Top 10 Best Washing Machines of 2021

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The Best Washing Machines- How to choose a high-quality and best washing machine in 2019 so that the clothes are clean, the price is acceptable, and the quality and characteristics are maximum? Tell us what to look for; all of these will be treated as we move along in this post.

Today, a washing machine is an indispensable device in each apartment. It saves not only your time but also water and even electricity. When choosing a car, buyers first of all pay attention to its dimensions, the number of programs, the class of washing, and energy consumption.


In order not to get lost in the choice, pay attention to the basic parameters. Presented rating is subjective. Buying expensive gadgets is more profitable by installments. This is when you receive a product, but pay its full cost not immediately, but in equal payments over several months. Without interest. It is easier to purchase an up-to-date model that will last for several years. This is convenient to do with the Tinkoff Platinum card, which works both as credit and as an installment card. More than 80 partner stores of the bank provide installments at 0% up to 12 months, including about ten partners in the Electronics category – for example,,, Yulmart. For readers of “KP” a gift: make out a card with free annual service


  • Vertical or front loading

Immediately you need to decide on a place for a washing machine. Based on this and choose the size and type. Washing machines are divided into two types of loading laundry: top (vertical) or side (frontal). Accordingly, the cover will be either on top or on the front.

Top-loaded washers are pretty practical. They are not too large – such a machine can be installed in any convenient place, even a small apartment. Many people like that they don’t have to stoop to throw the laundry inside: just open the lid. The size of such models most often is about 40x60x90 cm.

Front-loading machines are a classic version. They are suitable for those who are important to know, or just interested to see how the washing process goes and whether something extra is in the car. If documents, toys, and even pets are accidentally inside, you can quickly interrupt the washing process.

The dimensions of such frontal models are usually about 60x45x85 cm, although there are (there are both smaller and larger ones).

The Best Washing Machines To Buy

If you plan to save space and build a washing machine under the sink or in a niche or cabinet, in the first case choose a special form factor under the sink, in the second case do not try to choose a machine exactly for the size of the niche or cabinet, be sure to leave a small margin. More specific recommendations will give a master who will install the machine.

  • Load volume

The next thing you should pay attention to is a load of laundry. Here you need to build on how many people will use the washing machine.

For example, if there are two people living in the house, the best option would be a washer with a capacity of 4 kg, if up to 5 people, then 6 kg, and if more than five people, 9 kg.

In this case, it is not necessary to take the car “for growth.” Maximum load is not needed if there are no plans to wash many things at once. Firstly, the larger the volume, the more overall the car will be. And secondly, if you wash three jackets with a 9 kg tank, this will result in an overpayment for water. When choosing, you must proceed from your real needs.

  • Buck: plastic or metal

The most common stainless steel tanks. They are resistant to chemicals. However, such a tank can make a lot of noise when operating the machine.

The advantages of plastic are that they weigh a little, are also resistant to chemicals and almost silent.

The golden mean – metal-plastic tanks. They are not too noisy and at the same time, quite durable.

  • Control

It often happens that a lot of foam appears in the car during the washing process, especially if you do not calculate the dose of powder. This affects the quality of washing, and the machine can quickly fail. Here can help out the control of foaming. The sensor regulates the level of foam and, if necessary, eliminates the excess with a special pump.

Control of imbalance allows you to adjust the uniform distribution of linen in the drum. If the laundry is uneven, the machine starts to rotate the drum in another direction to correct the situation or lowers the revolutions.

  • Additional functions

Washing machines have many different functions that make life much easier, but most of them may be completely useless. The main list includes temperature control during washing, rinsing, and spinning. The rest is additions.

In the delicate wash mode, the machine uses more water at a low temperature, and the drum turns more smoothly, which does not allow to ruin the laundry. Not all machines have spun in this mode.

Economical wash that will last longer than usual. As the washing intensity decreases and time increases, electricity and water are saved.

Spin adjustment. Washing machines will independently set the required spin speed depending on which mode is selected and how loaded the drum is.

For special modes include a program for washing sportswear, shoes and bed linen. In addition, there are functions that help to remove spots.

Using the activation delay, you can set the desired time on the washing machine, in which it will start washing.

Modes for different types of fabrics: cotton, wool, synthetics, mixed. In such modes, the machine automatically sets the water temperature and rotational speed, which is necessary for washing specific fabrics. For example, the machine will wash wool items in cooler water, and cotton ones in warmer ones.

  • Machine classes

The class of washing is indicated in Latin letters from A to G. It affects how well the machine will remove contamination from clothes. A is top quality, and G is the worst. The same gradation of the spin class, which shows how wet the laundry will remain after washing.

Similarly, energy consumption classes are indicated: in Latin letters from A to G.

Top 10 washing machines in 2020

  • #1. BEKO WKB 61031 PTYA (average price is 13 000 rub.)

Beko is a Turkish brand. Their washing machines can last for a long time. This model belongs to the middle class, but it has everything you need for washing. You can program the timer – a maximum of 19 hours.

Main characteristics:

– loading on 6 kg,

– 11 programs of washing,

– energy consumption class – And,

– case waterproofing.


+ good price,

+ no problems during installation,

+ classic design,

+ convenient to manage,

+ does not vibrate.


– noise during operation.

  • #2. Indesit BWSA 51051 1 (average price is 16 000 rub.)

Another inexpensive free-standing washing machine with front loading type. It is enough to press just one key so that it starts working (technology Push & Wash). In 45 minutes at 40 degrees, the machine wipes off many spots.

Main characteristics:

– loading on 6 kg,

– energy consumption class – And,

– maximum spin speed – 1000 r / min.


+ good price,

+ there is a self-cleaning function,

+ it turns on with one button,

+ can block the screen from children,

+ adjusts the water flow depending on the amount of linen.


– Part of the powder remains in the tray.

  • #3. Hotpoint-Ariston VML 7023 B (average price is 18 000 rub.)

In the segment of low-cost washing machines, there has been a replenishment not so long ago. This model from the brand Hotpoint-Ariston can be an excellent home assistant due to the simplicity of management and nice design.

Main characteristics:

– loading on 7 kg,

– energy consumption class – A,

– 8 main programs,

– additional rinsing,

– option of preliminary washing.


+ there is spinning,

+ timer delay,

+ erases even delicate things,

+ removes resistant stains,

+ the program “Antiallergy” provides deep cleaning of the fabric.


– roars.

  • #4. Haier HW60-BP12758 (average price is 27,000 rubles)

Chinese companies are rapidly taking over the market. If earlier they were associated with cheap and low-quality goods, now the situation is different. The local economy has made a giant leap, and the industry has learned not to copy foreign analogs, but to create new products that surpass them. This washing machine will prove that appliances can serve for a long time and faithfully.

Main features:

– load 6 kg,

– energy class – A +++,

– maximum spin speed – 1,200 r / min,

– 16 programs, including rinsing in 15 minutes,

– adjustable thermostat,

– touch keys.


+ can remember washing parameters,

+ there is a delay timer for a day,

+ Antiallergy mode,

+ No noise,

+ Spin is.


– does not drain the water if you load the drum above the norm.

  • #5. Vestfrost VFWM 1250 X (average price is 30 000 rub.)

Economical and spacious washing machine. Fifteen standard modes are built in it; it can work with any kinds of fabrics.

Main characteristics:

– maximum load of linen – 7 kg,

– electronic control system,

– digital display backlight,

– dimensions: 60 × 53 × 85 cm,

– rotation speed: 1,200 rpm / min.


+ Express wash lasts only 12 minutes.


– price.

The Best Washing Machine Reviews

  • #6. Samsung WW65K42E08W (average price is 30 000 rub.)

It responds well to the water of any hardness. The washing machine has a built-in function for reloading things, which allows you to add something you have forgotten before switching on.

Main characteristics:

– stainless steel drum,

– maximum load – 6.5 kg,

– 12 different programs,

– additional loading of linen.


+ automatic tank cleaning,

+ economical wash,

+ withstand large loads.


– at a fairly high price, there is no drying.

  • #7. Whirlpool AWO / C 0714 (average price is 32 000 rub.)

Powerful washing machine with a concise design that does not take up much space.

Main characteristics:

– maximum load of linen – 7 kg,

– wring out at a speed of 1,400 r / min,

– there is a delayed start timer.


+ powerful,

+ small in size,

+ no noise.


– vibrates during washing.

  • #8. LG F12U1HBS2 (average price is 38 000 rub.)

New this year with the optional steam function.

Main features:

– True Steam steam function,

– TurboWash quick wash function,

– touch control panel.


+ quiet,

+ roomy,

+ small.


– loud bay and water discharge.

  • #9. Bosch WIW28540OE (average price is 84 000 rub.)

A powerful washing machine that is suitable for a large family. Bella gets here a lot, and you can wash at least every day, including children’s things that require special care. At the same time, it works quietly, consumes some water, and takes up very little space. A little expensive, really.

Main characteristics:

– loading on 8 kg,

– energy consumption class – A +++,

– maximum spin speed – 1,400 r / min.

– 14 programs.


+ German quality and reliability,

+ leakage protection

+ there are quick wash programs,

+ no noise,

+ delayed start up to 24 hours.


– price,

– If less than three people live in the house, it is worth considering a more economical model.

  • #10. Kuppersbusch WA 1920.0 W (average price is 151,000 rubles)

Not everyone will allow himself such. What is unusual about her? There is a “hand wash” mode. Able to weigh the laundry. Judging by the price, she should also hang the laundry herself. But no, engineering thought has not reached this yet.

Main characteristics:

– control with a sensor with a text color display,

– drum capacity – 8 kg,

– noise insulation,

– weighs linen,

– prewash,

– drum lighting.


+ design,

+ independent work and wide functionality,

+ silent work,

+ self-cleaning mode.


– price.

  • Buy profitably

It is most convenient to buy washing machines in installments with a Tinkoff Platinum card with free annual maintenance.

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