Salary of Doctor Khumalo and Biography

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In the history of South Africa, one of the best hand they have on the pitch is one of the toughest player Doctor Khumalo,  he is one player that is been celebrated for his magic feet that perform wonder on the field. Among the South Africa premier league soccer player Doctor Khumalo is one of the best players here even at Kaizer Chiefs he is seen as one the legend that has been in the club before.

There is this question people asked and they are;

  • Who is Doctor Khumalo?
  • What is the Net Worth Of Khumalo?
  • Full Profile Of Khumalo?
  • What is Khumalo Salary?

All these and many more will be answered in this topic.

Briefly, we will be writing on Doctor Khumalo Salary and Biography and everything you need to know.

Doctor Khumalo
Doctor Khumalo Biography


  • FULL NAME: Theophilus Doctorson Khumalo
  • NATIONALITY: South Africa
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 26th June 1967
  • AGE: 52
  • NET-WORTH: Five Million Dollars ($5m)

by the full name he is named by his father and mother as Theophilus Doctorrson Khumalo. He is a native of South Africa where his father and mother gave birth to him and that is where he grew up.  His family name is Eliakim Khumalo which is his father’s name and his mother is Mable Khumalo. His father happened to be one of the early 1970 to 1980s player who was known for his skills and talent also on the pitch. Doctor Khumalo was trained and mentored by his father who supported his football career which he commenced with him when he was very tender.

Doctor Khumalo earn quite a good money and have a good Net-Worth that gives him the life he is living currently. Presently he worked as Technical Director at Baroka F.C, before he started working with Barko F.C as their Technical Director, he played for South Africa a mid-fielder before he retired. Ever since his retirement, he still keeps in shape and also watches his diet to keep feet at any time. Truly he is a legend he was known as.

Doctor Khumalo Football Career

His football career started at about 1984 when he was playing for Swallows Reserves, after playing with this club he pushed forward to play with Kaizer Chiefs although he once played for this club as one of the players in the junior team. But as luck will have it, he was given the opportunity to further his career by allowing him to play for the senior team. This happened when the team was to play against the club archrival Orlando Pirates and he performed brilliantly and the head coach Ted Dumitru considers it as not a bad idea to promote Doctor Khumalo.

After this occasion, Khumalo has been enjoying the success of this event and this brought him to the limelight, reasonably enough he only played for this club and no other. After a while, in the year 1995, he left to play with the overseas club and he signed a deal with Carril Oeste. Also, a houseman to one of the FIFA agent Marcelo took him to play for clubs in Argentineans for 6 months but while he played for Crew of Columbus which is a major soccer club league in 1996.

The success of his career was recorded in the 1990s when he was among the players of Kaizer Chiefs squad who won South Africa 3 league championship titles and also got featured in 5 trophies knockout and by 1992 he was voted for as the South African footballer of the year. His total feature in the league and cup games is 397 and he recorded 75 goals during the time he was building his career in the club.

Khumalo In FIFA 1992

His first official and international match as one of the South African Squad were in the year 1992 the same year he bagged footballer of the year in South Africa.  He played against Cameroon, and the game was won by South Africa by a goal of 1to 0 and it was the penalty shot by Doctor Khumalo. His role was very vital in South Africa as he is one of the star and magic leg South Africa can boast of then.

Also in 1998, he also represented South Africa in the world cup, he has played for South Africa 50 times as the national team player and he has been the captain of the team twice, in this he scored 9 goals this automatically make him South African footballer throughout his whole international career.

Doctor Khumalo’s International Achievement

Khumalo 1st international goal was made when he played against Cameroon on 7th July 1992 in which the match took place at Kings Park Stadium Durban in South Africa.

His last international goals were made when he played against Zaire on the 27th of April in the year 1997 at Stade de Kégué, Lomé, Togo.

One of his best play moment was 1996 Mandela Cup match. This was when

He hanged his boot in the year 2002 and in 2004 he was a player as a coach. During the 2002-2003 he was known as the winning the co-coach with 12 games unbeaten.

But since the year 2004, he served as a soccer Tv presenter and a the same time commentator. After this, he was appointed as the under 17 South African Coach.

Coaching career

Doctor Khumalo has a whole lot of licenses that permit him to coach a team some of his licenses are as follow;

  • SAFA level 1,2 and 3
  • UEFA B
  • English Football Association

Some of these licenses are gotten through the help of his former boss he worked with as an assistant coach

  • Acting career

Not just football was his entire life dedicated on, but he acted in a scene as a coach for under 21 in a movie he shot with South African production Thema. He acted the script perfectly the way it was expected of him even though he has not acted before but he performed excellently well.

Doctor Khumalo Salary and a Net worth

Currently, with many and resources, he has amounted over the years Doctor Khumalo Net-Worth is about $5million U.S dollars. Has received many endorsements and also ambassador to many products.

  • Doctor Khumalo Personal Life

He happily married to Blanche Garies the woman that eas was best known as the queen of Namibia. He got married in the year 2007 and the matrimony was blessed with 4 children Troy, Theonada, Diego andCarl but one of his children Theonada to a car accident.

  • Doctor Khumalo Honours

He has received several awards but the most noted and celebrated was his year in 1992 as South Africa.

Conclusion On Doctor Khumalo Salary And Biography

Undoubtedly, Doctor Khumalo has demonstrated more than be a player but real man who knows the ethic and ethos of the football and he has been enjoying every moment of his life as a player as well as a coach. Take time to read through and see some of his achievements.

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