Supercharge WordPress Comment with wpDiscuz Plugin

Supercharge WordPress Comment with wpDiscuz Plugin

Blog post comments are an exceptional and extraordinary manner to interact along with your readers and get there feedback on your writings (Articles and blog posts) and also get ideas and thoughts for any future content you should write about from your readers. Most website visitors online like to engage with content they read, through comments. That is why WordPress created a default comment system for its websites.

However, the core WordPress comments system, at the same time as purposeful and functional this default comment system is, does have a few rooms for development and improvement. Because this system is still a little outdated for the present modern social culture.

Commenting like Never Before

As an example, your site visitor or readers can’t Thums Up or Like a comment, vote on comments, share the feedback comments on social media or subscribe to subsequent comment replies. This makes the default comment form section quite boring.

To remove this boring part from your website all you need to do is add a more user-friendly, modern comment system, and more comment system functionality to your WordPress Site. All this can be archived by simple Installing and adding The wpDiscuz plugin interactive comment boxes to your site pages.

What is wpDiscuz?

The wpDiscuz is a designed interactive comment plugin to supercharge WordPress native comments. wpDiscuz plugin for WordPress powered by AJAX realtime comment system with custom comment form and fields.

Why use wpDiscuz

Often users feel that the default WordPress comment system looks outdated which is true, and this is where the wpDiscuz comes in to play. This super fast and responsive comment system offers dozens of features such as real-time discussion function for your visitors to post, share, and vote on comments.

You can also customize comment form settings, filter comments by posting date, and enable sharing options for visitors to promote comments.

wpDiscuz is the best Disqus alternative if you want to keep your comments in your database. wpDiscuz also the best alternative to the likes of Jetpack and Facebook comments. in addition, wpDiscuz is Multisite and RTL ready!

Key Features of WPDISCUZ WordPress Comments Plugin

  1. wpDiscuz has been developed by gVectors and is billed as a responsive, interactive comment system
  2. AJAX load more comments button
  3. Automatic image sourcing from URLs
  4. Auto-update to display the latest comments
  5. Built-in anti-spam protection
  6. Comment author notifications
  7. Comment voting with positive and negative ratings
  8. Multilevel nested comment threads
  9. Posting sharing options
  10. Real-time discussion capabilities.

Comment Form Builder

wpDiscuz comes with an ability to understand without being told or taught the admin interface to construct your comment forms. wpdiscuz plugin comes with a form builder, that you can use to build and change comment form layouts, comment fields, and submit buttons. You may even drag and drop the comment fields to alternate the order or flow to other columns.

Comment Form Settings

This wpdiscuz plugin also includes general settings options to configure each and every of your comment forms. You can hide the HEADER TITLE such as the Default Leave a Reply header text. also, show the logged-in username above the comment text field, and set a minimum or a maximum number of characters for a comment. You can also enable built-in invisible anti-spam protection to prevent spam bots from flooding your site with unwanted comments.


Comment forms in wpDiscuz can be customized to match your brand appearance. There are two general styles: Default and Dark. So in case, your website’s background colour is dark, you’ll want to use the Dark style. The plugin also detects all available user roles to allow you to manage commenter labels and name colours by roles. For instance, an editor role who comments on your site could be designated as orange while an author is labeled as sky blue

Premium Addons

wpDiscuz extends the functionality of your comment system with premium addons. The Ads Manager addon creates advertising banners on different locations of your comment box for your business to earn additional revenue.

Plus, the Emoticons addon allows your commenters to express their thoughts with emojis (you can even add your own custom emoticons to the toolbar).

The wpDiscuz plugin offers an intuitive interface to design your comment boxes, adapts to your visitors’ mobile screens, and includes premium add-ons for extra functionality. On top of that, you don’t even need any coding skills. Give your visitors a reason to stay on your website.

wpDiscuz Premium add-ons

However, you can also unlock more functionalities of wpDiscuz by purchasing premium add-ons. There are above 15 add-ons to unfold the full wonders of wpdiscuz. Below are my favorites:

You can also purchase a bundle of all the add-ons for $99.

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Downloaded wpDiscuz

wpDiscuz Premium Addons Better comment system. WordPress post comments and discussion plugin. Allows your visitors to discuss, vote for comments, and share.

Demo wpDiscuz Premium Addons – Updated

Demo Full Page

Download wpDiscuz Premium Addons – Updated

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