Functions Of Educational Agencies In Nigeria

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Many have asked what is the Functions Of Educational Agencies In Nigeria, many are not clear about what and what Educational Agencies in Nigeria have to offer, some do not even bother to know what they are meant for. We have several of these agencies in the country today to see to better and function educational system but it saddens one heart that only a few of these agencies are up on their toes to see to the fullest utilization of power and jurisdiction that has been appointed to them.

Today, all our focus will be a treat and elucidate on all the ethics and ethos of What The Educational Agencies In Nigeria do.

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In Nigeria today, we have over 6 institutionalize Educational Agencies that are to see to the affairs of the nation and to the growth of the country’s educational system. It is a popular fact that without education, the cultural heritage of a nation or group of individuals will be a total waste of time as there are no able mind and body that has been informed to further the course and strengthen what has been put in place earlier, so here are the Functions Of  Educational Agencies In Nigeria.

National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)

NABTEB is one of the educational body in Nigeria which was established in the year 1992 and was saddled to conduct examination on arts and related area of students specialization. Over time this body has witness series of changes and policy formulation to see to better performance of this body which today is one of the reasons the body is still in existence, we will be giving you the functions of this body below.

Functions of NABTEB

NABTEB is to see to the following as the primary responsibilities of the body

The body is to see to conducting of NABTEB examination that will grants candidates the following qualifications

  • Modular Trade Certificate (MTC)
  • National Technical Certificate (NTC)
  • National Business Certificate (NBC)
  • Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC)
  • Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC)

Functions of NABTEB

  • NABTEB is to see to conducting of business and technical examinations that is certified by Royal Society Of Arts Of London and also West African Examinations Council.
  • NABTEB also is to issues certificates, results and also award in regards to an examination that is conducted by this body.
  • NABTEB setup other examinations which may be specified by the bodies they collaborate with such as the Institute OF Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, London Chamber of Commerce and many other bodies that may partner with this body to set up credible and satisfied examinations for their candidates.
  • NABTEB also are responsible for conduction common entrance examinations to most of the Technical Colleges and affiliated institutions.
  • NABTEB are saddled with the responsibilities to invigilate, collate, and keep account of Technical schools continuous assessments and other allied institution of the college so as to award certifications or national business and technical qualifications.
  • NABTEB also, with the statics of various examination that has been conducted by the body, they are to under a research, and publish a report on how and how the students can be helped to perform better so as to improve the standard of education in the country and to prepare a better syllabi for educational purpose.
  • NABTEB makes available to the Secretary and updated annual reports of the examinations standards and other matter that relate to the examinations.
  • NABTEB they also see to other matters that are not beyond their jurisdiction as a body to oversee examinations and syllabus making bodies. They also give a report to the governments on how the educational standard and practices could be improved for the better educational system in the country.


This is another body that oversees the affairs of some area in the educational sector of the country. This body is not a Nigeria body, but it is a result of the joint force of examination to ensure strict compliance to the standard of education without interference to the method and modules Operandi of each topic in each subject in West Africa schools.

Functions of WAEC

  • WAEC is saddled with the responsibilities to make a conclusion on the examinations that is mandatory for the West Africa English Speaking countries and also conduct awards which may include certificate on examination which is of same similarities if compare to other countries standard.
  • WAEC they also assist in the area of sound development to education in West Africa countries.
  • WAEC is saddled with the responsibility to see to the strict compliance n the standards of educational see to it that they are maintained and restructure where need be.
  • WAEC they help to sensitize and conscientize West Africa students on the potentials that are embedded in educational and good reading habit.

National Examination Council NECO

This is another body in Nigeria which see to Secondary schools examination and issuances of certificates to students just June/July and December and January only.

NECO major function includes the Conduct of:

  • Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)
  • National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE)
  • Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Internal and External

National Teachers Institute

This body with her headquarters in Kaduna was set to existence in the year 1976 because as at then, there is a need for more hands in the teaching area. The need for technocratic teachers who are well trained and capable of rending educative and best teaching methods to the needs of students in the various classrooms.

Functions of the National Teachers Institute

  • This body is to see to the training of teachers that are not qualified, and those that have not been trained in the teaching line and give them sound education and all they need to know so as to improve their standard of teaching.
  • They also set up postgraduates courses and examination for graduate teachers.
  • They are to refresh teachers and also update the existing trend of teachers with the latest educational pedagogies and approaches.
  • This body also organized conferences, seminars, workshops and many other programs that can help the teachers improve on the qualities and rendering capacities.
  • They conduct screening and examination for teachers.
  • They partner with other educational bodies to improve o existing trend on education.
  • They are responsible for formulating policies that will affect the teachers and students directly or indirectly

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB

Also, this body was established in the year 1978 and was given the responsibilities to oversee the entrance examination into various universities and institution in Nigeria which include the admission processes and related matters that is required during admission processes.

Following are duties of JAMB

  • To conduct and mark unitary matriculation examination:
  • This is the core duties of this body. They set questions that candidates will answer, they mark and grade students on the grade of 400 and after the examination. The body will announce what the cut off mark should be for other bodies and institutions to follow.

Conclusion Of Functions Of Educational Agencies In Nigeria

The effects of education in a nation cannot be underemphasized, no developed country today experiences growth without the help of Education. So in this write up we have listed most of the Educational Agencies and what they are, we have also written on the Functions Of  Educational Agencies In Nigeria.

Your comments, your feedback, and your contribution are always welcome, send u your feedback we are here to read every one of our comments and give you feedback.

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