Top 10 Biggest Zoos in the World 2021

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Top 10 Biggest Zoos In The World 2020- Zoo is a fun place to relax and have fun; there is no country in the world where you will not find a zoo.  Zoos are known to house different species of animals ranging from reptiles, aqua animals, birds and mammals which are mostly wildlife and displayed to the public to see.  Zoos vary by sizes or land area covered and which several cities in the world are home to big zoos that attract the attention of tourists and visitors around the world. Therefore, this article will provide information on the Top 10 Biggest Zoos in the World.

before going to write extensively on Top Biggest Zoos In The World, here are the frequently asked questions;

  • What Are the Largest Zoos In The World?
  • What Are The Largest Zoos In The World 2020?
  • What Are The Top Biggest Zoos In The World 2020?
  • What Is Zoo?
  • What Are The Zoos Near Me?
  • What Are The Animal Kept In The Zoo?

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  1. Berlin Zoological Garden
  2. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
  3. Toronto Zoo
  4. Beijing Zoo
  5. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
  6. Moscow Zoo
  7. National Zoological Garden
  8. Bronx Zoo
  9. London Zoo
  10. San Diego Zoo


  • #1. Berlin Zoological Garden
  • Location: Germany
  • Animal Species: 1,500 Animal species
Berlin Zoological Garden Biggest Zoo in the world 2020.
Berlin Zoological Garden On of the exciting place to visit int he world.

First on our list is the Berlin Zoological Garden located in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It is among the oldest zoos in Germany as well as the most visited zoo in Europe. The zoo houses a grand number of animals, that is, around 18,662 of 1500 species of animals including Bao Bao, the Giant Panda which is one of the famous inhabiting animals in the zoo. The zoo has the largest collection of species in the world. So many efforts have been geared towards conservation and preservation of wildlife in the zoo. All these and more earned this the first spot on our list of Biggest Zoos in the World.

  • #2. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
  • Location: United States of America
  • Animal Species: 793 Animal species
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

This zoo is a non-profit zoo and one of the Biggest Zoos in the World occupying the second spot on the list. There are over 5,000 animals representing 793 species divided into geographic regions of the world. The zoo’s efforts in conservation and protection of wildlife has been impressive, including raising of approximately $3 million for 70 projects which will further enhance the activities and wildlife in the zoo.

Where are the BIGGEST ZOOS IN THE WORLD 2020?

  • #3. Toronto Zoo
  • Location: Canada
  • Animal Species: 491 Animal species
Toronto Zoo
Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is the biggest zoo in Canada earning it the third spot on the list of the Biggest Zoos in the World. The zoo has enough space to house more than 5000 animals which are divided into seven geographic regions: the Indo-Malaya, Africa, Americas, Tundra Trek, Australasia, Eurasia, and the Canadian Domain. This serves as an enthralling attraction to all visitors and tourists.

  • #4. Beijing Zoo
  • Location: China
  • Animal Species: 950 Animal species
Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo dates back to the Qing dynasty rule having been founded in 1906, and the zoo is significant to the Chinese. The zoo is home to 950 species of animals from the 14,500 animals; thereby the zoo has the largest collection of animals in China. Beijing Zoo is best known for the collection of rare animals which are endemic to China including the Giant Pandas, which are the park’s most famous attraction.






  • #5. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
  • Location: United State of America
  • Animal Species: 962 Animal species

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is the famous attraction in Nebraska. The zoo is home to 17,000 animals which makes up the 962 species. Also, the zoo also features the largest cat complex in North America, the world’s largest indoor desert, the world’s largest indoor swamp, as well as the largest transparent geodesic dome in the world.

  • #6. Moscow Zoo
  • Location: Russia
  • Animal Species: 927Animal species

The Moscow zoo is full of amusement and fun activities; it is also one of the oldest zoos in Europe. The zoo was founded in 1864 by Mr. K.F Rulje, Mr. S.A Usov, and Mr. A.P Bogdanov. There are over 6500 animals living in this zoo which are classed under 927 species of animal.  In the early 1990s, the zoo was renovated and expanded as well as the creation of a footbridge that connects the two parts of the zoo separated by Bolshaya Gruzinskaya. Presently, the zoo has a sea aquarium, a sea lion exhibit, a coop and attractions for children.

  • #7. National Zoological Garden
  • Location: South Africa
  • Animal Species: 705 Animal species

The National Zoological Garden also known as Pretoria zoo is the South Africa’s National zoo which is the biggest in Africa and one of the biggest in the world and it is home to 705 animal species. This 705 animal species cut across approximately 9000 animals occupying the zoo. The zoo is in two sections of which the first section is flat while the other section is on a sloppy hill.

  • #8. Bronx Zoo
  • Location: New York City, USA
  • Animal Species: 650 Animal species

Bronx Zoo is the oldest zoo in America, and it’s considered the largest metropolitan zoo in the world, and it’s the eight biggest zoos in the world. There are about 4000 animals making up the 650 species of animals living in the zoo.

  • #9. London Zoo
  • Location: England
  • Animal Species: 755 Animal species

This zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world having been opened in 1828 for scientific research purpose. The zoo was then opened to the public in 1847, so they can visit. London zoo is home to over 20,000 animals of 755 animal species.

  • #10. San Diego Zoo
  • Location: San Diego, USA
  • Animal Species: 650 Animal species

Last on our list is the San Diego Zoo located in San Diego, USA. The zoo attracts thousands of tourist and visitors yearly. There are 650 species and subspecies of animal you can find in this zoo which cut across the over 3,700 animals living in the zoo. The zoo is among the few zoos that house the great Panda. More so, there is a tropical rainforest that provides a home for birds and animals.

The Essence of Zoo

To everything, there is a reason, and there is a purpose. Some of the essences of establishing a zoo include:

  • Zoos serve as parks or garden

Some zoos have similarity to a botanical garden or city park. They offer people to have a walk through a beautiful, well maintained outdoor area. The animal exhibits provide impressive scenery, especially for a fun excursion.

  • Exhibition/Living Museum:

Zoos provide people the opportunity to see exotic animals at a close range. It gives a vivid and graphic picture of animals that are described by others. For example, you get to see animals such as elephants, tiger, lion, hippocampus, etc. that are not kept at home. Animal exhibit in the zoo also makes you to in-person observe how these animals move, eat and interact. It provides teaching opportunities for children and adults about the natural world.

  • Tourist Attraction:

A good zoo attracts visitors and tourists to a city. Some of the largest zoos compete with major amusement parks as tourist attractions. Zoos are great venues for hosting festivals, fundraisers, hangouts and charity events.

  • Captive Breeding Center:

Some zoos are also run captive breeding programs to protect endangered animal species or preserve the ones about to go on extinct.

  • Research Center:

Most importantly, Zoos serves as research centers for researchers and scientists allowing them to study species of animals that are difficult to observe in their natural habitat. An example is the London zoo that was opened for scientific purpose.

Interesting Facts about Zoos 2020

There are different facts, opinions, and views about zoos. While some have a favorable view about zoos, others believe otherwise.

Some interesting facts about the zoo include:

  • Zoos help fight wildlife extinction
  • zoos educate visitors
  • Zoos attract good people
  • Zoos continuously go all-out for better and better animal welfare

Some awkward facts about the zoos include:

  • Zoos are unable to provide the number of space animals has in the wild.
  • Animals die prematurely in the zoo.
  • Zoos are traumatizing for animals
  • Surplus animals are killed.
  • Animals feel lonely in the zoo

List of 100 Zoos in the World including Location and Contact Details

  1. Beijing Zoo

Location: Beijing, China


  1. Smithsonian National Zoological Park,

Location: Washington, D.C., USA


  1. Zoologischer Garten,

Location: Berlin, Germany


  1. Bronx Zoo

Location: New York, USA


  1. National Zoological Gardens

Location: Pretoria, South Africa


  1. Taronga Zoo

Location: Sydney, Australia


  1. Tiergarten Schönbrunn

Location: Vienna, Austria


  1. Chester Zoo, Upton-by-Cheshire

Location: England, UK


  1. Singapore Zoo

Location: Singapore


  1. San Diego Zoo

Location: California, USA


  1. Algiers Zoo

Location: Algiers, Algeria


  1. Abidjan Zoo

Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast


  1. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Location: China


  1. Guangzhou Panyu Chime-long Night Zoo

Location: China


  1. Bali Zoo – Gianyar, Bali

Location: Indonesia


  1. Alipore Zoological Gardens

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India


  1. Madagascar Exotic

Location: Marozevo, Madagascar


  1. Two Dragon Throat Public Garden

Location: Macau


  1. Kula Eco Park

Location: Sigatoka, Fiji


  1. Hamilton Zoo

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand


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  1. Wellington Zoo

Location: Wellington, New Zealand


  1. Grodno Zoo

Location: Grodno, Belarus


  1. Minsk Zoo –

Location: Minsk, Belarus


Conclusion On The Top 10 Biggest Zoos In The World 2020- All You Need To Know

Zoos are spectacular places to visit and a place to. Those are the Biggest Zoos in the world that you can make out time to visit. If you want to see an animal you’ve always hear about or seen on television in real life, you can visit the zoo to satisfy your curiosity.

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