Top 10 Cloudiest Cities In The United States

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In our discussion today, we take a look at the Cloudiest Cities in the United States. This goes to say that the cities enlisted in here are the Least Sunny Cities in the US because they enjoy just a little sunshine duration over a given period. This gives us an indication of which cities in the United States of America are the cloudiest. If you are curious to know, then read along as we unveil to you the towns that enjoy the least sunshine in the country.


The United State is not left out of countries hosting cities that experience less sunshine which will be revealed to you soon. Anyways, below is a highlight of the Least Sunny Cities in the Us.

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Anchorage
  3. Seattle
  4. Columbus
  5. Portland
  6. Detroit
  7. Indianapolis
  8. Milwaukee
  9. Philadelphia
  10. Chicago

Ther you have a glance at the cities experiencing heavy cloud cover in the United States. However, the rate of cloudiness often differs from year to year. Below is a brief discussion on these cities, especially to know What US City has the Least Sunny Days.

Least Sunny Cities in the Us.

#1. Pittsburgh         

Location: Pennsylvania    

Pittsburgh on the list of Chicago one of the Cloudiest Cities in the United States
Pittsburgh on the list of Chicago one of the Cloudiest Cities in the United States

To start with on What US City has the Least Sunny Days? The city of Pittsburgh in Pensylvania is the answer to that question becoming the cloudiest city in the US on our list. Pittsburgh tends to be cloudy most often, especially from November through March, and there is a good amount of rainfall. Clouds cover 75 percent or more for about or more than 203 days a year. it is not new that the city of Pittsburgh sits atop the list occupying the first spot.

#2. Anchorage        

Location: Alaska    

The second Cloudliest City in the United States, as well as one of the Least Sunny Cities in the US, is Anchorage, Alaska. The weather in Anchorage is also cloudy with the summers cool and mostly cloudy while the weather in winters is long, freezing, snowy, and partly cloudy. Also during the winter season, weather in anchorage is a dark proposition. Also, from December to January, day length doesn’t reach six hours until February. Even when the sun shone, it may not be obvious as the clouds are too thick to let the sunray pass through.

#3. Seattle   

Location: Washington       

Moving over to Washington, the city of Seattle comes up at the third spot as one of the Cloudliest Cities in the United States aside from being one of the rainiest cities in the country. The city experience about 201 days out of the year and can extend to 294 if including the partly-cloudy days. Nonetheless, the city is well known to experience steady, gentle precipitation rather than big storms unlike most cities at the East Coast that get huge rainfall all at once. The number of days of cloudiness also causes the city to experience darkness because the sunn rises late and sets early. This is attributed to its location in the far northern city in the country.

#4. Columbus          

Location: Ohio        

Moving over to the United States of Ohio, the city of Columbus in this state occupies the fourth spot on our list of Cloudliest Cities in the United States. the city experience opaque cloud cover for an average of 190 days a year, 103 days of partly cloudy skies and 72 clear days. However, there is a tendency of the cloud cover to increase more than the days estimated here. The city experiences its highest cloudiness from November through January while it receives its highest amount of sunshine in July.

#5. Portland

Location: Oregon   

It is not a surprise that the city of Portland made our list been just three hours away from the city of Seattle, known for its perpetual precipitation. Also, its location in Oregon considered being the most cloudy state in the United States. Portland likes Seattle, Portland experience heavy rainfall which lasts for about or more than 164 days as well as darkness due to cloud covering for a lengthy number of days. Nonetheless, despite the high level of rainfall, there is no worry of stormy weather or a full day of heavy rain.

#6. Detroit   

Location: Michigan

Detroit on the list of top Pittsburgh on the list of Chicago one of the Cloudiest Cities in America
Detroit on the list of top Pittsburgh on the list of Chicago one of the Cloudiest Cities in America

The city of Detroit in the United States of Michigan is not left out among the Least Sunny Cities in the US. one of the major factor contributing to the cloudiness of Detroit is Lake Michigan, especially when the lake is warm, allowing the cold air to cloud over the city immediately. The city experiences sunshine for only 27% of the year. November through January are the cloudiest periods often with only 63.7 hours of sunshine in December. Also, the month of July is often sunny in Detroit with an average of 318 hours of sunshine.

#7. Indianapolis     

Location: Indiana  

The city of Indianapolis is partly cloudy year round and experience sunshine for about 2440 hours annually. Indianapolis too like other cities earlier mentioned experience the darkest months in December, with a ray of sunshine approximately 102.4. thus, we can safely say that the summer in this city is longer, warm, humid, and wet; on the other hand, winters are frigid and windy. However, Indianapolis enjoys clearer weather which starts around June 14 up until the ending of October 31, lasting for about 4.5 months.

#8. Buffalo   

Location: New York

Moving to the eastern region of the country, Buffalo is another city that also experiences cloudiness. Buffalo is often known to be cloudy, particularly due to the cloudy skies which cover the majority of Upstate where the city of Buffalo is located, and it is among the Cloudliest Cities in the United States. The origin of Buffalo’s cloud cover can be traced to Lake Erie. The city often experiences frequent winds off of Lake Erie which leads to several feet of snow on Buffalo over few days. Also, the ice pack on Lake Erie does not usually defreeze until mid-April, despite that, the lake remains very cold throughout May. Fortunately, the city still enjoys a pleasant summer is pleasant. Thanks to plentiful sunshine, with warm temperatures, and moderate humidity levels.

#9. Cleveland          

Location:  Ohio       

Gradually ending our discourse, we move over to Cleveland located in the United States of Ohio. The city seconds Grand Rapids as the cloudiest city in the Midwestern region of the country. The city is left out of the cloud effect of Lake you, which often brings about extra cloud cover and snow in the city. It is often worse during winter as it seems like the sun is hidden and no sunray is visible, which makes the days gloomy and the sky so cloudy and grey. With this, it means that Cleveland also experiences a lot of dark hours in the city with shorter days and longer night (dark hours I’ll like to put). However, on average, Cleveland experience 166 sunny days a year.

#10. Chicago

Location: Illinois

Chicago one of the Cloudiest Cities in the United States
Chicago one of the Cloudiest Cities in the United States

The city of Chicago in Illinois completes the list of the Cloudliest Cities in the United States. The city experience sunshine for 2,508.40 hours annually. However, the city of Chicago gets precipitation, on average of 125 days a year. Long brutally cold winters often characterize Chicago’s weather while it also experiences a hot, humid summer. During the summer season, the sun strongly heats the ground and overlying air causing currents of ascending warm air to produce cumulus clouds that increase and covers the city

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Conclusion on the Cloudiest Cities in the United States Top 10

From our list above, we observed that the majority of the cities deemed to be the cloudiest in the country are close to bodies of water. This is in no way a surprise to us. Also, most of the cities that are located around the Northwestern region of the country tend to experience high rainfall more than any other region in the country contributes to the cloudiness of those cities. Not just that, most of these cities tend to be cloudless during December with less than 110 hours of sunshine. Reason being that December falls in the winter season where there is cloudy skies, snowfall, and shallow temperature as well.

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