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Hello guys, welcome to our another edition of information on the changes across the country. Air force as we all know is a military body known to strike from the air in emergency and war situation, the officers who got themselves hooked up with this job have been trained severely to make use of aircraft, fighter jets, modern weapons, and lots more machines needed to carry out their operations in the air, unlike the soldiers which tends to only attack on or fights on land.  I would also like to inform you that the military is the general name for various armed forces, what do I mean? If we were to address an air force man in general terms, we are to treat them as the military, but people instead prefer to discuss only Army as the military body, whereas all armed forces are termed military which includes, the Navy, the Air Force, the Soldiers, and probably the Marines. Speaking of Air force military body, though, the Air Force is Nigeria might seem to majority inactive due to the fact that they are rarely mentioned in news or any military affairs, everyone is always concerned about the soldiers because they are known to fight most of the wars and terrorism in the country, but actually, these people are known as Army in the Air force also carry out their specific role of duties beneath, which is unknown to the majority, they also work hand-in-hand with the soldiers to help conquer any war or terrorism in the country, rather than appreciating them, they are never brought to the picture, anyways, with the hard work they carry out across the country, they are paid a reasonable amount of money, which brings us to our today’s topic which will be discussed right here, “Air Force Salary 2020: and all you need to know about them. How much are these people paid for the enormous sacrifices they make daily? Find that out below.


Okay, guys here we are, but before we get going, I would like you to note that there are various ranks in the Air force just as other armed forces across the country and the holder of the levels happen to earn higher than the other depending on how high the rank is. Some of these ranks also are found to be equivalent to that of the army which makes them earn almost the same thing. Now let’s get these ranks in the Air force lined out here before we proceed to discuss them;

  • Air Chief Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice-Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Flying Officers
  • Pilot officers

These ranks listed above are the ranks of commissioned personnel in the Air Force, there are still other ranks below these ranks listed above which are termed the non-commissioned ranks in the Air force, let’s as well have them all laid out right here;

    • Air Warrant Officer
    • Master Warrant Officer
    • Warrant Officer
    • Staff sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Lance Corporal
  • Aircraftman

There you have them all lined out, their salary structure also will not be left out of this as they are considered part of the Air Force system in the country. Now let’s get going into the main deal starting from the commissioned officers of this armed force.

Nigerian Airforce Salaries
Nigerian Airforce Salaries
  • #1. Air Chief Marshal (#1.7 Million Monthly)

Starting off with the highest rank that has ever been attained by an officer in the Air force, this does not merely imply that that is the highest rank of the Air force as we have another level higher than that of the Air Chief Marshal which is the “Marshal of the Air Force” which is noted widely to be equivalent to that of the “Field Marshal” for the Army sector and also “Admiral of the fleet” for the Naval sector, these rank has never been attained by any officer in Nigeria, but I believe with more hard work, less corruption, and better economic system, someone would surely achieve that level someday. The officer that attains this rank is entitled to the salary structure of 1.7 million per month, therefore calculating this salary for a whole year makes it roughly 20.4 million earned by the officer of this rank per year, which shows that they are paid well for the task they carry out in their line of duty.

  • #2. Air Marshal (#1.5 Million Monthly)

Here we have the second highest ever attained rank in the Air Force known and called the Air Marshal Rank, with the illustration made in the first phase, this rank stands as the second or follow up rank to that of the Air Chief Marshal in the Air Force, no other class has access to the highest rank attained by an officer in the Air Force except the Air Marshal and therefore, the officer who achieves this level stands the chance of earning 1.5 million Naira every month and roughly about 18 million every year.

  • #3. Air Vice-Marshal (#1.37 million monthly)

The Air Force salary paid to an officer who attains the level or rank of the Air Vice-Marshal is 1.37 million Naira per month and roughly estimated to about 16.4 million yearly. However, getting to know to know more about this rank, this rank happens to be the junior rank to the Air Marshal as it receives commands directly from the Air Marshal and at times authorities may come from the highest grade attained in this armed force.

  • #4. Air Commodore (#677, 000 Monthly)

Right here we have another rank just below the previous level discussed above, and the Air force salary paid to the officer of this rank is the sum of 677, 000 per month and calculated to be roughly 8.1 million nairas for just one year,  its just amazing for one person to earn this much in Nigeria following the current economic situation of the country, but thanks to the Government for paying them this much even though its necessary.

  • #5. Group Captain (#352, 000 Monthly)

A group captain of the Nigerian air force is entitled to the air force salary of basically 352, 000 each month and estimating this salary structure for a whole year, the officer of this rank stands to earn about 4.2 million nairas yearly.

  • #6. Wing Commander (342, 000 Monthly)

Any Air Force officers who can attain this level in the Air force system in Nigeria earns quite much for the rank also as they make 342, 000 every month and roughly 4.1 million annually. This rank happens to be the follow-up rank for the position of the Group Captain; therefore, they receive commands from the senior classes directly.

  • #7. Squadron Leader (248, 000 Monthly)

Who is a squadron leader? A squadron leader is another rank in the Air Force who basically is in charge of a particular segment in the Air Force and also is known to be under the command of the wing commander and above the rank of the flight lieutenant, and as such they are entitled to the monthly salary of 248, 000 per month and estimated to be 2.97 million per year.

  • #8. Flight lieutenant (#232, 000 monthly)

Here we have the rank next to the squadron leader and the Air force salary for the holder, or officer of this rank is 232, 000 each month and when calculated in yearly terms amount to the sum of 2.78 million nairas. This rank serves as the higher rank of the flying officer.

  • #9. Flying Officer (218, 000 Monthly)

Getting to know this rank and how much is paid for the services of the officers holding up this rank, it is been discovered that the officers of this rank is paid the sum of 218, 000 per month, therefore, at the end of every year they are known to earn a roughly amount of #2.62 million. More also, this rank happens to be the second-lowest rank of the commissioned officers of the Air Force.

  • #10. Pilot Officers (187, 000 Monthly)

Now here we have the last level on the list f the commissioned officers who happen to be the lowest rank of a commissioned officer and the stepping stone for attaining a greater height in the Air Force. Getting to the Air Force Salary of this rank, they are paid the sum of 187, 000 per month and in a year results to the amount of 2.24 million nairas per year.

Non-Commissioned Air force Salary Structure in Nigeria

Rank                                                                    Salary

  • Air Warrant Officer                                        ₦171,800
  • Master Warrant Officer                                  ₦165,700
  • Warrant Officer                                              ₦101,900
  • Staff Sergeant                                                ₦87,100
  • Sergeant                                                         ₦69,200
  • Corporal                                                          ₦58,600
  • Lance Corporal                                               ₦55,800
  • Aircraftman                                                    ₦53,800

NOTE: the non-commissioned officers listed above are listed from the lowest rank up to the highest level that could be attained as a non-commissioned officer in the Air Force.

Conclusion on Air Force Salary 2020: All You Need to Know

There you have what you basically need to know about the salary structure of Air Force, although, there has been some news on the increase of the salary given to every armed force in Nigeria, there hasn’t been any increase yet, so the salary structure stated above is the current Air Force Salary for the year 2020.

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