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Scholarship in Africa- Most students in Africa faces financial challenges to finance their academic pursuit and as such seek scholarships that can afford them to further their study be it within the continent or in other countries. Several scholarships are open for African students, both undergraduate and master’s degree scholarships which they can apply to enable them to study the course of their choice. The essence of scholarship is to help students who are desirous of studying but are limited due to financial constraints. Therefore, several individuals or groups, states, or countries have made available several scholarship schemes to help counter this financial constraint. This is the rationale behind this article, providing information on the Top 10 Ongoing Scholarship in Africa. Before you go ahead to check out these programs, be in the know that some of the program dates we stated might have eluded, it is important you follow the website so as to know the new date for Africa Scholarship, this is very important.

do you need to know about current Scholarships in Africa for 2020/2021?


The scholarship enlisted here is sponsored by institutions or organizations in Africa and across the world. Below is the list of the Top Ten Scholarship in Africa.

  1. You must be a citizen of a world bank member developing country
  2. You must not hold dual citizenship of a developed country.
  • You must be in good health
  1. Have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent obtained within three years before the application deadline.
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:

The major step is to apply and be unconditionally accepted for admission into any of the preferred program(s) before you can be considered for the scholarship

  • #2. Scholarship Name: Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students
  • Requirement:
  1. You must be an international student and not be a UK citizen.
  2. For postgraduate students: you must have a minimum of 2.1 or equivalent in your honors degree and meet the English and academic entry for your chosen course.
  • For Undergraduate Students: you must have attained or surpass the English and academic entry for your chosen course.
  1. Be able to provide for additional fees aside from your tuition fees.
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:
  1. You must have been given an offer for a full-time taught course at Sheffield Hallam University for the appropriate year.
  2. Visit the online portal for more information





Applicant requirement varies from country to country. So, you visit the country-specific website ( and type in your country in the country box to see the requirements.

  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:

Log onto the website and apply online or visit the U.S embassy in their home country.

  1. If you are applying for a master’s degree program, you must be a student of an institution whose enrollment is among the following: AgroParis Tech, ENS Paris-Saclay, INSTN-CEA, IOGS, UVSQ, etc.
  2. If you are among these students, only those who can answer the following questions
  • International students who newly arrived in the country and are age 30 or less during the selection year.
  • Foreign national students living in France not up to a year.
Scholarships In Africa 2020
Scholarships In Africa 2020
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:
  1. You must have obtained a bachelor’s degree with nothing less than 2.1.
  2. Students must first gain admission into a master’s degree program offered at Universite Paris-Saclay.
  • Students that are contacted by the master’s program admission panel of the institution can submit the online application form for a scholarship.
  • #5. Scholarship Name: Edinburgh Global Online Learning Scholarships
  • Deadline: 1 June 2019
  • Requirement:
  1. You must have obtained a bachelor’s degree.
  2. You must be from one of the eligible countries.
  • You must first apply to the university before you can fill the online form
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:
  1. Candidates that are eligible for the program should complete the online scholarship application by visiting their website.
  2. Ensure to visit the official website for detailed information (


  • #6. Scholarship Name: IOE Centenary Masters Scholarship
  • Deadline: 5 April 2019
  • Requirement:
  1. You must be a citizen and resident of a low or middle-income country.
  2. Have never lived in the UK before the time of application.
  • You must be given an offer to study a full-time master’s program in London.
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:
  1. Visit their official website and register.
  2. Eligible candidates will be contacted via e-mail with details on how to apply for the scholarship.


  • #7. Scholarship Name: JFUNU Scholarships for Ph.D. in Sustainability Science
  • Deadline: 19 April 2019
  • Requirement:
  1. You must have obtained your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.
  2. You must be from a developing country and demonstrate the need for financial assistance.
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:
  1. Visit the online portal to register and access the application form before the deadline.




  • #8. Scholarship Name: The Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London
  • Deadline: 5 July 2019
  • Requirement:
  1. Candidates that are aged 25 or below are the preferred choice.
  2. Have a valid UCL student number.
  • Have a valid UCAS application number.
  1. You must be in financial need.
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:
  1. You need to provide a UCL number or UCAS application to be considered a valid candidate.
  2. You then submit your application with supporting documentation via e-mail.

Portal to Apply:

  • Scholarship Name: UWE Millennium Scholarship for International Students
  • Deadline: 28 April 2019
  • Requirement:
  1. You must have obtained the equivalent of a British undergraduate degree.
  2. You must be a new student to UWE Bristol with no previous UK study.
  • Provide an official transcript at the time of application.
  1. You must not be a sponsored student or beneficiary of another scholarship.
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:
  1. Once you received an offer from UWE, then visit the official website and apply via the UWE portal.
  2. Complete and submit the scholarship task before the deadline.


  • #10. Scholarship Name: Australia Awards Scholarship
  • Deadline: 30 April 2019 (varies for each country)
  • Requirement:
  1. Must have obtained a high school qualification equivalent to that of Australia.
  2. The applicant must not be less than 18years.
  • You must be a citizen of a participating country and as well reside and apply for the scholarship from the country.
  1. Must not be a citizen of Australia.
  • Step by Step Guide to Apply:

Visit the website to check for the specific guidelines of your country including information needed and how to apply.

Benefits of Scholarship

Thousands of students have benefited from the scholarship schemes. The benefit that students enjoy from a scholarship is innumerable and through which many people have been able to earn an educational qualification. Some of the benefits of scholarship include:

  • Educational Benefit: you get to obtain your higher education qualification, be it an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The scholarship has helped reduce the rate of drop out in colleges. This is possible because your living tuition fee and education expenses are all catered for.
  • Financial Benefit: many students that enroll for scholarships enjoy lots of financial benefits because most of the financial burden has been lifted through the scholarship and has helped them to control cost. This is one reason to apply for an award because you’ll be exempted from huge loans and debt which can limit your educational pursuit because scholarships are free.
  • Career Benefit: earning a merit-based or prestigious scholarship attracts career opportunities for candidates.
  • Personal Benefit: there are lots of benefits you enjoy by enrolling for a scholarship. You’ll enjoy enough free time which can be spent wisely, you earn your educational qualification and also have time to apply for some side job while studying.

Conclusion on the List of Top 10 Ongoing Scholarships in Africa 2020/2021 – Step to Step Application.

These scholarships are still ongoing, and you can look it up to select the one that meets your academic need and apply. It is important to demonstrate that you need the scholarship and ensure you apply on or before the deadline date. You can also share this article with your friends and family to help those in need of a scholarship to further their education.

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