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Ariana Grande is an amazing artist who specialized in movies presentation and soap opera presentation. She started in so many operas and also in cosmic videos, this eventually has captured the heart of many to her movies, besides, she is an ever-ready actress, very diligent hardworking, also she is very lively in all her show. Ariana Grande is also a well-known singer and whenever she sings there is always an amazing atmosphere, this means she really sings well.

Ariana Grande Net Worth and Biography have been the talk of many as many people anticipate to know more about this pretty and an amazing young lady, but before we go into details her net worth and biography, we will highlight here a brief description of her personal life.

  • Personal Information
  • Birth name / Full Name- Ariana Grande-Butera
  • Birth Sign- CANCER.
  • Religion- She simply believes God
  • Nationality – Boca Raton, Florida USA.
  • Body Measurement- 32/24/32.
  • Height- 155 CM
  • Weight- 48 KG.
  • Hair and Eye Color- Dark Brown.
  • Music Genres – pop music and R&B
  • Occupation(s) – professional singer-songwriter, Entertainer
  • Date of Birth – June 26, 1993
  • Year’s active–2011 till date

Ariana Grande a popular music artiste has his stage name to be a Barbie princess according to her movies.


Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida USA in the year 1993 on June 26, she is known as a professional singer, but she was an actress in the past, she began her career in the year 2008 with two television series that was titled ‘Sam and Cat’ and ‘Victorious. This was the series she started in 2008 and she was well known for it, but the series later ended in 2014. When it ended, her career does not end there but she proceeds forward to pursue her goal. She continued her journey by joining so many television stations and she mostly sings while her voice is used as a background track for animated movies. This makes her proceeds with her music career. Her music career does not stop her from being an actress but she is doing well in both career of hers, which shows that Ariana Grande as young as she is, she is a hardworking and diligent lady.

She basically sings pop music and R&B and sometimes does any kind of movies, and her music career began to flourish in the year 2011 when she recorded a soundtrack she named ‘Victorious’. After which she did a studio album titled ‘Yours Truly’ which was on the US Billboard 200. She also leads a song which she titled the album The Way and this song was recorded as the top 10 the US Billboard 200. Most people do compare her voice to that of Mariah Carey.

She made her second album in 2014, it was actually released in 2014 and was titled My Everything, it also became one of the most played songs in different countries all over the world except in the USA. Ariana Grande songs always make hit in the Billboard hot 100 and that hasten her career success. She went on a world tour tagged ‘The Honeymoon Tour’ in 2014 and she was the first musical artiste a singer to be precise to have singles from each of her already released albums within the top 10 range on the Billboard.


    • Ariana Grande Biography

Ariana Grande’s real and full name is Ariana Grande-Butera, and her birth sign is known as Cancer. She is a young girl that believes in God ad she is from a white race and ethnicity. She went to Elementary school in her home town and from there moved to middle school but in the long run, she was unable to complete her middle school because of her pursue in her music career. She later continued her education by personal tutors. Ariana Grande has a firm and athletic build, which implies that her strength and agility is guaranteed.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande parents supported her in her career. Her mother Joan Grande is the chief executive officer of House-McCann communications, (a popular telephone and alarm system company.) and her family Edward Butera is the sole owner of a graphic design firm in Boca Raton. They are from an Italian lineage, and they gave their daughter the name ‘Araina’ from a Princess known as Ariana in ‘Felix the Cat’. Ariana had an older half-brother Frankie whom she always talks about and her love for this her half brother cannot be overemphasized. Her family moved from New York to Florida when her mother was with her pregnancy. After their relocation, when she was about 9 years old, her parents were separated from each other.


Ariana Grande was raised in a Roman Catholic environment but she left the environment due to some reasons as she let go of her faith during Benedict XXI’s pontificate. She lived her life based on her idea since she was a child and she has been in the ‘Kabbalah’ teachings since her childhood. The Kabbalah teachings made her believes that if you want to behave good things come your way or you want to enjoy good things, then you have to be a good person to your others and everything about you. She continued her lesson in the Kabbalah teachings and she gained some morals.

When she was a little girl, she performed at the children’s theatre with a group called ‘Fort Lauderdale’. When she was 13 years old she will always go for singing at any time, is either she sings or does nothing. Ariana was part of the musicals for ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast.

She met a guy named Graham Phillips in 2008 when he was filming for ‘the musical’ and both of them fell in love with each other as they dated for 3 years, after which they break up and went their separate ways. Ariana, on the other hand, did not stop loving as she went into another relationship with Nathan Skyes and their relationship again was broken. She was once in a relationship with Ricky Alvarez in 2016, Ricky Alvarez is a footballer. After a lot of relationship with some of the singers, she is finally in a relationship with Mac Miller till date since September 2016.

Ariana Charity

At a very young age of Ariana when she was 10, she alongside with some girls organized a group, a singing group in Florida which they called ‘Kids Who Care’. These kids raised a fund of $500,000 as they made a charity presentation and the fund raised was used for charities in 2007. She herself proceeded to orchestrate (a Broadway in South Africa), to teach and play music to the children of Gugulethu in South Africa, but her brother Frankie joined her on stage each time she wants to teach and play music to the children.

Ariana also participated in the campaign to stop ‘Online Bullying’ and tagged it ‘Delete Digital Drama’. She also participated in a charity event when she stood up to campaign against cancer. This campaign was tagged ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ and this campaign was a television program. She performed her single titled My Everything in the program, and she related the lyrics of the song as a dedication to her grandfather who died from cancer in the same month. She did a campaign to promote the adoption of dogs, and she got a lot of pet she adopted from the rescue dogs.


She continued her Charity program as she made a march for business in 2016, as she launched her brand of lipstick in connection with MAC, known as ‘MAC Viva Glam’ by Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande also proceeded to do a collage with Mikey Cyrus so as to promote her foundation known as ‘Happy Hippy Foundation’  Happy Hippy Foundation was raised to help homeless youths. She had also helped and raised funds for the children and women of Malawi by joining hands with Madonna to raise funds for them. She believes that there should not be a judgment from complexion perspective as she believes that everyone is equal.

She recorded a song with Victoria Monét and they titled the song ‘Better Days’. This was done to support the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ and also to help the Manchester victims who died in the Arena Bombing. She also sang a song ‘One Last Time’ one of her released the track in the in a concert and she broke into tears in the live performance concert during that time. She joined in ‘March for Our Lives’ in 2018 when she moved the motion to support gun control.

In this article, we discussing Ariana Grande Net Worth and Biography, but her biography has been made justice to, now we are going to be writing about Ariana Net Worth.

  • Ariana Net Worth

Ariana Grande’s net worth is roughly the sum of $26 million; it has been recorded to be $26million as at now.


Conclusion On Ariana Grande Net Worth And Biography

Ariana Grande’s is a devoted and dedicated young lady, she had a goal and also pursue her dreams despite that she was raised by a single parent, not all that she did so many charity works that she will be remembered for throughout her lifetime. She is an embodiment of as she shows love to everyone around. Ariana Grande is a successful artist and it’s sure that sky is just her starting point. In summary, she is loved.

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