Richest People in Australia 2022

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Australia is home to some of the billionaires in the world most of which may not be familiar with others but we cannot deny the fact that these people are the most cashed-up people in Australia. These people are not influencers of any sort which seems to be the happening trend among billionaires recently but they still manage to stamp their name and persona among the richest especially So, journey with us as we unveil the Richest People in Australia 2022.

who is the richest person in Australia 2022?

Gina Rinehart is the richest person in Australia with a total net worth of $24.7 billion. A relative value of 13.4M troy ounces of gold and 217M barrels of crude oil. Gina Rinehart has been the nation’s richest person since 2019 when her mining company Hancock Prospecting boomed on the back of iron ore prices.

As of June 2, 2022: The last change was +$466M, and the YTD change was +$5.92B. Here is the Latest Update

Top 10 Richest People in Australia

Australia is known for its beautiful landscape and diverse culture with unique wildlife, but that is not our focus today as we are concerned with the rich people in this country. With all that being said, let us take a quick preview of the richest persons in Australia currently.

RankRichest People in AustraliaNet worth in USD
1Gina Rinehart$24.7 Billion
2Andrew Forrest$19.5 Billion
3Anthony Pratt$11.6 Billion
4Harry Triguboff$11.2 Billion
5Mike Cannon-Brookes$10.6 Billion
6Scott Farquhar$10.5 Billion
7Frank Lowy$6.8 Billion
8James Packer$3.7 Billion
9John Gandel$3.2 Billion
10Lindsay Fox$2 Billion
Richest People in Australia

Top 100 richest people in Australia

1. Gina Rinehart

  • Net Worth: $24.7 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Mining
Gina Rinehart the Richest in Australia
Gina Rinehart the Richest Person in Australia

Sitting atop our list of Richest People in Australia still remains Gina Rinehart, the richest person in Australia. Her huge income is generated from mining specifically iron ore.

The majority of Rinehart’s fortune is derived from her control of Hancock Prospecting, a company founded by her father Lang Hancock, In 1952, just two years before she was born.

Nonetheless, she is involved in a longtime court case with two of her children and Wright Prospecting which a high court in 2019 stipulated that it can be settled amicably. The mining magnate makes a bulk of her wealth from the Roy Hill mining project, which began shipments to Asia in 2015. Aside from iron-ore production, she is also into cattle production and is presently the third-largest cattle producer in the country.

2. Andrew Forrest

  • Net Worth: $19.5 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Mining

As we continue in our quest to provide you with the Richest People in Australia, the next billionaire on our list is Andrew Forrest, who was one time the richest person in the country.

Forrest started his first mining company, Minara Resources (formerly Anaconda Nickel) in 1994.  He founded Fortescue Metals Group, which mines and ships iron ore to China Nine years later. He is now venturing into farming to capitalize on China’s increasing demand for meat and dairy products.

Forrest is considered Australia’s biggest philanthropist ever, donating $400 million, to areas such as cancer research in 2017.

3. Anthony Pratt

  • Net Worth: $11.6 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Manufacturing

Anthony Pratt is the chairman of Visy Asia-Pacific, a packaging and recycling business also considered to be Australia’s biggest private company. The company was originally established by his grandfather in 1948 in Melbourne and when his late father came on board, the business expanded further. Aside from chairing Visy Asia-Pacific, He also owns Atlanta’s Pratt Industries, the biggest manufacturer of corrugated cardboard in the United States.

4. Harry Triguboff

  • Net Worth: $11.2 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Real Estate
Harry Triguboff on the list of Richest People in Australia
Harry Triguboff

Harry Triguboff who is one of the Richest People in the World been a billionaire is not left out on our list occupying the second spot. Triguboff migrated to Australia as a teenager from China and has since then put his muscles and brains to work and is now ranked among one of the richest people in the country. He is making an honest living as a Real Estate mogul providing higher-density living options in Sydney, the largest city in Australia. He has been involved in more than 75,000 apartments. His company enjoys strong demand and continues to appreciate raking in more money, thanks to the buoyant Sydney market.

5. Mike Cannon-Brookes

  • Net Worth: $10.6 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Software

Mike Cannon-Brookes is the sixth richest person in Australia having the same net worth as Scott Farquhar whom they jointly found the Australian collaborative software company. Cannon-Brookes is highly involved in environmental sustainability as a means of giving back to his society.

He is reported to work with Elon musk and has been an advocate for reducing the reliance and high use of fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy sources in Australia. With a net worth estimated to be around $6 billion, Mike s currently one of the Richest People in the World. Mike and Farquhar are reported to own the second most expensive homes in Australia, respectively.

Presently Atlassian is patronized by high-profile companies including NASA, Tesla, and SpaceX despite they do not have a sales team.

6. Scott Farquhar

  • Net Worth: $10.5 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Software

As we continue on our quest of unveiling the money bags in Australia, we come across Scott Farquhar, a software tycoon who is also among the Richest People in the World. He and Mike Cannon-Brookes founded the Australian collaborative software company, Atlassian, based in Sydney, Australia’s largest city. Also, Farquhar is one of the founders of Pledge 1%, an organization that urges companies to donate a minimum of1% equity, employee time, or products to charity. To showcase his wealth, he resides in a home reported to be one of the most expensive in Australia.

7. Frank Lowy

  • Net Worth: $6.8 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Shopping Malls

Taking us further in our discourse on the Richest People in Australia is one of the largest shopping mall businessmen in the world, Frank Lowy. He took his first step to success when he opened his first shopping center in Sydney in 1959. Today, Lowy’s main business expanded rigorously with branches present in New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney. However, his business breakthrough is causing a ruckus in his family’s business, the Lowy Family Group.

8. James Packer

  • Net Worth: $3.7 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Casinos

James Packer brings us to a near ending in our count down coming in at the ninth spot with a net worth of over $3 billion making him one of the Richest People in the World. Packer owns the highest share of Crown Resorts, which owns casinos in Australia and London. Also, he was the executive chairman of his late father’s company. However in 2018, Packer resigned from Crown Resorts’ board, and four months later he took the same action by resigning from the family business.

His resignation is believed to be associated due to his battle with mental health issues.

9. John Gandel

  • Net Worth: $3.2 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Shopping Mall

John Gandel is not left out among the richest persons in Australia coming in at the eighth spot and considered one of the Richest People in the World with a net worth of $4 Billion. Gandel also makes a lion’s share of his earnings from the shopping mall. His first step to becoming a wealthy man was his action in expanding his parents’ clothing chain for women, Sussan. The clothing line is presently owned by his niece, Naomi Milgrom. However, his wealth boomed in the 1980s when he bought the shopping mall from Myer department stores for $37 million. Presently, he owns half of the largest shopping mall, Chadstone, housing over 500 stores in the southern hemisphere, in eastern Melbourne.

10. Lindsay Fox

  • Net Worth: $2 billion
  • Source of Wealth: Logistics, Real Estate

Lindsay Fox brings us to the end of our discussion occupying the tenth spot on our list of Richest People in Australia. Fox is the creator and owner of Linfox, considered to be the largest private logistic company in Australia. The company has more than 5,000 tracks across 12 countries in the Asia Pacific. More so, the company owns a large industrial property portfolio, a half-share in a business park, two airports, and currency-management outfit Armaguard.

Fox is no longer involved in the company’s daily operations. The company is overseen by his son, Peter who is acting as the Executive Chairman and in charge of the logistic business.

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Top 100 richest people in Australia

RankNameNet WorthAgeOrigin of Wealth
#1Gina Rinehart$24.7 B68mining
#2Andrew Forrest$19.5 B60real estate
#3Anthony Pratt$11.6 B62manufacturing
#4Harry Triguboff$11.2 B89shopping malls
#5Mike Cannon-Brookes$10.6 B42software
#5Scott Farquhar$10.5 B42software
#7Frank Lowy$6.8 B91mining
#8James Packer$3.7 B54shopping malls
#9John Gandel$3.6 B87casinos
#10Lindsay Fox$3.5 B85logistics, real estate
#11Bianca Rinehart & siblings$3.1 Bmining
#12Kerry Stokes$2.9 B81construction equipment, media
#13Michael Hintze$2.55 B68investment
#14John, Alan & Bruce Wilson$2.5 Bretailing
#15Lang Walker$2.4 B76real estate
#16Fiona Geminder$2.3 B57manufacturing
#17Richard White$2.2 B67software
#18Maurice Alter$2.1 B97real estate
#19David Hains$1.9 B91Investment
#20Clive Palmer$1.8 B68mining
#21Heloise Pratt$1.76 B59manufacturing, investment
#22Tony & Ron Perich$1.75 Bagriculture/real estate
#23Jack Cowin$1.7 B79fast food
#24Angela Bennett$1.65 B78mining
#25David Teoh$1.62 B66telecoms
#26Gretel Packer$1.6 B56casinos
#27Nigel Austin$1.5 B51retailing
#28Solomon Lew$1.46 B77retail
#29Brett Blundy$1.44 B62retail, agribusiness
#30Bob Ell$1.42 B77real estate
#31John Van Lieshout$1.4 B76real estate
#32Gerry Harvey$1.35 B82retail
#33Manny Stul$1.3 B73toys
#34Kerr Neilson$1.24 B72investment
#35Sam Tarascio$1.22 B77real estate
#36Terry Snow$1.2 B78airports, real estate
#37Judith Neilson$1.02 B76investments
#38Alan Rydge$1 B69entertainment
#39Maha Sinnathamby$980 M82real estate
#40Paul Little$950 M74logistics, real estate
#41Chris Wallin$910 M69mining
#42Len Ainsworth$900 M98betting machines
#43Bruce Mathieson$870 M78hotels
#44Con Makris$850 M75real estate
#45Russell Withers$825 M75Food & Beverage
#46Ralph Sarich$810 M83real estate
#47Richard Smith$800 M81food distribution
#48John Kahlbetzer$770 M91agribusiness
#49Chris Morris$760 M74software, hospitality
#50Michael Heine$750 M72financial services
Top 100 richest people in australia


We have come to the conclusion of our discussion and we hope you enjoy it. These people have consistently remained on the list for a while with only a few changes. Although it may not be what you are expecting, the fact still remains that these are the top money bags in this country. perhaps in the review of this article, we might see some new faces on the list with some knock.

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