. Also, some spectacular things you need to know about this actresses have also been discussed.

We do appreciate your feedback, your contributions and a response from our esteem readers so as to drive to the accuracy we are have been maintaining over time. So, for now, that is all you need to know about Nigerian Female Actors.





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