German Rottweiler Vs American Rottweiler

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German Rottweiler Vs. American Rottweiler- One could say that the main Difference Between A German And An American Rottweiler would be the size. In the US, the dog is larger and more robust than the original German, which is smaller and would be less agile.

However, the distinction between rottweiler breeds involves controversy. Many believe that there are no variations between one dog and another beyond the location in which they are born.

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  • Pure Rottweiler

Writing on German Rottweiler Vs. American Rottweiler, you need to consider writing on the pure breed first. The breed of the Rottweiler dog began to be perfected in the 19th century, undergoing major transformations until arriving at the variant that is known today.

It was thought to be a shepherd dog or protection dog, being known for its fierce jaws, muscular bodies, speed, and agility. This made him famous during World War II when they were used as police dogs.

Still, they are dogs that create powerful bonds with owners and family members, being easy to train. But it is we can say, it worth mentioning that, like any dog, training is crucial for an animal of this size to become violent or not.

However, in general, the characteristics among the specimens of the breed are based on the short and black coat. This counts with slight shades of reddish-brown on some parts of the body.

But the controversy begins here: the differences between a German rottweiler are incredibly subtle compared to their American namesake.

What Is The Difference Between German And American Rottweiler?

  • Features of the German Rottweiler

In Germany, there is an association that attests to the purity of a rottweiler. Call of Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK), something like Rottweiler General German Club in Portuguese, founded in 1921 to certify if a dog of this breed is pure.

To ensure the purity of the German breed, the association only allows crossbreeding between rottweilers in which the canine’s genealogical tree has been studied in detail. This would prevent the animal’s characteristics from being changed over the generations. It is a very restricted form of control. We cannot write about German Rottweiler Vs. American Rottweiler without checking the main features of German Rottweiler.

In general, the main characteristics of a German rottweiler are:

Height: between 61 and 68 centimeters for males; between 52 and 62 for females.

Weight: males would have an ideal weight of 50 kilos; females should weigh 43 pounds.

Body: Sturdy and muscular, but compact.

Another important characteristic of German breed dogs is the long tail and the shorter muzzle, which differs from the American variant.

Therefore, a Rottweiler is only considered a “pure” German if it is within these standards delimited by the ADKR. However, American specimens would outgrow the size of the Germans, which has already begun the controversy over race.

  • Features of the American Rottweiler

Also, writing about German Rottweiler Vs. American Rottweiler In the United States, there is no association that studies in detail the Rottweiler family tree in the country. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the dog has not crossed with other species.

However, the biggest controversy is that there would not be an American variant of the animal. This is because they would be from the same family. But some characteristics are distinct between the animals originated in Germany and those born in America.

In addition to exceeding the size of the German Rottweiler, reaching 69 centimeters in height, the American Rottweiler could also reach 80 kilos. It is a weight far above the ideal for the German standard, which would not exceed 50.

In addition, the muzzles are wider and the tails shorter, which, however, would be the result of mutilation. The practice is prohibited in Germany and in several countries.

Some say that the largest size of the American specimen is through artificial selection of breeders.

American breeders would choose the largest specimens of the species to reproduce among themselves. This would give rise to animals with almost twice the size of the German namesake.

In general, an American Rottweiler would have the following characteristics:

Height: greater than German, which would not exceed 68 cm. The average height for an American Rottweiler is 69 centimeters and maybe even higher.

Weight: American Rottweilers can reach 80 kilos, that is, 30 more than the German specimen.

Body: Sturdy and with prominent muscles.

Are There Even Two Breeds Of Rottweiler?

Many experts claim that the only difference between a German and an American rottweiler is the place of birth. However, in Germany, there is the ADKR that studies the family tree of the species carefully, avoiding variation in the generations.

As in the United States, a similar control is not done; there may have been a cross between different specimens. This to get to the rottweiler that is in the American continent nowadays.

Therefore, except for size, weight, and body size, it is difficult to conclude that there are two distinct species of a rottweiler.

Perhaps the differences are based on how these animals are raised since American dogs can participate in competitions and need to be more prepared for such events. Therefore, they can be more agile and aggressive.

However, the German variant, although very independent and docile, has a protective instinct that can make it aggressive if necessary.

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Conclusion On German Rottweiler Vs. American Rottweiler

Therefore, training and selection of dogs for breeding may have been the most important factor. This concerns the subtle Differences We See Between The German And The American Rottweiler.

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