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Tax-free States In USA- This may come as a shocker to you that there are some Tax-Free States in the United States. The United States is known to generate a vast amount of their revenue from Tax paid by individual and organization in the country, yet some of these states do not mandate their residents to pay tax.  These states don’t run on air but need money for government services, this they achieve through other means, namely sales taxes, property taxes, and additional fees. Thus one can States in the United States that are Task free are mostly Income tax-Free. This article is concerned about the Tax-Free states in the United States.


To your delight, presently, seven states are the Tax-Free States in the United States, while some other countries have an extraordinarily low tax rate. The states without personal income taxes

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

Note: the rules don’t force state income tax on individual and group

Even though the tax is not compulsory in these seven states, however, these states often have trade-offs in the form of high grocery prices and gas prices, which can as well be equated to level other countries that do impose taxes. Thus, as such, even if these states don’t have to take the extra time to file a second tax form, there other means that they may be paying.

  • #1. Alaska
Alaska one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.
Alaska one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.

The state of Alaska is among the Tax-Free States in the USA, making the city appropriate for individuals who want to cut expenses and manage their spending. Though Alaska initially pays taxes up until tax payment was canceled in1980 and since then Alaskan has been enjoying tax-free life. Also, the state has no sales tax either rather, every Alaska resident receives additional cash from the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. each year which pays full-year residents of Alaska a yearly dividend based on the earnings of the royalties.

However, the state of Alaska benefits from royalties gotten from oil and gas production.

On the other hand, Alaska levy on other taxes such as severance, high estate, excise, and gift taxes so as another source of generating income. Knowing that Alaska owes the bunch of its income revenue to its vast oil drilling and gas production, the decline in the price of oil, suggestions to restore state income tax has been on the frontline of the legislature.

  • #2. Florida
Florida one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.
Florida one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.

Florida is another tax-Free State in the USA since it was repealed in 1855. Even though the tax is not compulsory, Florida does wield heavy sales taxes over its citizens, which is as high as about 6% used to fund itself mainly. Not just that, the state is among the top highest property tax rates in the USA. However, the country is still a place to retire and also attracts large tourist due to its warm weather has long been a place for those who are fed up with winter.

  • #3. Nevada
Nevada one of the Tax Free States in USA.
Nevada one of the Tax Free States in USA.

The state of Nevada also is among the Tax-Free States in the USA. Thanks to the state’s thriving gambling and Tourism industry where the state government earns a large part of its funds from sales tax from both sectors. The Nevada government makes billions of dollar yearly. This is a principle way the state government can run its affairs. However, despite the thriving gambling and tourism industry in the state, there are still setbacks due to the lack of individual and corporate income taxes.

  • #4. South Dakota
Aberdeen one of the biggest cities in South Dakota.
Aberdeen one of the biggest cities in South Dakota.

South Dakota located in the Midwest is unlike its northern counterpart, doesn’t tax state income that was repealed in 1943 making it the fifth-smallest output in the U.S. and all effort to restore tax payment has proved abortive. In fact, according to Bankrate, South Dakota’s Department of Revenue Special Tax Division has come up with ways to enforce excise taxes on substance such as cigarettes, alcohol beverages, banks, a fee on coin laundromats; motor fuel taxes remains one of the most significant contributors to the state’s coffers due to its high motorcycle rally. Nonetheless, the state has one of the lowest sales taxes in the country as well as claims a very average property tax, keeping living costs reasonably small, making South Dakota a very retirement-friendly state.

The state of South Dakota has been accorded to be among the most tax-friendly states in the USA, especially those planning retirement.

  • #5. Texas
Texas on the list of Tax Free States in USA.
Texas on the list of Tax Free States in USA.

Oil and gas production is the major backbone of this State been one of the Tax-Free States in the USA. Not forgetting the good old Texas Constitution, personal state income taxes are permanently not allowed. However, other alternatives to earn money has been exploited instead of hiking up revenue through income taxes. Texas government has pretty strong sales and use taxes, which is around 8.25% in some areas (in 2018). Texas has the fourth-highest property taxes in the country. Despite the free income tax enjoyed in the state, the residents still enjoy some other benefits part of which include the payment of government bills by additional sales taxes in different jurisdictions.

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  • #6. Washington
Washington on the list of Tax Free States in USA.
Washington on the list of Tax Free States in USA.

Washington State also found its way into the list of tax-Free States in the USA. Washington is known to have never had a personal income tax, and in 2010 the residents of Washington still voted against tax payment. However, Washington is among the states with the highest sales taxes in the country occupying the fifth position. Typical of all the states that claim to be tax-free, the state’s sales tax rate is around 6.5%. Also, additional local sales taxes are rounding it up to an average of 9%.

  • #7. Wyoming
Wyoming one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.
Wyoming one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.

Last on our list of Tax-Free States in the USA is Wyoming. The state boasts no personal state income tax, but, as a bonus – Wyoming doesn’t impose corporate state income taxes either. Likewise, the state won’t impose retirement taxes, and starting at 2018, the rules have a standard viable property expense rate of just 0.62%, while its standard deals assessment rate sits at 5.49%. Be that as it may, as a catch, Wyoming has firm property charges and duties on organizations required with delivering natural assets like coal and others.

States that Pay tax versus States that doesn’t pay Tax

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Some of the countries that are the Tax-Free States in the USA are a portion of the top countries for great deals or property charges – particularly Texas and Washington. Moreover, heaps of states raise assets through either high gas costs, goods, property, or sales fees. Texas has among the most costly property charges in the country. Also, Washington’s gas costs keep on being among the most expensive.

Furthermore, even though not a standard, a large portion of the seven states additionally have high living expenses including Florida, South Dakota and Washington, as indicated by the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness – which may include against the advantage of not covering state salary government obligation.

In that vein, before you decide to travel or move to one of these states, it is critical to get that. Generally, it’s a tradeoff – regardless of whether in the form of property taxes or higher sales or having a higher-than-average cost of living as well as other taxes.

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Conclusion on the List of Tax-Free States in USA-all you need to know

Relocating to a state where tax is not be paid may seem like a great idea, on the other hand, it is quite necessary to find out whether you’ll be paying any additional taxes (i.e., sales taxes and property taxes among others) instead of paying tax at all and as well consider your budget if you can afford to pay those additional charges.

Truth is people don’t like paying taxes and not always pleasant when money is taken out of your paycheck. When talking of state’s tax rates, what is to be considered the most is income tax. I believe you are now familiar with the States that are Tax-free in the United States. One most common attributes of these states have in common is that they still capitalized on another form of taxes to run their governmental affairs. Nonetheless, there are still other benefits enjoyed by the residents of these states. So you can make your choice to move over to any of these states to partake of the tax-free allowance.

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