DIY: How to Decorate the Office for the New Year 2021

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Deadlines, final reports, delivery of projects – to survive December at work is often not a task for the faint of heart. And in the meantime, the New Year has not been canceled, and I want a festive mood even in the middle of an all-trawl job. So let’s create it for yourself! You will see – it is worth only elegantly decorating an office, and it will immediately become easier to work. We have collected tips that are relevant in 2020, and all you have to do is implement them.


  • Step one. We hold a planning meeting with colleagues

Only at this meeting, you will not be discussing the optimization of workflows, but more pleasant things. The most important question is who will actually decorate your office for the New Year. There are legends that there are firms that entrust this hard work to specially trained designers, but in practice, this role is most often assumed by the employees themselves.

By the way, it is even more interesting – the rallying of the team during the discussion of the color of Christmas balls is ensured. Well, and this is also interesting: after all, you will invent all the details for the New Year’s design yourself. So, form a creative group of responsible and active comrades, discuss the details, and you can proceed.

  • Step two. Planning a budget

It is good if the office allocates money for tinsel and Christmas tree, but this is not always the case. Sometimes you have to throw off the decor yourself. Approximately estimate what exactly you are going to decorate the office, calculate the costs, and divide the amount among the employees. The important point is that you should not betray the public censure of those colleagues who refuse to participate in it. The reasons for this decision may be different, and no one is obliged to share them with the team. The holiday is a voluntary affair; whoever wants to, is engaged in its preparation.

Or maybe in the office, there is a special box with Christmas decorations, which get out from under the table every December, then you are lucky: if you need to buy something, then it, at least, will not require serious expenses. Also find out from colleagues, who will be able to bring what from home, surely everyone will have extra tinsel.

  • Step three. We carry out a general cleaning

With this, you need to start preparing for the New Year. Remove unnecessary boxes, old drafts of documents, broken pencils, and scattered stickers from the cabinets. In general, move the purity, and then on the dusty tables in the middle of the papers, your entire elegant decor will look strange.

  • Step Four. Determined with style and composition

The most important thing – the decor should not interfere with the workflow. The holiday, of course, soon, but while we still have working days. So you don’t need to veil the computer monitor with “rain completely,” you still have to reduce the annual report there.

One of the fashion trends in recent years is to decorate the office in corporate colors with the New Year’s Eve. It is especially suitable for rooms in which the firm meets customers or partners – reception, meeting rooms. Note that it is important not to overdo it with brilliance and fun, so as not to distract anyone from important matters. A small Christmas tree or a New Year’s composition would be enough.

Although, if the company works in the creative field and its customers are funny, you can experiment.

As for fun open space cabinets and other workspaces, here’s how to decorate them:

  • Windows

They hang garlands, balls on ribbons or New Year’s pendants. Well, wherever without snowflakes and applications – the easiest way to buy ready-made and glue tape to the glass. But if there are inspiration and opportunity, you can make a pattern on the windows and do it yourself.

  • Doors

Designer advises – do not glue the snowflakes on a standard office brown door. Thus, you can decorate it only if the door is white. For other options, use a Christmas wreath or a bright bow.

  • Walls

Here, too, we “draw” Christmas patterns with our own hands or make a Christmas tree using tinsel, colored paper ribbons, garlands, and any available objects. Garlands will be good in office corridors and other spacious rooms, in small offices too much flickering can lead to eye strain.

Another common way to decorate the corridor – coniferous arches, but it is quite expensive, and therefore more suitable for large companies.

By the way, the garlands do not have to be luminous at all – they are excellent at constructing from scrap materials, and even from paper clips or New Year’s cards.

If you have a magnetic board – great, you can write wishes on it to colleagues and clients of the company. And another option – hang on the walls of New Year cards or photos taken by employees. Well, or a photo from the previous New Year’s corporate party – for sure there is something to remember.

  • Shelves

Balls or stars are hung to the ceiling on threads of different lengths. It is also desirable for spacious rooms – although the workspace does not take up much, visually they can make a compact cabinet even smaller.

  • Christmas tree

As a rule, a large Christmas tree is placed in the common corridors of the building, and a small desktop is chosen for the cabinets.

How to decorate it? Depends only on the imagination of the team. By the way, the New Year tree in the office may well be thematic. For example, for a publishing house — from books, for the editors of a magazine — actually, from these same magazines, beautifully folded into tubes. In the role of the Christmas tree can also make office ficus – just decorate it with balls or tinsel.

  • Step five. We decorate the Christmas tree workplace in the office

This, of course, is good, but we advise you to make the holiday even closer to the people and decorate the worker of each colleague. The principle is the same – souvenirs and Christmas trees should not interfere with work activities. It will be appropriate to look at the figures with the symbol of the coming year – and in 2020, according to the eastern horoscope, the White Metal Rat is responding. Suddenly in your team, there is a needlewoman who can make piglets for luck herself. Well, if not – just buy cute souvenirs, now you can find them in a variety of variations.

In front of the monitors, put on a vase with shaped cookies and tangerines. Or just a “delicious” Christmas tree.

How else to prepare for the New Year at work: tips for a friendly team

  • #1. Buy New Year’s dishes for the company.

Imagine how good it will be to drink tea with colleagues (at lunchtime, of course) from elegant snowflakes. So the mood will immediately rise, and then will go faster.

  • #2. Order a New Year’s cake or a festive basket.

Excellent addition to the previous item. If noisy corporate parties at the workplace in your company are not taken, tea (well, a glass of champagne, whom we cheat) on the eve of the holidays will also be a good way to celebrate the end of the year.

  • #3. Arrange a competition for the best-decorated office.

Conduct a competition between departments – whose Christmas decoration was the most successful. Just need to think about how you will choose the winner, it may be worthwhile to involve an independent expert in this.

  • #4. Play the “secret Santa.”

In recent years, such corporate entertainment has become increasingly popular. The bottom line is this: on the little sheets they write the names of all the employees, put them in a box, whence everyone pulls out one piece of paper without looking. Which of the colleagues you got – that and buy a gift for the New Year 2020. To tell who it turned out to pull out, nobody can – for that, Santa and secret. To avoid embarrassment and unnecessary doubts, it is advisable to discuss the approximate amount of the souvenir in advance so that everyone adheres to its framework.

  • #5. Open a Santa Claus branch office in your office.

Let employees drop their wishes to colleagues or companies in a special box. On the last working day in the outgoing year, we solemnly open it and read out these notes. Warm words will definitely delight everyone on the eve of the holiday.

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