The Best Smart Watches for Children in 2021

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The Best Smart Watches For Children- Gadgets with a bunch of useful features: from tracking a child’s location to quickly dialing emergency numbers. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” talks about the best smartwatches for children in 2020.

Today, a smartwatch for a child is not just a device that shows time. It is also a tool that allows parents to keep in touch with their children constantly and to get in touch with them at any time. We selected ten new models with the latest technological solutions.


  • #1. Smart Baby Watch GW400E (from 3900 rubles)

The main feature of the model is a cloud of dust- and waterproof case with a 1.22-inch color touch screen. Smart Baby Watch GW400E has all the basic functions for a child’s safety: a phone function (15 numbers), a callback, GPS tracking, a watch pick-up sensor, voice messages, an SOS button, and an alarm clock.

From the technical specifications, it is worth noting that the 420 mAh battery lasts for three days of operation in standby mode.

  • #2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX (from 4400 rubles)

The main advantage of VTech Kidizoom is the presence of two cameras: front and top, allowing the child to photograph and shoot video. In addition, a variety of effects and filters give him the opportunity to develop their creative abilities. And with the help of a micro USB cable, he can upload photos to a computer.

Also, the device has already installed many games for every taste; there is an alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. In addition, children can use the calendar and calculator to cope with simple calculations. Another nice detail – you can customize the screen theme of the clock from 55 available layouts.

  • #3. Wonlex GW400X (from 3,700 rubles)

The watch has a degree of water resistance IP67, which makes them protected from the effects of water during short-term immersion to a depth of one meter. Other nice bonuses include the ability to charge on magnetic pads, a 0.3 MP camera, an alarm clock and a calculator.

In addition, the device has a complete child safety package – SOS call, GPS tracker, remote tracking function, the ability to call to preset numbers, movement monitoring through Android and IOS applications, as well as listening to the sound in an environment of up to 5 meters. And depending on the mode, the manufacturer promises from 24 to 100 hours of operation of the device.

  • #4. Kurio Watch (from 10,000 rubles)

The first watch is characterized by the presence of a large number of games. There are really a lot of them, more than 20. This is possible due to the memory capacity of 256 MB. You can also install a memory card up to 32 GB.

The front camera helps the child to try himself as a director. There is a photo editor, alarm clock, calculator, activity tracker that will help parents keep track of the child’s mobility and his daily routine.

Calls and messages are sent only via Bluetooth. That is, if the child leaves the zone of action, he will not be contacted.

  • #5. Lighthouse A20 (from 4950 rubles)

The device of the Russian manufacturer has a number of interesting advantages: a sleep sensor, a notebook, as well as the ability to “wiretap” – the ability to hear what is happening around the gadget. In addition, the A20 has a waterproof IP67 enclosure.

Of the functions for parents, you should highlight the SOS hot button to quickly generate an alarm, as well as an alert when a child leaves the set zone. The device is compatible with Android and iOS, works with Beacon applications (they can be used through a mobile application or via a web browser) and SeTracker.

Specifications: 37 mm touchscreen color display, IPS matrix, micro USB connector, and a good 500 mAh battery.

What exactly do children need smartwatches for and when they are worth buying?

If your child already spends some time without your presence, it’s time to think about buying smartwatches for children. This is especially true of primary and secondary school students. Children can get lost, forget their mobile phone at home; they may urgently need your help. All children are forgetful; they need reminders. Any parent should always know where their child is. The functionality of modern smartwatches for children meets all these requirements. The smartwatches market for children is quite extensive; there are more expensive models, there are absolutely cheap ones. The task of the parent is to find the optimal balance between functionality, quality, and cost. We will try to help you with this.

  • #6. Wise Q50 (from 5500 rubles)

The device has a bunch of sensors: it tracks the location, history of movements, has an SOS button, a pedometer, and an alarm clock. Well, a pleasant surprise for the child will be the presence of Wi-Fi, a large screen of 0.96 inches and an excellent 400 mAh battery, thanks to which the device’s standby time is 100 hours.

In addition, parents have the opportunity to monitor the child’s sleep and monitor their calories. A SIM card is also provided – so in any situation it will be possible to contact the owner.

  • #7. Ginzzu GZ-507 (from 2500 rubles)

The wide functionality of the device at an affordable price: GPS / LBS (determining the current location of the device) / Wi-Fi geolocation, a reminder when the battery is low, feedback function, remote shutdown, a flashlight, and a 0.3MP camera.

In addition, the gadget installed an interesting feature “Always in touch,” which at any time allows you to call the child directly on the clock. From other useful bonuses: control of geo-zones (the ability to set safe zones and receive an alert when a child leaves her border), the presence of an SOS button, a history of movements of all movements of a child for a month, an activity control sensor that responds to movements of a child and transmits data to a counter and sleep monitoring.

The Best Smart Watches For Children In 2020

  • #8. Garmin Vivofit Jr (from 8,000 rubles)

Thanks to the cooperation of Garmin with Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, the child can install a number of themes on the screen: Mickey Mouse, Captain America, droid BB-8 and other characters. By default, the display shows the time. When you click a button, a date is displayed below the screen, with each next click, the number of completed steps, minutes of activity, the number of completed tasks, coins and stars earned per day are displayed.

Parents can view all the child’s indicators in the app. For example, the number of steps, hours of activity during the day, the duration of sleep, and also assign him his own tasks.

And to motivate a child to exercise, the developers created a mini-game. The owner of the clock must be active 60 minutes a day or on time to complete all the tasks of the parents in order to gain access to the next level of the game.

  • #9. Fitbit Ace (from 7700 rubles)

The tracker offers daily tasks for users who receive messages or virtual badges from their parents. In addition, the device has excellent autonomy – it is able to work without recharging for up to five days.

Such a tracker will not be able to display the exact location of the child due to the lack of GPS, but he will monitor his nightly rest. It shows the duration of sleep, sends a reminder when it’s time to go to bed, and allows you to set a quiet vibrating alarm.

  • #10. Smart Baby Watch Q50 (from 900 rubles)

Budget model for those who need only the most necessary: ​​location tracking, movement history, pick-up sensor, SOS button, voice messages, pedometer, notification of leaving the permitted area, alarm clock. A small 300 mAh battery (up to six hours in active mode).

From the interesting – monitoring sleep and calories, and accelerometer. The diagonal of the display is 0.96 inches; the screen is equipped with an additional backlight.

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Conclusion On The Best Smart Watches For Children In 2020

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