List Of Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In The World Biography, And Current Net Worth

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Wrestling world entertainment- Wrestling is one of the most popular sporting activities in the world. Wrestling is enjoyed by millions of people all over the planet who pay to watch live at the arena or from the comfort of their homes via paytv. The sport though is one of the most entertaining and has given us such famous names as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, John Cena, Triple H, and several other household names. These professional wrestlers are famous for their acrobatic stunts and other skills they put on display in the ring during their fights. Some of them also feature in movies, taking lead roles due to their physique. It is not surprising that these wrestling professionals are quite wealthy as the job they do comes with a lot of risks. They put their lives and bodies on the line, and some even suffer career and life-threatening injuries. So of these famous professional wrestlers, who is the richest in the wrestling world entertainment? You will get the answer to that question below


  • #1. Vince McMahon
  • Net Worth $3.5 Billion
Vince McMahon. Richest Wrestler In The World
Vince McMahon. Richest Wrestler In The World

The wealthiest wrestler in the world currently is none other than CEO of the Entertainment company, WWE, Mr. Vince McMahon. Though formally retired from professional wrestling, Mr. McMahon still hits the ring sometimes if the occasion requires it. He is also a WWE commentator. During his active wrestling days, he won World championships, and Royal Rumble matches. He tops our list of richest wrestlers in the world currently due to his numerous investments. He was born Vincent Kennedy McMahon on the 24th of August, 1945. He took over the WWE franchise from his father in the 1980s and has worked in the corporate area of the WWE and behind the scenes ever since. He is the majority owner, chairman as well as CEO of the WWE. Also, he is the founder of Alpha Entertainment, which is the holding company of the American football league the XFL.

  • #2. Dwayne Johnson
  • Net Worth $280 Million
Dwayne Johnson
Top 10 Richest Men In The World

Dwayne Johnson popularly known as “The Rock” is a wealthy former pro-wrestler. He thrilled fans in the ring during his career and made a lot of money doing that. Now that he is retired, he has switched into fulltime acting and has featured in blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Fast and Furious series. Before he started his wrestling career, Dwayne Johnson was a football player before venturing into wrestling. Due to his highly impressive acting career, The Rock has earned a lot of money from his screen time as well as endorsement deals signed with companies. As of today, Dwayne Johnson is the second wealthiest wrestler in the world.

  • #3. Steve Austin
  • Net Worth $50 Million
Steve Austin
Steve Austin

Favorite American wrestler, Steve Austin who is popularly known as Stone Cold hails from Texas is the 3rd wrestling superstar to feature on this list. Although now retired as a wrestler, he is a Hollywood actor and producer. Also, he hаѕ арреаrеd іn а numbеr оf vіdео gаmеѕ аnd hаѕ bееn hоѕtіng thе ‘Ѕtоnе Соld Роdсаѕt’ ѕіnсе the year 2014. He has аlѕо арреаrеd іn оthеr роdсаѕtѕ lіkе ‘Тhе Ѕtеvе Аuѕtіn Ѕhоw’ аnd ‘Тhе Ѕtеvе Аuѕtіn Ѕhоw – Unlеаѕhеd!’. No doubt Steve Austin is regarded as one of the most popular wrestlers in the world as he has fought many other great wrestlers like Вrеt Наrt, Тhе Undеrtаkеr, Тhе Rосk, Тrірlе Н, Нulk Ноgаn, Ѕhаwn Місhаеlѕ, аnd Каnе. At the height of his wrestling career, he was a fan favorite. Today, he is also among the richest wrestlers in the world. He was at a time the Co-general of RAW and host of the WWE Reality series, Tough Enough.

  • #4. John Cena
  • Net Worth $40 Million


Without a doubt, John Cena is a fans favorite. Wrestling fans all over the world love this wrestling superstar. John Cena is an American who hails from Massachusetts. He launched his professional wrestling career by winning the Ultimate Pro wrestling heavyweight championship. At the peak of his career, he was the most popular wrestler in the world, but even now he remains popular. He is one of the highest paid professional wrestlers and has since lived up to his status by winning a series of titles like the WWE championship title, and the Royal Rumble twice. John has brought his magic from the wrestling ring to the movie studios, taking the lead role in several blockbuster movies.

  • #5. Triple H
  • Net Worth $30 Million

Next up on this list of richest wrestlers in the world is WWE Superstar Triple H whose real name is Hunter Heart Helmsley. His wife Stephanie on this list closely follows him. He first ventured into bodybuilding before eventually becoming a professional wrestler. He is one of the top WWE earners and superstars of all the time and has won several championships in WWE. As earlier mentioned, he is the husband of Stephanie McMahon who also features on this list, and he is the current Executive Vice President of WWE. Triple H has also acted in a couple of movies in Hollywood.

Wrestling World Entertainment Host Number of Top Best Wrestlers IN The world

  • #6. Stephanie McMahon
  • Net Worth $25 Million

Stephanie McMahon is no doubt one of the hottest Divas in the WWE universe, and she is currently the General manager of the Entertainment Company. Stephanie is the daughter of famous Wrestler and owner of WWE, Vince McMahon. She is also the wife of the Executive Vice president of WWE, in the person of wrestling legend, Triple H. Stephanie is the wealthiest female wrestler in the wrestling world as of today.

  • #7. Hulk Hogan
  • Net Worth $25 million

Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. His was a long and storied career that many people want to believe shows just how much the Hulkster shined on like a bright jewel for WWE for so many years. He was a fan favorite when he ran the show years back and still till today; many adore him. His sudden decision to leave WWE for WCW was quite shocking, but he later returned to WWE but by then, his best years were behind him. Despite no longer competing in the ring for titles and honor, the cash flow certainly hasn’t stopped for this great wrestler.

  • #8. Big Show
  • Net Worth $22 Million

The Big show was a real delight to watch in the wrestling arena. He is a giant whose real name is Paul Randall Wight Jr. His gigantic stature of 7 feet tall and 440 pounds weight earned him “the big show.” He achieved great things in his wrestling career including winning a 60 man battle royal and is among the famous American wrestlers in the WWE today. Some other titles he has won include intercontinental championship, United States championship e.t.c. He has also featured in a couple of Hollywood movies.




  • #9. Kurt Angle
  • Net Worth $20 Million

The next wrestling superstar to feature on this list is Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle began to wrestle at the age of 6, representing and winning a gold medal for his country at the Olympics. Kurt Angle hails from Pennsylvania and also won the State Wrestling Championship. After his exploits at the Olympics, he moved into professional wrestling in 1996. He was able to achieve fame with his wrestling career, winning several championships. He has also won various awards in his career and features on this list of richest wrestlers in the world.

  • #10. Chris Jericho
  • Net Worth $18 Million

The last professional wrestler to feature on this list of richest wrestlers in the world is retired professional wrestler, Chris Jericho. He remains one of the most successful professional wrestlers despite being retired now. During his time in the ring, he won about 30 championships and was the undisputed champion of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Some of the titles Chirs Jericho earned during his career include World Championships title, World heavyweight championships title, Grand slam e.t.c. At the peak of his wrestling career, he was one of the highest paid professional wrestlers in the world. Currently, he is a musician and author.


Conclusion On List Of Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In The World, Biography And Current Net Worth 2020

These are the wealthiest professional wrestlers in the world today. Although some of the names on this list are no longer active, they made a large chunk of their money from wrestling and are still involved in the sport one way or another. They are loved and revered by their fans with many of these superstars leveraging on their popularity with the fans by going into professional acting. This has increased the net worth of those who took that step and ensured they stayed in the public eye years after their wrestling career ended. So far so good, here are the richest wrestlers in the wrestling world entertainment.

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