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It is golden and paramount at this point in time to write on Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth according to Forbes and in the same vain quickly write on his Salary and what he takes home weekly. We already know that all players are well remunerated but there some special cases to special and giant players in the industry, the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., Paul Pogba, Iniesta, Kante, and many other star players are well paid and are worth more than any player in the football environment. Before we further, here are the things we will quickly look at in this write-up.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo Salary
Cristiano Ronaldo Forbes Net Worth
Cristiano Ronaldo Salary In Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Salary In Manchester United F.C

Follow us and take a chill drink as we drive you to every node you need to know about this subject matter.

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We do not longer need to give you information about who Cristiano Ronaldo is, as we all know, he is always in the list of the top two best players in the world, and when you have a player in the list of top two best in the world, it simply means, his salary also must be in the bracket of top two in the whole world when you wrote about football players.

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary

We will give you the information about his salary from the commencement of his football career and how much he earned from each club he has played for even up to date.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Salary August 2003 Contract With Manchester United

Around August in the year 2003 after the likes f David Beckham and Alex Ferguson needed to be replaced, Cristiano Ronaldo was bought and the deal which was to last for 5 years and Cristiano Ronaldo was to be earning 35,000 Euros per week which is a huge amount of money as at then, he was bought from his former club at the whopping price of 12.24million Euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo June 2007 Contract Wi Manchester United

After Cristiano Ronaldo completed his first contact with Manchester United, there was a renewal program and he was again signed for another 5 years and he was to be collecting 120,000 Euros per week which is approximately 6 million Euros per annum. This is a whopping amount for any football player as of then.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jul 2009 Contract With Real Madrid

After Cr7 completed his second-time contract with Manchester United, he shows his desire to play for Real Madrid and he was sold to Real Madrid for a whopping amount of 80 Million Euros for 6 years’ contract, and his salary per week was 183,000 Euros which is to be increasing with 25% every year and it will sum up to about 556,000 Euros in his final year or his final first Contract year with Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo September 2013 Contract With Real Madrid

After his first five years contract with Re Madrid, his salary gains stamina the more and the second contract made him the highest-paid player in a football game, he is to be taking home weekly a whopping amount of 288,000 Euros after Tax has been deducted which will aggregate to be 15 million Euros in a year outside tax.

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary Contract With Real Madrid November 2016

His salary also increased in the 3rd appointment with Real Madrid and he is to be taking home weekly 365,000 Euros after Tax has been deducted which is about 21 million Euros in a year after Tax. This contract is to lase up to 2021 and 2022 seasons respectively.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth Forbes 2019: $450 Million

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtingly earned a huge and terrific amount of money from the football clubs he played for and also a different endorsement deal he has signed which we will write about shortly. Forbes has ranked Cristiano Ronaldo to worth an estimated amount of $450 million US dollars.

Facts You Need To Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

It will interest you to know he is one of the most endorsed in which currently he is with the fourth endorsement sports deal with Nike with 14.1 Million in a year including other deals he still has that are currently active.

  • His cloth and shoes are branded with Cr7 which worth about$80 Million.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo has Hotels in different 4 cities.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most marketable player and Athlete in the whole world.

Cristiano Ronaldo Current Club Contract With Juventus

Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo played for the Juventus F.C where he was purchased from Real Madrid with a whopping price of $140 Million and also about $35 million Annual salaries that were owned for Real Madrid, and the deal which is to last for 3 years will earn Cristiano Ronaldo $340 Million for the four years.

Cristiano Ronaldo Endorsement Deals

In the whole of football players, Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player that has the highest number of endorsement deals from a different body. He earned at least $47 million just from endorsement deals outside his numeration from the club he played for.

He has a deal with big brands in town which include the likes of Toyota, Konami, Samsung, Armani, and others this fetched him not less than $10 million in a year if the deal is to combine.

Here the list of the brand Cristiano Ronaldo has endorsement deals with;

Nike, he has an active year Deal with this brand which goes for a whopping sum of 14.1 Euro per year.

He will earn about 7 or 8 million Euros combined from endorsement deals from the likes of Samsung, Armani, Tag Heuer, Konami, Herbalife, and other popular brands both domestic and international.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wears And Shoes Business

Not that Cristiano Ronaldo is just a footballer he is also into business and he has different stores where shoes and wears are branded, packaged, and sold to the public, the return from the sales and profit from this business is worth estimated to be about $6 to $10 Million US Dollars per annum

Cristiano Ronaldo Hotels

As we said earlier, he is not limited to just wears and football, he also has a hotel in about 4 cities with the recent collaboration he made with Pestana Hotels and the project was estimated to be worth about $80 million US dollars and the location where these hotels are to be built are New York, Lisbon which is home country in his very state, Madrid and Funchal.

Conclusion On Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth, Salary Per Week and Contracts

There you have every information you need to know about Cristiano Ronaldo Salary Per Week, His Net Worth, and every information you will be needing as regards the subject matter. Do feel free to drop your contributions, comments, and other valuable information that can help us improve on this write-up, we are known to be informative and we are ready to see to the latter end to make you enjoy every of our pieces.

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